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Business Ideas: How to Become a Seller on Amazon India in 2023

Today's era is the era of digital and everything is been sold online buyers from the comfort of other bedrooms order every item that arrived in 1 or two days. If you own a business then you must also sell your product on amazon so that you can earn more money. In this post, I will tell you all about How to Become a Seller on Amazon India in 2023 in a very easy process.

Now even small things are being done online. Now people are also emphasizing online shopping. In this episode, today we will teach you to be an Amazon seller. If you have a business or you have a product, you can sell it online through Amazon.

If you want to know the complete process of becoming an Amazon seller in 2023, then read this post till the end, in which we will give you complete information about Amazon Seller.

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In this article, you will get to know what is Amazon Seller, the documents required to become an Amazon Seller, how to become a Seller on Amazon, the benefits of becoming an Amazon Seller, and how to earn money by becoming an Amazon Seller.

What is Amazon Seller? How to Join Amazon as a seller?

Amazon Seller is a third-party seller who can get his product listed to sell on Amazon. A seller can list any of his products, fix the price of the product, and market the product. Through the seller dashboard, the seller can manage and monitor the inventory, price, reports, advertisements, etc. of his product.

When a seller's product is sold on Amazon, amazon keeps some percentage of it and the rest of the money is given to the seller. You can sell any of your types of products on Amazon. Overall, Amazon Seller is a third-party seller who can sell their products on Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Seller 

If you sell your goods on Amazon, you get many benefits. Some of its advantages are as follows –

  1. Millions of people come and shop on Amazon every day. You can become an Amazon seller and deliver your product to millions of people sitting at home.
  2. Amazon is a trusted online platform among people, you can take advantage of Amazon's credibility by becoming an Amazon seller for branding your business.
  3. On Amazon, you get bun-made customers, and you do not have to spend much money to promote the product.
  4. You can increase the sales of your product.
  5. By becoming an Amazon seller, you can manage your business online while sitting at home.
  6. You can also bring your business online with limited products.

Documents required to become an Amazon seller

  1. Your business details
  2. Your contact number (email ID and phone number)
  3. Some basic business information
  4. Your bank details
  5. PAN Number
  6. GST Number

This is how Amazon sellers became

By following the steps mentioned below, you can become a seller on Amazon.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Seller website

To become an Amazon seller, you first need to create an Amazon Seller account. Which you can make in just 10 to 15 minutes.

To create an Amazon Seller account, you must first go to the Amazon Seller Central website. Here the webpage will open in front of you according to the image below, you click on Start Selling.

Step 2: Create an Amazon account

After this, a new webpage will open in front of you in which you can create an account on Amazon. If you have an Already Amazon account, then you have to log in to your Amazon account by entering the username and password.

If you do not have an Amazon account, click on Create your Amazon Account and fill in the following information and create your Amazon account.

  1. Your Name – Enter your name.
  2. Mobile Number – Enter your 10-digit mobile number.
  3. Email – This field is optional, but still we advise you to enter your email ID.
  4. Password – Create a strong password that you will easily remember.

      • Fill in all this information and click on the Continue option below. After this, a new page will open in front of you in which you have to verify the OTP. The mobile number you have entered will have an OTP, you enter the OTP and verify it.
      • Finally, you have to log in to your Amazon account with an email ID and password (which you first entered).
      • This way your account will be created on Amazon. With this account, you can shop from Amazon, but you have to create a seller account.

      Step 3: Create an Amazon Seller Account

      This is the most important part of Amazon Seller Kaise Bane, so fill in all the information carefully.

      • The form will open in front of you to create an Amazon Seller account. You have to create an Amazon Seller account by filling out this form completely in 4 steps.
      • First of all, you will be asked to enter the business name. Enter the name of your business and tick the seller agreement box and click on the Continue button.
      • After this, give the name of your store and select the category of your product, in this page you also have to fill in your business address. Here you have to fill in the same address from where Amazon can pick up your program. After entering all this information, click on Continue.

      After this, you have to select the shipping method. You have 3 options.

      1. Amazon FBA – You can join the Amazon FBA program and get shipping done. In this, Amazon has the entire responsibility of delivering the product, in return for this service, Amazon takes some money from you.
      2. Amazon Easy Ship – You can also get the product shipping done through Amazon, that is, amazon people will come to you and take the product. But you have to keep the product packed.
      3. Self-Ship – You can ship your product by yourself.

      After selecting the shipping method, click on the next option. Here you have to enable 2-step verification.

      After this, you have to fill in the tax detail, in which you have to enter the GST number and PAN number. If you don't have both of them right now, you can click on the will update later option. And then click on the Next button. If you want to sell the book, then you do not need to give GST details.

      Now you will go to the dashboard section where you have to fill in some other details, such as-

      1. How much money do you want to keep for shipping, you can also keep free shipping.
      2. Your bank details, in which Amazon will send you money when the product is sold.
      3. Please fill in the product tax code (if it is, otherwise leave it like this).
      4. Make your signature. You can also upload.

      After filling in all these details, click on Launch Your Business, and you will reach the Seller Dashboard. Here you can list the product on Amazon through the add product option.

      So this was the whole process by which you can become an Amazon seller. Let's now understand the process of listing the product.

      Step 4: List the product

      In the dashboard, you will find an option to add a product, click on it and add the details of your product such as photo, price, etc. to the Amazon Marketplace. After this, when a customer buys your product, the money comes to your bank account.

      How to make money by becoming an Amazon seller

      You can become an Amazon seller through the above-mentioned process, and get your product listed. After this, Amazon shows your product to the customer based on their search, and if a customer likes your product, then he orders the product by clicking on the buy link.

      When you start getting orders, Amazon will come from you for delivery of the product, so you have to keep the product packed. When the product is delivered, the money is transferred to your bank account after 7 days. You can monitor inventory, reports, prices, etc. from your seller dashboard.

      So in this way, you can earn money by becoming an Amazon seller.

      Some important tips for Amazon Seller 

      1. Upload a clear image of the product.
      2. Sell quality products, this will give you a good rating and your product will sell more and more.
      3. Always pack the product on time so that delivery is not delayed.
      4. Choose the right category, this will make Amazon deliver your product to the right people.
      5. Use the right keywords in the product.
      6. You can keep free shipping to entice customers.

      FAQ: Amazon Me Seller Kaise Bane

      Q – What on Amazon – what goods can you sell?

      You can sell any type of product on Amazon.

      Q – Does it cost money to become an Amazon seller?

      No, you can create an Amazon Seller account for free, but when you receive an order, you have to pay a few percent of it.

      Q – How many days after delivery of the product do you get the money?

      When your order is delivered, you can receive your payment after 7 business days. The payment is transferred to your bank account.

      Q – Is it necessary to have a website to become an Amazon seller?

      No, it is not necessary to have a website to become an Amazon seller.

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      Conclusion: How to become an Amazon seller 

      So friends, now you must have understood How to Become a Seller on Amazon India in 2023 and this post might be beneficial for you to make Amazon Seller Account. If you have a product, then you can increase sales by becoming an Amazon seller and earning good money. If you have any queries then do let me know in the comment below.

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