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11 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Agencies to Impress Clients

Marketing automation is an increasingly popular tool among agencies, enabling them to manage client campaigns and tasks more efficiently, while also differentiating themselves from competitors. The automation of marketing tasks allows agencies to focus their time and energy on more creative tasks, making them more attractive to customers and helping to grow their business.

11 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Agencies to Impress Clients

11 Best Marketing Automation Tools for Agencies to Impress Clients & Differentiate Themselves from Competitors

In this article, we’ll explore 11 of the best marketing automation tools for agencies, how they can be used to impress clients, and how they can help to differentiate agencies from their competitors.

For agencies, a major distinction for impressing clients, acquiring new business, and growing your organisation is marketing automation.

In actuality, 79% of top-performing agency directors claimed to have been utilising marketing automation solutions for three years or longer.

Several marketing tasks, including automated message sending, lead scoring and qualification, and social network content posting, can be automated.

Yet working in a digital marketing agency is not simple. It all has a strict deadline. Customers make irrational demands of you. Your rivals are constantly attempting to outbid you. And at least once every week, your crew needs catered lunches. To maintain your current clientele and attract new ones, you still need to market your agency.

Fortunately, there are methods for achieving both income and client growth.

Employ marketing automation tools to decrease costs, save time, and boost marketing ROI for both you and your customers.

The top 11 marketing automation solutions for agencies are listed below, according to experts in the field:

  • Software for multichannel chat marketing
  • A platform for "all-in-one" marketing for businesses
  • Program for managing social media
  • automating email marketing
  • Facebook advertising for businesses
  • Software for onboarding and client journey mapping
  • Tools for automating marketing for small businesses
  • Analytics and attribution marketing automation
  • Automating workflows and integrating apps
  • Software for PPC marketing automation
  • Agency SMS marketing services

Automated Chat Marketing for Agencies: ChatFuel

Chatfuel is the top automated chat marketing solution. It is a dependable and effective chatbot platform that makes it simple for agencies to design unique chatbot experiences for their clients. It offers a simple user interface for developing bots, controlling dialogues, monitoring metrics, and integrating with other services. Additionally, it provides cutting-edge capabilities like natural language processing, lead creation powered by AI, automated customer assistance, and more.

With the best live chat software, you can actively engage with clients and potential clients to increase sales, create leads, and provide real-time support across several channels.

According to studies, live chat software:

  • 3X increases in website engagement rates
  • raises website conversions by 45%
  • Customers are 63% more likely to visit a website again as a result.

Most online chat software can only be used on a company's website. With chat technology, however, you may communicate with customers through a variety of channels, including websites, SMS text messages, and other messaging apps.

A number of web chat examples are available for marketing agencies to pick from, including:

  • Identify and produce leads.
  • Construct a sales chatbot.
  • Core testimonials
  • Create a Facebook contest
  • Send out Facebook Messenger chat blasts and bulk text messages.

For your marketing agency, having access to live online chat on many marketing platforms from a simple message might be a game-changer.

SharpSpring: Marketing Automation Tools for Businesses

Sharpspring is a platform for marketing automation and sales tools with a built-in CRM.

Because SharpSpring has features for all of the above and more, it is best referred to as an "all-in-one" marketing platform:

  • Email advertising
  • Facebook management
  • Campaign for Landing Page Designer Forms for Lead Tracking
  • Management of Client Relationships (CRM)
  • Weblog posts

To be fair, there isn't a platform that can do everything. You'll always need more tools, and you'll frequently want to switch out a tool that is subpar at one task for one that is.

Yet, agency leaders that appreciate strong marketing platforms, don't want to mix up their MarTech stack and don't have the funds for a dedicated marketing platform like Marketo. sharp spring is the best option for them.

With the help of features tailored to digital agencies, such as a re-brandable interface, Domain, login screen, and notifications, SharpSpring is designed to attract and retain customers. Solitary sign-on Control every client from a single location with a single login.

Effortless client management You don't need to seek permission by calling SharpSpring. Get going after adding them to your console. includes each user-specific access.

Templates for flexible emails: Do you have a go-to email template? Tell all of your clients about it.

And the reason for that is that many SaaS solutions charge their users based on how many contacts or instances they require.

Also, SharpSpring's price structure is quite adaptable and agency-friendly:

  • As little as one-tenth the price of alternatives.
  • You can leave SharpSpring whenever you decide it's not for you. No long-term agreement.
  • The agency gets to pick how much to bill its clients.
  • And the agency keeps at least 75% of the money.

Agorapulse: Automatic Social Media Management

The power of being able to demonstrate to clients the social media ROI of your agency. And AgoraPulse provides all the tools a digital agency needs to accomplish that.

Your agency can demonstrate ROI for each post, whether it is paid or organic, with AgoraPulse. Using publishing modals and integrated UTM parameters, you can show the effect your agency has on conversions and revenue.

Anything you can do to save time is essential for the success of marketing companies. To show to clients, AgoraPulse makes it simple to export reports with critical metrics and analysis on engagement and growth.

