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Featured Most Influential Artist in Expert Photography Bishal Roy's Interview

Interview: When we see something creative we might be thinking of a creative person who thinks, watch, and look at things differently. Yeah! Today we are introducing a guest who is an artist working in the field of creative art and he is none other than Bishal Roy.

Featured Most Influential Artist in Expert Photography Bishal Roy's Interview

Most Influential Artist: Bishal Roy from Assam who got featured in Expert Photography

He belongs from Assam, India, and recently got featured in the Top 30 Most Influential Photoshop Artists by the 'expertphotography' website, and he stands at nineteenth in that position.

Bishal has an Instagram account where he is creating his own portfolio, with such an amazing portrait full of emotions, beautiful scenery, landscape with night photos, dramatic atmosphere, awesome skies, a combination of colors and the lights make a complete picture to keep watching at those of his Instagram feeds you can check at his account (Bishal Roy - visualsoptimist).

Recently myself interacted with Bishal and had a conversation on his graphics and editing journey, also talked on a different topic, which you can read it below:

Exclusive interview with Bishal Roy from Assam:

Tell us something about yourself.

I'm 20 and I'm an Applied Art at Assam University, Silchar. 

I started Photoshop in the year 2017. And I do picture-based compositions with a touch of digital art. I mainly work on surreal, fantasy, and dramatic compositions. And I have been featured by Adobe on Adobegencreate twice.

I have won tshirt designing contest organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, and also a Photoshop manipulation contest by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

What is your vision while editing and posting it on social media?

I actually try to create simple and easy-to-understand composites and further use my imagery and creative concepts to give my audience a visual treat.

Have you done any course or how did you learn to edit?

I'm totally a self-taught artist. When I started doing photoshop, I used to follow various channels on YouTube.

With the help of these channels and through continued practice I was able to improve my skills more and more.

Beautiful Mermaid creatited by a boy hail from assam Bishal Roy

Let us know your goal and the future plan?

I would be working and I'm still working as a freelancer Photoshop Artist making album arts, flyers, etc. Also, I wish to become a UI/UX designer. And I'm also trying to work on making my portfolio better to be hired by any renowned company.

What are your parent's and families' reactions toward your work?

I get appreciation from them whenever I show them my work. They are the ones who have always motivated me to work on my passion.

What was your reaction after getting featured on 'expertphotography' website in the Top 30 Influential Photoshop Artist?

Getting featured there was not a very big thing for me to be honest. Because I personally know where I stand and that I have to keep working to get on the top as there's a huge competition out there in the practical world.

Bishal Roy: A very talented guy from assam

What are the things you do besides editing?

I sometimes do freestyle rapping with my friends. Also, I'm a foodie and I love to cook.

As you mentioned you do freelancing. Let us know if you're thinking to convert your skills into any profit organization in the future, what would be your reaction on that.

I haven't thought of anything as such.

But I'm planning to start a YouTube channel where I will be sharing my knowledge and my resources for free.

What do you think about the graphics industry in the era of digital marketing?

It has been growing rapidly and graphic designing is the key element of digital marketing. It is an effective way to engage with customers. It also builds brand awareness and influences the customer decision-making process.

Who do you think is very important for a creative designer?

Watching and analyzing other artists' work, Research and Originality, according to me are very important for a creative designer.

What would be your success mantra?

Keep hustling, no matter what the situation is, work in a smart way, and success will hit you up one day for sure.

Bishal Roy Creative Art

What do you think about The Bgs Raw - A News Magazine and how will you recommend this platform?

I was ignorant about it before yesterday. But now that I know somewhat about it, I would highly recommend it.

What experience or message would you like to convey to our readers?

In this field, there is often a creative block when we feel like giving up but I would say never wallow in your creative block, get out there and create something.

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