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You can Contact Bgs Raw for any queries such as Advertisements, Bugs or errors, grievances, to get featured, Guest posts, Interviews, Reviews, Business Listing, Get Featured in the Top 10s list, etc.

Request for Business &  Startup Coverage

You can feature your Business in three ways such as;

  1. Startup: Details and depth about your Business or Startup, MSME, Cafes, Restaurants, Manufacturing Business, etc.
  2. Bgs Raw Business Listing: You can list your Company detail on our platform such as the establishment, founders, etc data. Even we accept small businesses too.
  3. Announcement: You can request coverage in the wake of a Business significant milestone or the development you have made

Get Featured your PR, Interviews, Guest Posts, etc

So if you are a celebrity, content creator, Blogger/Vlogger, influencer, Business Owner, Small Business Owner, entrepreneur, NGO Volunteer, Sports Person, Author, Website Owner or maybe working in any other field we have a Public Relations (PR) services for you.

Advertise with Us

We have some Ads Space available on our websites and in the Social Media Posts for Brands and Business Owners. You can place your DisplayBanner for awareness of your brand's products, services, and offers.

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