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Sports car will go on sale later this year, starting price of just over $104,000

General Motors announced on Tuesday that, their first-ever electric Corvette will released later this year, with a starting price of over $104,000.

This is also the first time that the quintessential American sports car will have an all-wheel drive feature.

Sports car will go on sale later this year, starting price of just over $104,000

General Motors announced that the E-Ray, which is the first-ever electric Corvette, will be the fastest production Corvette ever. The car is able to achieve 0-60 mph in 2.5 sec and a quarter mile in 10.5 seconds, which is like some supercars and the current Corvette Z06 track car.

Scott Bell, Vice President of Chevrolet, said during a briefing, "It's a testament to innovation that this car has represented throughout its 70-year legacy and represents the future of what this car is capable of delivering going forward."

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While an all-electric version of the Corvette expected, General Motors has not yet announced when it will released. The company has stated that they plan to only offer all-electric vehicles by 2035.

first-ever electric Corvette look, images 2023, 2024

The E-Ray is a hybrid model that features an electric motor on the front axle, which provides an extra 160 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque. This allows for quicker acceleration compared to a traditional internal combustion engine.

According to General Motors, the E-Ray produces a total of six hundred fifty five horsepower from both its electric motor and small-block V-8. This hybrid car will be available as both a coupe and convertible.

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The E-Ray is being anticipated to be the only hybrid in GM's lineup when it becomes available in dealerships. GM has discontinued production of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to focus on all-electric cars and trucks.

The E-Ray is a hybrid model

Officials stated that the E-Ray developed in conjunction with the eighth-generation Corvette (C8), which was first unveiled in July Two thousand ninteen. The C8 is the first Corvette to feature a mid-engine design rather than having the engine located at the front of the vehicle.

According to Harlan Charles, Chevrolet Corvette product marketing manager, the hybrid system tailored for the eighth-generation Corvette. The battery system charged through regenerative energy generated by coasting and braking, as well as during regular driving.

General Motors opted for a hybrid Corvette instead of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) as it provided better performance for the car.

Mike Kociba, lead Corvette development engineer, said "The mission of this vehicle was performance, performance, performance. Every kg or pound has to earn its way in from a mass standpoint."

The E-Ray coupe will have a starting price of $104,295, followed by the convertible version at $111,295. This is cheaper than the $106,695 Corvette Z06. The pricing includes mandatory destination and delivery fees.

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General Motors unveiled the E-Ray on the 70th anniversary of when the company first presented the original concept car of the Corvette at the Motorama auto show in New York City.

The E-Ray is among eight new or redesigned models for Chevrolet that planned to released in 2023. Other models include all-electric versions of the Silverado pickup, Equinox and Blazer crossovers, as well as the gasoline-powered Colorado and Trax.

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