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Must include these Snacks in Breakfast for Baraatis, Wedding Ideas!

Wedding Ideas: A wedding is one of the most colorful celebrations. Therefore, no matter whose wedding it is, preparations are made many days in advance. Our effort is to make everything good, especially the food menu, the wedding outfits, the wedding location, and so on. It is said that a wedding can take place anywhere, but if the food is not good, then all the hard work can go to waste.

Must include these Snacks in Breakfast for Baraatis, Wedding Ideas!

Therefore, separate arrangements are made for the wedding procession. A lot of attention is given to their welcome, from food to other arrangements. But if you are looking for a party snacks menu to please the wedding procession, then you can search for the food menu mentioned in this article.

Paneer Tikka

Wedding ideas breakfast for indian shaadi

Paneer Tikka is a North Indian dish that is very popular. Its presence is essential at every function. It is considered the vegetarian version of Chicken Tikka. Including Paneer Tikka in the menu for everyone can prove to be quite expensive. Therefore, you can only include Paneer Tikka for the wedding procession.

Chicken Kebabs

Baraati ke liye chai nashta wala items ideas

There is no shortage of non-vegetarian food lovers in India because just hearing the name of delicious non-vegetarian dishes makes one's mouth water. You can find not just one, but several varieties of non-vegetarian dishes to include in your party menu according to your preference.

Golgappa Ki Chaat

Golgappa Ki Chaat in Shaadi, Wedding ideas

If there are more girls in the wedding procession, then having Golgappe ki Chaat will be the best option. Golgappe ki Chaat is not only tasty but also everyone's favorite. If we sit down to eat Golgappe once, then our stomachs are surely filled, but our hearts are not satisfied. In such a case, the party's food menu is incomplete without Golgappe ki Chaat.

Aaloo Tikki ( a potato filled cutlet )

Is Aaloo Tikki for wedding party

Golgappas without potato tikka? That's impossible. Potato tikka is quite delicious and can be made special for wedding guests. However, it would be better to include potato tikka in the wedding menu as well. Surely, everyone will enjoy the taste of potato chaat.


Coffee on wedding, Shaadi function ideas

With the winter season approaching, serving coffee at a wedding can be the best option. Many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee after eating at weddings. Drinking coffee not only helps guests feel less cold but also helps relieve fatigue. For this, you can include cold or hot coffee in the party menu.



In wedding menus, there is always some kind of dessert, but if you want to do something different for your guests, making cupcakes can be the best option. Cupcakes are quite popular among children and they not only save money but also add to the presentation of the food. You can make chocolate cupcakes or simple cupcakes that can be served with coffee.


Kya shaadi mei Samosa wala item aacha rahega?

When it comes to breakfast, it's impossible to discuss chaat pakodi without including samosas. For us Indians, samosas are a top priority and are often eaten during snack time. Many people love samosas so much that they only have samosa chaat for lunch. If you want to please the guests at a wedding, be sure to include samosas.

Sabzi Poori

Sabzi Poori is the best item for weeding party

Whether it's Sabzi-Poori or Chole Bhature, it's a staple breakfast for us Indians. Poori is loved by everyone in India, which is why it's called by so many different names in every state. If your wedding party is arriving from afar and there's some time before the wedding, serving Sabzi-Poori could be the best option. You could also serve a full Poori thali.



Just hearing the name of Chowmein makes everyone's mouth water. It is a Chinese dish that is loved not only by children but also by adults. Usually, we like to eat Chowmein at parties, but if you want, you can also include it in the wedding menu.

Let's hear from you now! What do you like in snacks? Also, tell us about any other traditional dish that you enjoy a lot.

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