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How Atharva Chowdhary's turn the business from 6 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs

This is an inspirational story of Atharva Chowdhary, a 16-year-old entrepreneur who started his business with an initial investment of 6 lakhs and was able to turn it into a thriving business of 60 lakhs in just 15 months.

How Atharva Chowdhary's turn the business from 6 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs

Through this blog, we want to share his journey and the lessons he learned along the way. He explains his vision of creating a family cafe that offers good food and a great vibe to its customers. Additionally, he talks about the strategies and marketing tactics he used to make his business successful.

He also emphasizes the importance of passion and dedication to achieve success. This blog is a great source of motivation for young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the business world.

Turning a Dream of a Family Cafe into Reality

Atharv Chowdhary is 16 years old and if I tell you, he has grown his business from ₹ 6 lakhs to ₹ 60 lakhs, that too in just 15 months.

Throughout his journey, I want to tell you how all this became possible,  he come from a very small town, and there was no good place where people could spend quality time, so this was his desire from the beginning - Why not open a place where there is good food and a good vibe and people come and spend quality time with their families?

How is all this possible, from the beginning, Atharv belonged to a business family, so he also had the same desire to do business, but he did not know what to do.

by recalling his childhood, Atharv says that, when his father go to work, his mother used to give him a tiffin saying son, give it to father. For 3 months, I kept going and used to go and give tiffin to my father, and my father used to eat tiffin.

After one or two months, I started helping my father, I used to say, father, you sit and eat comfortably, I take care of the business, and after three to four months, I said, father, come and eat comfortably, I take care of the business.

From there I come to know that I can do business. One day there was a meeting at home, and father said what to do? I said to father, I have to do business. Father asked what to do in business. I said to father, I don't know what to do, I just have to do business.

Investing in Business with ₹3,000

Papa gave me ₹ 3000 per time and said keep this 3000 and after that, I will not give you a single rupee. I will not even give pocket money. At the time it was known that if I want to increase by 3000 then I have to invest but I cannot invest in the stock market because I'm below 18 years, then I made a jugaad, at that time there was a lot of craze for online and what If the product was not available per COD, then what I used to do was to ask for prepaid and sell it to the customer and tell him to keep ₹ 200 commission and earn ₹ 15 to 20,000 at least by doing this work.  

And with that money I gifted a mobile to my father on my father's birthday, then father asked how I brought money for the mobile; I said to my father, I had done this, I got the money from there, then father also understood that the man has guts, he can do business.

Overcoming Challenges in the Journey of Success

The journey to success is filled with numerous challenges and adversities. For him, the biggest challenge was deciding what to do after class 10th amid the Covid-19 pandemic. he had the idea of starting a family cafe but he didn't have the funds and resources to make it a reality. Despite this, he was determined to make his dream come true and with the support of his family, he was able to make it happen.

With the help of his father, they invested 6 lakh rupees and rented a warehouse which they renovated to create the cafe. With limited resources and a lack of money, they had to think of creative ways to market their cafe. he eventually came up with the perfect name for his cafe "G.K" .G comes from guru and K from Kripa because all his family farms were named after Guru Kripa. opened our cafe on 21st September 2020.

Despite the initial success, he still had to face more challenges. he was sent away for further studies but he did not feel comfortable and decided to return home to focus on his business.

He has come a long way since then and is still in the process of overcoming challenges in his journey to success. he says- It has been a difficult but rewarding journey and I am thankful for every opportunity that has come my way. With hard work and dedication, I am confident that I will continue to succeed in my efforts.

Making Direct Deals with Customers and Word of Mouth Marketing

G.K. is a business that has grown from 6 lacks to 60 lacks through making direct deals with customers and word-of-mouth marketing. The key to success was providing excellent customer service and creating a positive experience for the customer. By treating the customer with respect and care,

G.K. was able to create a positive reputation through word-of-mouth marketing, leading to more customers. They have also managed to spread their brand name without spending money on digital marketing, simply through word of mouth and by providing excellent customer service. 

Now, if you go to the city and ask anyone about G.K., they will not only point you in the right direction but even offer to drop you off!

Achieving Success without Big Funding or a Big Team

It is possible to achieve success without big funding or a big team. All that is needed is dedication, determination, and hard work. Having a passion for what you do is essential for success. It is important to have the right mindset and attitude toward achieving success. Without these qualities, it is difficult to succeed, even with big funding or a big team.

Having passion and dedication for your work is beneficial, as it will help you stay focused and motivated. You should believe in yourself and your abilities and strive to achieve your goals. Also, it is important to remain open to learning new things and adapting to changes. With the right attitude, you can achieve success without the need for big funding or a big team.


Atharv Chowdhary's story of starting his business with an initial investment of 6 lakhs and turning it into a thriving business of 60 lakhs in just 15 months is an inspiring tale of passion and dedication. He emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset and attitude to achieve success, and how it is possible to achieve this without big funding or a big team. With hard work and determination, he was able to create a family cafe and make it a successful business. His journey serves as an inspiring example for young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the business world.


Q. Who is Atharva Chowdhary?

Atharva Chowdhary is a successful business owner founder and CEO at GK Cafe.

Q. What is the GK cafe of Atharva Chowdhary?

GK Cafe is a start-up in a restaurant model. People spend their time exploring the food, and drinks.

Q. Net worth of Athharva Chowdhary?

Atharva's business was grown from 6 lacks to 60 lacks as the owner mentioned.

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