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Whether Big Publishing Media or 'The Wire', they never have to worry about funds. In the name of saving democracy, they get money from various sources. But I need your support to let Bgs Raw x Vaishali Se Hai sustain. Please contribute whatever you can afford.

Traditional media outlets seem to have little interest in our existence, but you can play a vital role in ensuring we continue to distribute our content by making a voluntary donation. Please contribute an amount commensurate with your belief in the value of the information you have received so far. We understand that everyone has different means, and we appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Please select one of the options above to make your payment. The amount you pay should be in Indian Rupees, however, you have the option of using an International Credit Card for the transaction. If you prefer, you can also use the PayPal button, which accepts payment in US dollars. For alternate currency options, please click on the link to access the drop-down list.


Razorpay (Click here)

PayPal (Expired)

Cashfree (Coming Soon)

GPay (Active)

If you prefer to make the payment using your preferred UPI application, our GPay Business UPI ID is [8877432254-2@okbizaxis]. Please note that we only have a bank account with the State Bank of India, and we request that you do not transfer funds to any other UPI ID with a similar name or virtual payment address. This will ensure that your payment reaches us accurately.

Important: To ensure you receive confirmation and information regarding your payment, please provide a valid email address during the payment process. To streamline the process, we do not use OTPs to verify your email IDs or phone numbers. This means that there is a chance of incorrect information being recorded without notification. Please double-check that all information entered is accurate, as providing incorrect information may make it challenging for us to assist with any inquiries regarding your payment.

We do not require payment to access our articles. Instead, we request a voluntary contribution after you have read and evaluated the content, should you find it to be of satisfactory quality and worth supporting.

Please note that your contribution is not considered a donation, but rather payment for the content you have consumed. Tax deductions are not applicable in this scenario, as the payments received are considered revenue for our operations. Taxes, as required by law, will be paid on all contributions received.

Even a modest amount of support from you will significantly enhance our resources and help us maintain our operations. Running a website incurs costs, and we rely on your support to succeed in an industry dominated by individuals who do not share our values.

As our views and narratives differ from those of mainstream media, we must explore alternative business models for our success, and your contribution is vital in this effort. We thank you for your understanding and support.

FAQs about the payments:

Q. Do you provide an 80G certificate?

As previously mentioned, we are a proprietorship company and not seeking donations, so there is no 80G certificate available. This means that your contributions are not eligible for tax deductions. Our payment process operates like a paywall, where you have the option to contribute after accessing our content. These contributions are recorded as revenue in our accounts and the applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be paid on them.

Q. Do you provide invoices?

Upon successful payment, our payment partners (Razorpay, Paytm, PayPal) will send you an invoice on our behalf. This transaction will also be recorded on our end. If you require an invoice with additional information, such as a GST-compliant invoice, please send an email to contact@bgsraw.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Do you provide refunds?

No, as we are requesting payment for already consumed content, refunds or cancellations are not available for one-time payments.

Q. Would you return my money if I no longer support you?

We apologize if you were not satisfied with our services. We would appreciate if you could reach out to us and share your feedback so that we can understand your perspective. Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds for payments made in exchange for work that has already been completed. We request payment only from those who have been pleased with our previous efforts.

Q. I want to make regular contributions. Do you have subscription or membership plans?

Thank you for your ongoing support. At present, we do not offer subscription or membership plans, but we are planning to introduce them shortly.

Q. Is there any alternate way to support Bgs Raw & Vaishali Se Hai?

Yes, you can also assist us through alternative means. We have established partnerships with Amazon and other affiliate companies for affiliations. If you would like to support us, you can visit our website pages and click on the links provided to make purchases. By doing so, a small commission will be generated for us without increasing the cost of the products for you.

Q. I want to make a direct transfer payment. What are your bank account details?

Account name: BGSRAW MEDIA

Account number: 41808619462

IFSC code: SBIN0008506

GST number: 18HCRPS9111L1ZN


Q. Is there any other way to offer monetary support to you? Do you accept cash?

It is important to note that the payment options listed on this page are the only approved and official methods of payment accepted by BGS RAW x VAISHALI SE HAI. Avoid making cash payments to anyone claiming to represent our company or transferring money through any UPI ID or bank account advertised elsewhere on the internet as associated with BGS RAW x VAISHALI SE HAI or its parent company.