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Enterprise Story

Enterprise story: India is an innovative country with so many business opportunities for making a profit and contributing to GDPs. Let's explore the challenges of the enterprise it may be small, big, or medium, or a local vendor.

Enterprise story: India is an innovative country and has so many business opportunities in terms of making a profit and contributing to GDPs. Let's explore the challenges of the enterprise it may be small, big, or medium, or maybe a local vendor.

We BgsRaw brought this new platform to learn and share some secret, successes and stories about enterprises and startups. This is not limited to the large scale but also we are put in consideration for Small Scale and Medium enterprises to share their experiences and stories too.

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What is Enterprise? Definition by Wikipedia?

An enterprise is a company or organization, especially a business. It is typically a larger organization that is engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. The term "enterprise" is often used to refer to a business venture or project that is undertaken with a view to profit, such as starting a new company or developing a new product. It can also refer to a social enterprise, which is a business that is focused on achieving a social or environmental goal, rather than maximizing profits.

Enterprise examples

Here are a few examples of enterprises by which you can understand this clearly:

  • A small bakery that makes and sells bread and pastries
  • A tech company that develops and sells software products
  • A retail chain that operates stores in multiple locations
  • A consulting firm that provides advice and expertise to clients in a variety of industries
  • A manufacturing company that produces and sells a range of products, such as automobiles or appliances
  • A non-profit organization that provides services to the community, such as a food bank or a shelter for the homeless.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other types of enterprises, both for-profit and non-profit, in a wide range of industries.

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