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Samantha Ruth Prabhu Pics: Leaving films at the age of 36, Samantha walked on the path of spirituality, pictures surfaced in clothes like Sadhvi

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Pics: These days Samantha Ruth Prabhu is waiting for her upcoming film Khushi which will be released in theaters across the country on September 1, 2023. In this, she will be seen opposite Vijay Devarakonda and in the film both will be seen doing romantic scenes with each other. But Khushi will be Samantha’s last film this year, as she has now distanced herself from the industry. For the time being, she has taken leave from work to focus on her health. Recently she also told that she is going to be busy somewhere during this break.

The actress visited the Isha Yoga Center and looks like she will now treat her health properly through Adhatyam Yatra. She shares the first glimpses of her journey towards healing while visiting the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. In the pictures, she is seen meditating in the crowd, following Sadhguru’s instructions.

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Starting the healing process, Samantha shared a few pictures from the yoga center on Instagram. In the pictures, the actress is seen meditating with a group of people. She wore a white kurta set and had a garland of flowers around her neck. The actress has also applied tika on her forehead. Along with this, Sam has also shared some beautiful glimpses of nature and peacock dance. In the photo, the actress was not seen like a celebrity but like a common man sitting on the ground doing meditation with everyone.

Samantha also wrote a note, in which she stated, ‘A while ago, sitting still – without thoughts coming in, without moving, itching, twisting and turning – seemed almost impossible. But today, meditation is my most powerful source of peace, clarity, and connection. Who would have thought that such a simple thing could be so powerful.

Samantha has also shared pictures of the lush green natural environment of the Isha Yoga Center, in which a peacock is seen dancing and has also shared a click of a rainbow. Taking a break from work, now she will spend every morning in the green environment.

Samantha started her sabbatical with a day trip followed by a visit to the Golden Temple in Vellore. She took blessings from the Goddess and also shared glimpses on social media. The actress has decided to stay away from acting for 1 year. She has also returned the advance money of many filmmakers. Samantha wants to focus on her health by staying away from the glamor industry for a year. She will also go to the US for a few days to get treatment for her autoimmune condition myositis.

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