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20+ Latest Window Designs for House To Try In 2024

Any home needs windows to allow in plenty of light and air. They are not a one-size-fits-all design, though. distinct window styles serve distinct functions in terms of increasing the visual appeal and practicality. Knowing how different windows differ from one another can help you choose the one that best complements the design of your home therefore here is the top 20 latest Window Designs for House to try in 2024.

To make matters simple for you, we have put together 20 Best Window Designs with pictures. Whether it for an interior renovation or a brand new home, you may be interested in exploring these designs before running around physical stores!

20 Best Window Designs for House with Pictures in 2024:

Here are some of the trending home window designs with detailed information:

1. Living Room Window Design for House:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Choosing the right windows for your hall can create a lively atmosphere and brighten up the space. Instead of traditional windows, you can opt for these large casement windows to give access to fantastic outside views. The wide glass windows can let in ample sunshine and fresh air into the room to create positive vibes. The colors and the sizes can be customized as per the structure of the room and its placement.

2. Kitchen Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Check out this bay window for the kitchen which covers up the sink area and dramatically transforms the beauty of this space. The broad frame accommodates four casement windows in a custom shape. The center windows are fixed with clear glass, while the side windows are operational. By allowing plenty of light and air into the room, this window design enables better energy savings for your home.

3. Balcony Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Here is a classic French window design for balconies that can enhance the beauty of the exterior façade of your house. The extra-large windows are affixed on the sides of the patio door which seamless blends with the rest of the pattern. The idea of using this type of window style is to allow a better flow of light and air into the room and keep it illuminated during the daytime. The night view can be equally spectacular too!

4. Bathroom Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Most people ignore the fact that bathrooms need windows for ventilation! Windows not only allow better light into the room but also offers enough air circulation to keep the indoors smelling fresh. Here is a popular window design for bathrooms which uses the double-hung window style. The two sashes slide up and down to control the amount of light and air. When not in use, you can use the clear glass to get a view of the outside.

5. Office Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Create a bright and lively home office by installing a large window design overlooking the outside scene. Windows not only ventilate the office space, but also help you overcome the feelings of lethargy and sluggishness. It makes you feel connected to the outside world, allievate stress and thereby improves your overall productivity. You can use a combination of sliding, casement windows to operate it according to your moods.

6. Staircase Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

A glass window near the staircase gives a statement look and offers the right amount of ventilation in this otherwise dark space. Seen here is one such staircase window idea which is made of stacked windows using clear glass. The size of these windows can be customized as per the length of the wall. Use a combination of fixed and movable windows to invite some fresh air without compromising on privacy.

7. Corner Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Corner windows are a smart way to utilize the unused areas of your home. Solid walls are replaced by these V-shaped glass windows that align with the structure of your room and keep it ventilated. Corner windows are usually fixed to avoid unwanted intrusions or accidental falls. However, you can go for partitioned window styles that are operational and come with a safety locking mechanism. Don’t you just love this idea?

8. Arched Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Arched teak wooden window designs add a timeless look to your home that regular windows fail to do! Their unique shape creates an accentuated feel to the room and also lend rustic vibes. These versatile windows are great in functionality as well and serve as good ventilation points. There is also an option to customize the designs and keep them as full casement windows or semi-fixed on the top with only the lower part being movable.

9. Round Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Here is a round pivot window design that creates a contemporary appeal to your home. The larger-than-life window allows uncomprised access to fresh air and abundant sunlight to brighten up your space. The circular frames create a different look to your homes and increase its visual appeal. These window styles are ideal for garden or sky-facing rooms to catch up on some great views. You can even go for fixed windows if movable ones make you paranoid!

10. Sliding Window Designs:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Sliding windows offer numerous advantages when compared to traditional hinged or casement windows. Firstly, they are great space-savers and ideal for compact-sized rooms. They can either be opened horizontally or vertically depending on the design. Additionally, these windows are also low in maintenance and require fewer parts for replacement. A gentle push or pull is enough to operate these windows, which can be quite convenient for both elders and kids.

