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Being Bihari's founder Punit Aryan told us all about Wedding Industry

Interview: Being Bihari's founder Punit Aryan's Interview: When you think not only for yourself but also society and the nation, then it is told that You are a big change maker. And for no douth, a buddy who hails from Patna, Bihar is contributing towards the positive side of Bihar.

Being Bihari's founder Punit Aryan told us all about Wedding Industry

Being Bihari founder Punit Aryan told us all about Wedding Industry; In an Interview with Bgs Raw.

Being Bihari founder Punit Aryan told us all about Wedding Industry; In an Interview with Bgs Raw

Yes, recently a Live chat was hosted on Instagram by Bikram Kr Singh had an Interview with Being Bihar's founder Punit Aryan, who in this Live conversation has expressed so many things about Bihar Songs which had been made very much vulgar, Traditions and Culture, Business, Wedding Industry and much more.

Bikram Kr had a conversation with Punit Aryan...

Q. So, give a short intro about yourself to our audience.

First of all, I like to thank you so much for selecting me and inviting me to this Exclusive Live. My name is Punit Aryan, and I am the owner and Admin of the Being Bihari page. I belong to Patna Bihar and this is my birthplace too. So currently I have completed my MBA. I was doing a job and now I have quit. I aim to represent Bihar in India and all over the world in a good way through my page which is known as Being Bihari.

Q. First of all, let's start with my personal question, as it is being seen this month, marriages are going on in full swing, and meanwhile, news came that 5000 marriages a day in Patna, was the news correct?

It is correct, this news came on the 25th. So many marriages took place on 25th November in Patna that about 5000 marriages took place. And this record was a little, okay, and in this wedding, there is so much jam in Patna that the record of jam has also been having been broken.

Q. So there must have been a lot of need for Bhojpuri songs in the market now. In this environment, is the song to which people are dancing a lot.

Bhojpuri songs are common in Bihar, Bihar, and Patna, every world will be able to listen to them, at weddings because marriage is incomplete without Bhojpuri songs. So now the latest song like 'coco cola' and some of the 'Devra Dhodhi' type songs are common at the typical wedding. Some such songs have also come into the market, and many songs related to 'Bhatar', and 'brother-in-law' terms used are coming into the market.

And one of our favorite songs is Lollipop Woh Toh Sadabahar Hai Jo Chal Raha Hai.

Host response: There is a stir all over India.

Q. So Punit ji, as soon as we are on the main topic, before this, tell me, do you listen to Bhojpuri songs, personally at home?

I don't listen personally, I never felt that it is not in my interest to listen to Bhojpuri songs, especially by playing Bhojpuri songs from the playlist, which are not worth listening to. Because I feel about Bhojpuri songs is that I think may have also been noted that, songs are composed using so many vulgar words which are just can't listen to by nearby families or parents. So basically I listen to Hindi Songs only.

Q. We have a lot of friends from Bihar, who say that they do not want to listen to Bhojpuri songs, however, there is no compulsion, but Punit Ji, somewhere, Biharis like me who live outside Bihar must have a negative type of vibe in their mind, how real it has been made. Which was not the case at all, what would you say about it?

Yes, hota kya hai na, Bhojpuri songs have Bhojpuri speakers, such as our Bhojpuri language which is Bihar is incomplete in a way. And the entire People of Bihar are proud of Bhojpuri. If you want to talk in the Bhojpuri language, many people are attracted. Because it has a lot of decency in Bhojpuri.

If you are listening from the heart, or if anyone speaks, the people around you who like to hear it. But when this thing comes to the group, the same people say, "What is this?" Because is not his words, which he listens to, and are some words that you will feel like abuse. It will seem how upset people are. People who are playing like that.

And the second thing is that all the singers who are coming to the Bhojpuri Music industry right now are coming only 20-22 years old. And in more strings, I have seen that who are illiterate too. They don't have a society of words. Those who write the lyrics of the song with only 2-4 words and prepare the song on it. Some of the words are 'Bhatar', and 'Dhori'. These are all words that don't sound good when you hear them. And all these words make sugarcane trillions.

And if you listen to the old song, listen to Lollipop, which seems to be all the song. But the songs that are coming right now are becoming worst in words. And that is why you will not feel like listening to Bhojpuri songs.

