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Meet Lady Farmer, after completing master's degree, she is farming for 11 years

We have always heard from our elders that work inside the house is for women and work outside the house is for men. Speaking in plain words, it means that the work of chulha-chowki(kitchen work) will be done by the women of the house and the work of farming is for the men.

Meet Lady Farmer, after completing master's degree, she is farming for 11 years

If we talk in the true sense, then in today's time this custom is completely over, now both women and men are doing all kinds of work. Today we will talk about a girl who started farming alone due to the ill health of her father and to improve the economic condition of the house, and today she alone handles the entire responsibility of her household, and also He has also established a separate identity for himself by doing farming.

Who is that female farmer?

We are talking about Amarjeet Kaur, who is originally from Adhoi town of Ambala, Haryana. Her age is 29 years and she has completed her MA studies. In today's time, she is one of the most popular faces there, the special thing is that despite being a woman, she does all the work herself in her fields from plowing to harvesting.

Amarjeet kaur lady farmer of haryana

Took over father's business

Once upon a time in December 2007, the health of Amarjeet Kaur's father had worsened. He had gone into depression, and at that time the financial condition of his family was also not good. Farming work came to a standstill due to his father being involved in his treatment. Due to the deteriorating condition of the house and the fear of his elder brother missing out on his studies, Amarjit took charge of the family.

Let us tell you that at the age of 18, Amarjit decided to get the family out of trouble by learning how to drive a tractor and do farming. After this, she herself used to drive the tractor loaded with sugarcane and take it for miles.

Also did organic farming

Along with sugarcane farming, Amarjeet Kaur also started organic farming. For this, she wakes up at five in the morning, and after that, she takes care of the farming and also feeds the animals. Not only this, apart from this, she also cooks all the food in the house. Nowadays they have also started organic farming for some time.

Inspiration for society

Despite being a woman, Amarjeet Kaur, who works in every aspect of farming, remains an inspiration for the people of today's society. By doing this, no work is impossible for women, provided they have the passion to do it. The way in which he himself transports the crop from the sowing of the crop to the mandi in a tractor trolley is commendable in itself.

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