11. Awning Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Awning windows are quite popular in many offices and homes due to their versatility and multifunctional design. These uniquely designed windows open outwards using a gas-operated hinge or a manual one, thus saving plenty of indoor space. They can even be locked to keep the window open and let in some air. Awning windows are suitable for using in kitchens, bathrooms and garden-facing rooms.

12. Jalousie or Louvre Windows:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Louvre windows, also called Jalousie windows, allow maximum airflow into the room, without having to compromise on privacy. The windows are designed with panes called louvres made of different materials like glass, wood, metals etc. Seen here is one such idea created using wood frame and glass louvres which makes for a pretty sight. Well, it’s not just about looks! Louvre windows greatly reduce your electricity bills and also allow bad air to escape outside!

13. Bow Windows:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Bow windows are custom-made windows that take an angular shape. The frame is customized to align with the shape of the walls and casements are arranged over it. Typically, bow windows are installed on the exterior walls, slightly protruding outside. Here is a uPVC bow window design with 4 casement window panels creating a rounded appearance. The biggest benefit of this window is letting you enjoy a panoramic view of the outside.

14. Garden Windows:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

If you are a plant-lover, then a garden box window design is just the right type to satisfy your green-thumb. The 3D projected window creates a mini greenhouse for your plants and protect them from extreme weather conditions. The frame can be made of a study material like wood, but the panels are usually made of clear glass with shelves to put up plants and décor. Along with creating more space in your room, garden windows also enhance the curb appeal.

15. Custom Window Designs:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Great homes need impressive window designs which extend the style and taste of the homeowner! Here is one such custom-made window style that utilizes a corner space of the room. The three side walls are fixed with glass windows to create a large viewpoint. Adding a couch or a sofa can transform this space into a Zen point to bond with nature and even your loved ones. You can choose the size and the number of panels based on the architecture of your room.

16. Roof Windows:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

These rectangular window designs are fixed onto the roof to give you a beautiful skyview. They are also called skylights which invite plenty of natural light and air into the room. The glasses are coated with special UV protective material along with the regular glazing to prevent sun damage to people and furniture in the room. For ease-of-use, some of the windows come with gas-filled hinges and rain sensors to automatically close and open.

17. L-Shaped Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

L-shaped windows are the best way to utilize the corners of your room. Installing huge glass windows can transform this ‘unused’ corner into a fully functional space. The fiberglass window design is fixed using an L-shaped frame that is custom-made as per the wall design. You can add an L-shaped sofa or throw in a couple of chairs to make this a beautiful viewpoint or a reading spot.

18. Fancy Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Add some fun to your interiors by choosing a uniquely shaped, curved window design, such as this! The curvy, future-forward design is sure to impress your guests and leave them in a state of disbelief. Unleash your creativity and try to come with novel ideas to give an artistic touch to your home. Based on the final sketch, you can get the glasses cut according to the shape and size.

19. Iron Window Design:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Iron windows are a great idea to protect your home from unwanted intrusions and literally make it theft-proof. The strong and sturdy material is hard to break through and offers great protection to your home. Usually, metal windows are installed as safety mechanisms over the regular glass windows and face the exterior of your home. You can choose to keep the inner side windows open to enjoy some fresh air without having to worry about safety aspects.

20. Glass Block Windows:

Latest Window Designs for House, bgsraw magazine

Glass block windows are a smart way to let natural light in without worrying about privacy. Besides lending a chic look to their room, these windows also brighten up an interior space. Glass blocks window styles are ideal for shady areas like bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. The windows are made with an arrangement of frosted glass blocks in different shapes like square, rectangle etc.

Those are some of the best window designs to try out for your home! If you are in doubt as to which window style suits your space, then don’t hesitate to speak to an interior expert and openly discuss your needs. So, which idea do you think is worth a try and why?

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