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Planting Before Building a House, now decorated with flowers

Success Stories: Today, everyone wants to give their home a natural look to avoid pollution. Some are offering their house in the form of a garden, while some are preferring to build their place in the middle of trees and plants.

In such a situation, we are going to tell you about one such person, who started planting saplings even before building his house, and in today's time, his house is covered with a sheet of flowers.

Who is that person?

We are talking about Sudhir Saini, who currently resides in Haridwar, and belongs to Muzaffarpur in Uttar Pradesh. His father was a farmer, due to which he was also very fond of farming and farming since childhood.

Left the village due to adverse circumstances

Sudhir Saini left both his village and his home and camped in Haridwar due to some adverse circumstances. Since he always had a desire for gardening, which he fulfilled by planting a garden in his house and planting thousands of plants in it.

He told that one of his elder brothers had a government job and one brother started his own business. Due to this, he started feeling that he would have to handle his father's farming. But due to some adverse circumstances, all their fields were sold, due to which they had to leave home and village for jobs.

Let me tell you, he joined many jobs in the city, but due to lack of satisfaction, he left everyone and reached Haridwar in the year 2005 and came here and started doing a job. At present, along with doing a job, he is also doing network marketing work.

Due to a lack of interest in the city, he started planting saplings.

When they reached Haridwar, they did not feel like planting trees here at all, due to which they started planting saplings, but there was not enough space in the rented house to build a garden. Due to this he decided to build his own house and build a garden in it.

Built your own house and prepared a beautiful garden in it.

Sudhir built his house in the year 2018 and then started putting a beautiful garden in it. In today's time, thousands of plants are planted in his house. He has planted saplings everywhere in the house. Let me tell you, he has grown many plants on the roof including the space under his house to two balconies.

There are many ornamental plants in the house.

Sudhir Saini has planted many ornamental plants in his house such as Philodendron plant, a money plant, Erica palm. Apart from this, he has also planted many flowering plants in his house, including flowers of many different colors of Boganwell including Night Queen, Rose, Champa, Adenium, and Desert Rose.

Many types of fruits and vegetables are grown at home.

Sudhir Saini also grows some seasonal vegetables in his house along with flowering plants, as well as he has grown two varieties of mangoes at home apart from this, he has also planted many fruit trees including chikoo, litchi, guava, amla, tamarind. Since he is fond of eating fresh chillies, he planted a chilli plant in his house and now he always gets to eat fresh chilies at home.

Now 15 bonsai have also been prepared in their own garden and apart from this, they have also planted rare plants of two varieties of brahmakamal in their garden. He has covered his house with vines like Madhumalati and Bougainvillea, which people like very much.

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