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Selena Gomez loves her stomach — and so should you

Selena Gomez is out here being the people’s princess once again. The singer and founder of Rare Beauty posted a TikTok on Wednesday in which she declared that “real stomachs are coming the f*** back”.

Selena Gomez loves her stomach — and so should you, bgsraw magazine

Selena used a swimsuit snap to announce that she is done with sucking her stomach in. Reclining on a yacht, against a backdrop of blue sky, Gomez’s curves were enveloped in the Gracie swimming costume (in Aura), from her collection with inclusive swimwear brand La’Mariette, in the video.

La’Mariette is a brand that focuses on helping women to feel confident and comfortable in their swimwear. Unlike many swimwear brands, which use the same pattern for every size, it develops a specific swimwear shape for every body type, from XS to XXL.

Pairing the supportive one-piece with a slicked-back up-do, gold hoop earrings and not a scrap of make-up, the star looked content and happy in her own skin. It’s not the first time she’s posted about body confidence, either. She previously posted on TikTok about being skinny, concluding, “I don’t care about my weight because people b**** about it anyway. ‘You’re too small’, ‘you’re too big’, ‘that doesn’t fit’. Meh meh meh meh… I am perfect the way I am.”

The message? Follow Gomez for refreshing, uplifting, and very welcome content, and acknowledge the beauty of your own body today. Social media, with its seemingly never-ending scroll of washboard abs, could do with much more of this. 

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