Impressing customers also never hurts. You can get original logos thanks to unlimited graphic design services. Your clients would therefore believe that you created the PowerPoint decks from fresh if you add your brand to those produced by AgoraPulse.

Moreover, AgoraPulse provides solutions that enable client and marketing agency engagement. Clients can examine, accept, reject, and provide input on your planned social media content, for instance, using a shared calendar. You can have an unlimited number of calendar users and profiles for each shared calendar.

Automation of Email Marketing for Businesses: Emma

Emma, often known as MyEmma, is a little-known email marketing automation platform that works wonders for digital marketing businesses.

With the help of Emma's agency email marketing software and specialised services, you can become the go-to source for your clients, manage several brands from one location, and produce results that will have them raving about you.

The Emma HQ platform is the official name for the Emma platform. Campaign management, asset and template sharing controls, a dashboard for approvals, and multi-account reporting from the activity dashboard are all included.

Emma's email marketing automation feature enables you to build customised workflows based on every action your audience takes, both within and outside the inbox.

The majority of the action takes place outside of the inbox, which is what Emma means when she says "both inside and outside the inbox." Purchases, website visits, and reviews are a few examples.

With Emma, you can automate workflows based on data as long as you're recording the data. You can further customise each procedure by doing this.

The four elements that make up Emma's features for marketing agencies are as follows:

  • Several accounts can be simply managed from a single dashboard by creating different accounts for each client, each with their own set of roles and permissions.
  • Dependable email reporting Monitor client behaviour to rapidly identify what is effective (and ineffective) so you can provide the best guidance and alter your approach for improved outcomes.

  • Asset management: Organize and distribute creative materials with clients so they have everything they need to produce a beautiful email, such as email marketing templates, logos, and photographs.
  • Accounts with no Visible branding are known as "white-labeled" accounts. Customers may even log in directly from your website, giving you the opportunity to give them a full email marketing experience.

Automation and dynamic content work together to produce emails that are highly tailored.

By dynamically filling an email series with material based on a subscriber's preferred activity, agencies may really wow their clients.

Facebook Marketing for Agencies: Sendible

Sendible is the best Facebook marketing automation solution an agency can employ to wow clients and set themselves apart from rivals. It's simple to manage, track, and expand your social presence across a variety of social networks using Sendible's comprehensive yet user-friendly social media management and marketing automation platform. 

You can effortlessly manage, schedule, and track your clients' Facebook and other social media campaigns using Sendible. 

You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your clients' campaigns and improve them for the highest ROI. Moreover, Sendible provides a number of capabilities like automated analytics and reports, content curation, and influencer outreach.

How using Sendible is the best thing for marketing automation:

  1. The social media management and marketing automation software Sendible is user-friendly and effective.
  2. It makes it simple for you to plan, coordinate, and monitor the Facebook and other social media campaigns for your clients.
  3. You may evaluate the success of your efforts and tweak them for the highest Return.
  4. To assist you in achieving your marketing objectives, Sendible provides automatic reports and analytics, content curation, and influencer outreach tools.
  5. You can save time, money, and effort with Sendible while also wowing your clients with your expertise in marketing automation.
  6. Marketing Automation with Marketo

Marketo is a comprehensive marketing automation software that enables businesses to stand out from the competition and communicate with clients in meaningful ways.

One of the greatest marketing automation platforms for agencies looking to wow clients and stand out from the competition is Marketo. With Marketo, businesses can automate marketing procedures to save time and increase productivity.

Agencies can use Marketo to automate - personalised and automated email campaigns, expand their brand's reach through integrated social media campaigns, streamline lead generation and nurturing with automated lead scoring and segmentation,  gain insightful information from thorough analytics and reporting,  create and distribute engaging content for customers, develop landing pages with high conversion rates, and automate lead generation and nurturing. These attributes all function in concert to support agencies in giving their customers the best support and outcomes. Using Marketo's strength, agencies

The essential attributes of Marketo include:

  • Email marketing: To engage customers, create personalised, automated email campaigns and newsletters.
  • Social media marketing: Expand the audience for your brand by utilising coordinated social media campaigns.
  • Lead management: With automated lead scoring and segmentation, streamline lead collection and nurturing.
  • Analytics and reporting: Use thorough analytics and reporting to measure your performance and gain insightful knowledge.
  • Content marketing: Produce and share material that interests readers and encourages sales.
  • Landing pages: To gather leads and boost conversions, create high-converting landing pages.
  • Automation: To reduce time and improve outcomes, automate your marketing procedures.

Automated Onboarding and Client Journey Mapping: Autopilot

Agencies can utilize Autopilot, a solution for visual marketing automation, to make customer journey maps for their customers. Multi-channel marketing features like email, in-app, internet, and postal mail communications are available on the Autopilot platform.

Building automated lead-generating generating and lead-nurturing processes is the core of Autopilot.

