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What is 3 P of marketing with best examples in 2023?

Marketing has got its own secret tactics and to make them into effect you must need to know the fundamental components and the marketing strategy. And in this Article, you will get to know all about the 3 p of marketing with examples. There has been also so many other aspects of the 3Ps of marketing but will tell you the basic of services marketing.

What is 3 P of marketing with best examples in 2023?

The 3Ps of marketing, which stands for product, price, and place, are the core elements of any marketing strategy. In service marketing, these concepts are adapted to better fit the unique characteristics of service offerings. In this article, we will explore each of the 3Ps in detail, with examples from various industries.

What matters in 3 P of Marketing

Product: the product or service being offered to the market, including its features, design, and packaging.

Price: the cost of the product or service, taking into consideration production costs, competition, and target customer segment.

Place (also known as a distribution): the location(s) where the product or service is sold, including physical stores, online platforms, or through distribution channels.

Let us discuss the 3 P of Marketing with an example now:


In service marketing, the term "product" refers to the service offering itself, which can take many different forms, such as financial services, hospitality services, or healthcare services. A well-designed service product should meet the needs of the target customer segment, provide value, and differentiate itself from competitors.

For example, a hotel might offer a suite with a private hot tub, a king-sized bed, and 24-hour room service to differentiate itself from other hotels in the area and attract a luxury-seeking customer segment.


In service marketing, price refers to the cost of the service and can be influenced by several factors, including the cost of providing the service, the target customer segment, and competition. Service providers can use pricing strategies such as discounts, bundles, or tiered pricing to offer more value to their customers.

For example, a financial services company might offer lower fees for customers who use its online services, encouraging more customers to use these cost-effective channels.


In service marketing, "place" refers to the distribution channels through which a service is delivered to customers. Service providers can choose from a range of options, including brick-and-mortar locations, online platforms, or a combination of both. The choice of distribution channels will depend on the target customer segment, the service offering, and the desired customer experience.

For example, a healthcare provider might offer virtual consultations through its website and mobile app, making it easier for patients to access medical services from the comfort of their own homes.

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In conclusion, the 3Ps of service marketing provides a framework for understanding the key components of any service marketing strategy. By effectively addressing each of the 3Ps, service providers can create compelling offerings that meet the needs of their target customers and stand out in a competitive market.

I hope you might get some information on What is 3 P of marketing with best examples in 2023? Do let me know your feedback in the comment below.

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