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How to sell coins online: One rupee note will make you the owner of ₹ 700000, Know how!

If you go to the market with ₹ 1 note, then you will not get anything in the market, because this note does not work at all. But it is also to be noted that these notes have no value but that old coins can earn you a huge amount sitting at home without making any effort. In this article, I will share with you how to sell coins online, or also how to sell old notes

How to sell coins online: One rupee note will make you the owner of ₹ 700000, Know how!

Keep an eye on the online market

To sell coins online, you only have to keep an eye on the online market because there are many such online websites where these coins are bought, in return for which you are given fat. If you have one two and 5 old coins, then it is sure that you can become a millionaire.

How ₹ 1 can get earn up to ₹700000 rupees?

Smallmouth must be sounding like a big deal. There is such an e-commerce website where up to seven lakh rupees are being given in exchange for one rupee note. By the way, many people are fond of collecting old notes.

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How much is the price of old notes and demand for old notes increases, the same note is before our independence in India i.e. 1935, on which the picture and photo of King George Fifth would be attached? And on top of that note is the signature of JW Kelly. One such note has cost ₹ 700000.

Where to sell your old coin?

If you also have old coins, then you can easily earn millions by selling them. For this, you have to create your account on the eCommerce website. There are some such selected websites named Olx, eBay, Quikr, etc. You can easily sell your old coins on websites like this.

To sell the old coins online, you have to take a photo of your old coins or notes and create an account on the above-mentioned sites and list it.

Also, you must know that people sitting online can dispute your transaction for their personal profit, so choose a better platform wisely.

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