Autopilot allows users to: 

  • Tailor routes based on audience behavior.
  • Create multi-channel processes to transmit messages automatically.
  • Create reports on the consumer journey so you can seal up any leaky marketing channels.
  • Other capabilities on Autopilot include adjusting the revenue funnel depending on current performance and analysing campaign ROI.

Last but not least, Autopilot interfaces with other well-known systems including Twilio, InsideView, GoodData, Zapier, Slack, and Salesforce.

Small Business Marketing Automation Tools: MailChimp

Due to its simplicity of use, advanced automation tools, and capability to design stunning emails using a drag-and-drop user interface, MailChimp is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms.

MailChimp has developed a set of cross-channel marketing solutions in addition to being the most well-known email marketing platform in the world.

For small firms, MailChimp now describes itself as an "all-in-one marketing platform." The following are the tools that are most frequently used on the platform:

  • Dashboards for customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing
  • Websites with unique domain names and templates
  • Scheduled content and social media management
  • Ad builders for Facebook and Instagram
  • Building landing pages, e-commerce marketing analytics, and more.

Digital marketing firms can profit from MailChimp's numerous automation features, which include customer journey mapping, retargeting emails, behavior-based automation, date-based automation, welcome series, abandoned cart emails, product suggestions, and more.

With respect to small enterprises, MailChimp has steadily resembled Marketo. They accomplish this by creating cross-channel marketing solutions to go along with their email-based mainstay.

Marketing Automation for Attribution & Analytics: Platform.ly

A complete set of multi-channel marketing automation solutions, including lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, and brand advocacy, are available on Platform.ly.

Marketing attribution and analytics dashboards are one of the things Platform.ly excels at for digital marketing organizations.

Platform.ly is popular among agencies for several reasons. The platform's emphasis on the integration of other marketing tools, along with their reporting and attribution methodologies, are mostly to blame.

In a contrast to having a single marketing automation platform for everything, which would limit the functionality available for each marketing channel, this makes it easier to select the appropriate tool for each marketing function.

Platform.ly streamlines marketing attribution by precisely measuring interactions throughout your marketing funnel across many campaigns and media. It aids in your detailed understanding of what promotes growth, who your most devoted consumers are, and which marketing initiatives result in the most sales.

The following are Platformly's primary characteristics, summarised as follows:

  • Business Dashboards
  • Tracking Links 
  • CRM
  • lead capture  
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email marketing
  • Detailed Reports
  • Integrations

Track marketing activities with Platform.ly's dynamic dashboards, evaluate agency performance, enhance user engagements from the first to the last touchpoints, convert more customers, and boost income.

Connect Apps & Automate Workflows: Zapier

You'll utilise a wide range of business and productivity tools as a marketing agency. You'll need a technique to quickly integrate several of them because every customer will have a different marketing stack.

Because it allows you to automate workflows between different applications in your mar-tech stack, Zapier is a fantastic solution for marketing agencies. In fact, Zapier integrates with tens of thousands of products, and its "If X happens, do Y" command structure makes chaining actions together simple.

For instance, the MobileMonkey Zapier integration enables you to send data from client profiles in MobileMonkey to other programmes with ease.

For MobileMonkey users, some of the more well-known "Zaps" are listed below:

  • Include all fresh leads in your CRM, like Salesforce.
  • Send new contacts SMS or Slack notifications.
  • Add fresh contacts from MobileMonkey to MailChimp
  • Register contacts from MobileMonkey for Zoom Webinars

The ability to integrate several activities and apps into a single Zap is one of the key selling points of Zapier for marketing companies.

Let's say a client emails you with an attachment. You don't have to do anything to update your project management board, share it with your team, and save it to your Google Drive using Zapier.

By automating tedious tasks, Zapier will save your firm a tonne of time. Your clients will also be happy because you can use their tech stack.

PPC Management Software: WordStream

With a single user interface created to simplify Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing operations, WordStream for agencies helps to replace numerous complicated platforms and spreadsheets.

Additionally, WordStream's agency advisor tool offers suggestions for improving performance across platforms and will show your best outcomes to clients each month.

WordStream is a pay-per-click (PPC) management tool for businesses.

The following are the most noteworthy WordStream features to take into account for your collection of marketing agency tools:

  • Inventoried Keyword Lists
  • Prospect Management & Tracking
  • Customized Proposal Maker
  • White branded Google Account Audit Foreign Exchange
  • White branded Audit of Facebook Account
  • Match Google Places

The Client Center dashboard for WordStream is made to give your company a view of each client you manage and to help you decide where to allocate your time most effectively. It includes capabilities including a budget tracker, a performance tracker, and expenditure notifications.


Marketing automation is an effective tool for agencies that helps them manage campaigns more effectively, win over clients, and stand out from the competition. Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce, Act-On, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Eloqua, Autopilot, Adobe Campaign, and Hootsuite are the 11 top marketing automation platforms for agencies mentioned in this article. These tools are perfect for agencies of various sizes because they each offer distinctive benefits.

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