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Influencing is like your own business, takes time to grow gradually says Rahul Mehra

Influencing is like your own business, takes time to grow gradually says Rahul Mehra of TheEffortlessChap, Famoush influencer kolkata exclusive chat
Influencing is like your own business, takes time to grow gradually says Rahul Mehra

Influencing is like your own business, takes time to grow gradually says: Rahul Mehra. Hey Folks, in another web interview we have a very famous guy from Kolkata, he is a fashion, lifestyle, and grooming content creator. Currently, he had  21.5 k followers on Instagram. He had collaborated with many brands and tells it was a very good experience. We have a detailed conversation, check it.

Influencing is like your own business, takes time to grow gradually says Rahul Mehra

Tell us about you and your journey.
My name is Rahul Mehra. I happen to be a Fashion, Lifestyle, and Grooming Influencer from Kolkata. I am majorly known as “TheEffortlessChap” over social media.

What lead you to start influencing?
Honestly, I never even thought of becoming an “Influencer”. Yes, I have always had a love for fashion and luxury, and I am an absolute shopaholic. Perhaps confronting of being a shopaholic might surprise many, but this knack of mine lead me to think one day about being a fashion stylist. I used to love posting on social media, and I started to came across the insta handle of some renowned influencers, and then I wondered to take my passion for fashion to some different level, which could also provide me some opportunities to earn in a way.

Do you face any hardship?
Yes, absolutely! We all face hardship as influencers. Being an influencer doesn’t always mean to influencer others. You gotta influence yourself at first. And I am really particular about every tiny thing. Choosing the right location for my shoot, the right camera, and lens for the kind of shot I want, the angle in which I want the shot to turn out to be isn’t easy. Apart from this working under the extreme weather conditions at times leads you to an unhealthy lifestyle which can be severe but to get the perfect shot, one must do whatever it requires to pull that off.

Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today, tell how?
Honestly, No, it’s not. 
I wouldn’t be lying about it to the ones reading this right now. 
It’s just like your own business, which takes time to grow gradually. One month you might see some amazing collaborations under your belt, and the very next month you see there is hardly anything to work for.
It’s definitely a risky business but if you are planning to be a full-time fashion blogger or influencer, then someday this statement can change as well. It's not just about putting your hard work here, but also being the most patient here to rise in the world of Influencers.

What do you think about influences and consumer behavior today?
Well, Social Media has occupied an important position today. People have a lot of connections on social media, therefore information is consumed by many people. People don’t hesitate to believe the product reviews or advice on health and food by their favourite influencer or the public figure they follow. It has become quite an easy task for the consumers to know about the effectiveness and usefulness of any given product. I believe it’s kinda less time consuming for anyone.

What is your success mantra in life?
I know this is gonna sound cliche if I say “ just stay yourself”. It sounds cliche because it is cliche. We all look up to someone in our life. And that’s the most ignorant truth. My success mantra? 
“Just get it done by any means if it really matters to you”

What are your family's and friends' reactions to your work?
Haha. Their reaction? Priceless.
My family used to be really conservative sorta earlier. They didn’t really have the knowledge about the world of blogging or influencing. They have now of course. My mom is my biggest supporter when it comes to my work. I literally show my outfit to her at first, before making it finalise because I love her reactions. My sisters literally back me up and say, “you got a face and personality for it, you are gonna achieve bigger and better soon”. Trust me! That boost me up really well. 
And, speaking of my friends, two of my friends have been extremely supportive and they literally praise my work and guide me as well. One of them happens to be my photographer, Devang Bhandari who is the backbone of my work and makes sure every picture of mine turn out to be ab exceptional one, and the other Sourabh Ladhani, who has been my friend for a very long time and knows me in and out. He makes sure that I don’t lack confidence and he tries to be there in every situation for me. It’s a sheer blessing

Let us know your goals and future plans?
Honestly, I am looking forward to enhancing the intensity of my work even more now. 
Looking forward to some phenomenal collaborations under my belt and I am eyeing on becoming an upcoming Entrepreneur. I have a few things in my mind which I would like to keep them in my mind as long as I don’t make it happen.

On what niche do your content is based?
It’s quite vivid that my contents are mostly and completely based on Fashion, Lifestyle, and Grooming.

Since you're also a fashion blogger, have you participated in any shows?
I wish! 
Not yet though. Having said that, I would be soon available in many.

You've collaborated with so many brands. Let us know your experience?
It’s been one hell of an experience. I so vividly remember my first collaboration with “the body avenue” and I was immensely excited. Although it was a barter one, but it was exactly like the first paycheque to an employee of a company. Filled with mixed emotions. 
I have worked with a number of brands now and a few of them are quite prominent ones as well but I believe my very own favourite is yet to happen.

As you can see so many new aspirants are giving their presence on social media as may be content creators. And most of them are coming to earn. Since long you've been active on social media, we hope you'll have a perfect answer to guide those aspirants.
I wouldn’t like to give them any lecture sort of advice, but yes, I would definitely like to say to them that, “don’t get into this industry if you are wanting to “just” earn. It wouldn’t last long. Make it the most important part of your life and be obsessed with becoming better and better. The money will follow you if you wholeheartedly love this work. Don’t repeat what you have already done. What’s done is done. Run your mind and be creative”

How will you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine?
I believe I have had the best experience ever. I am definitely gonna recommend to my audience to visit their website and also follow their page on Instagram. It’s a good experience with them.

How did you stay positive in the pandemic? And how was your year 2020?
I mostly tried to stay away from the news, that pops up every time I switch my TV on. I also made sure that I learn a few things and make it a little productive as well. I have had a few lessons of cooking at home, thanks to my mom! I am also into dance, so I used that period of time to learn some steps. 
This year has hardly left us with any sort of positivity. Having said that, the best thing about this year is just knowing the fact that it’s about to end soon.

Any messages you want to convey to our readers.
Life and time are definitely short, and this year has made us realize that. Utilise every second you have right now or else. Also, I say it again “just get it done by any means if something really matters to you”. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come and knock on your door. Rather make a door of opportunity for yourself”.

What is the project currently you're working, and to be released next?
Well, I am really ecstatic to divulge that I have few real good collaborations in my hand, and I am about to start my own YouTube channel soon, which is going to be all about Fashion and Lifestyle. I am taking Fashion to the forefront with many collaborations on the way. Stay tuned to my feed on Instagram @theeffortlesschap for all the updates.
Image credit: IG/that_photoguy

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