Who is Punit Aryan of Patna Bihar? He is the founder of the page called Being Bihari.
Being Bihari's founder Punit Aryan

Q. Why do our youth like songs compressed full of vulgarity, do they contain entertainment or just a timepass, or why folk songs are not given such values? what are you thinking about this?

No, it is not done by the public, whatever videos are made in Bhojpuri songs, and the videos that have come in the last 5 years have been a full package of nudity in that video. As the video and the words inspire young generations today, watching the video, there is some exposure to body parts in it, and there is a little nudity. The youth are more stuck about all of them, and even, for this reason, the songs get famous or go viral. And to talk about "Birha" is a song or songs that come in Bhojpuri, which are now decreasing in importance, that people are not able to shift to the old pitches, now people have become so busy that either they listen to Bollywood, either Hollywood and if get spare time to listen to all these regional songs.

But the earlier songs that used to come are, for example now Mithili Thakur, who sings in Mithili Languages, she sang so beautifully, I also love those songs. And she is saving our culture too.

Interview Reaction: She sings in 3 languages of Bihar, Mithila, and Bhojpuri, and also in the Magahi language.

Yes, that's what I am saying that all these singers are only saving our heritage. And we see that only a few such people came towards it. I also suggest such talented people should come forward and save the heritage too.

It is very important to save Bihar right now Because Bihar is now being lost as it was in the past. There is a lot of difference between the earlier Bihar and the present Bihar. And especially the way the film industry presents Bihar in their movies.

Recently the movie "Khakhee" came, and the song in that is "Thok Denge Katta Ke Paar Mein, Aayiye Na Bihar Mein". So these type of Songs negatively defines Bihar. Like, Bihar is all about being shot, loot, etc. So the film markers should see that if we are making something about the state, then do not take away the topic in a negative way, look at the way, make the song, make more good songs, as we can see songs in Bollywood, or see how good it is in Tollywood. So why Bihar? This is also a question I rise for this type of filmmaker! Why only do you target Bihar for all that?

If a film is based in the state then it will consist of Crime being high in Bihar. There are more criminals in Bihar. And whatever else is made, there is a gun, a bullet, all this in it. In every film or on Netflix, the same stories are presented for Bihar. So this thing is wrong and if the government does not handle it in its way, then it will be more difficult to go.

Q. So Being Bihari, how did you come up with the idea of starting this, tell us the story behind it.

The account on Instagram is from college time. My Entertaining and Informative APP used to be there at that time. Staying outside Bihar, I came to know that the image of Bihar is bad in other states. People have a lot of misconceptions about Bihar. That's why I thought to show the real Bihar society through one page. One of my brothers helped me with this. He only motivated me to start a page. In 2018 there were very few bloggers in Bihar.

Q. What is the further plan for Being Bihari? Kiss some project, service, and product by what will work.

Our project has always been to promote Bihar Tourism. Work is going on in the future. It is also our goal to help the needy through my page.

Q. So the main focus of Bgs Raw Dotcom is to Inspire with Business Ideas and share Success Stories to be a profitable model. Investing one's time in social media tries to generate some profit, how do you generate revenue from SM do tell?

Whatever profit is generated from social media, I help people associated with their needs and pages.

There is little income from Brand Promotion. We used to get some local sponsorship and then I hire the respective niche influencer and bloggers and distribute the work to them to review the business and perform further tasks. In this way, I help the influencers and bloggers too and save some of the revenue from there for myself.

Q. As the information I got is, Being Bihari probably organizes events, what type of events do you execute?

Yes, we also have Event portal. Our team has done all kinds of events ranging from Corporate exerts, Weddings, Fashion shows, Photography, and Celebrity management.

Q. Abhi ke time mei yeh dekha ja raha hai ki, Wedding industry India ka fourth biggest industry mana jata hai. Aur issme log dil khol kar invest bhi kar rahe hein. Toh minimum or maximum budget ke bare mei kuch bataiye. Kaise dicide kiya jata hai, ki ye event ke liye itne price lagenge.

Saadiyan kabhi nahi ruk sakti, to iss kam mei kabhi mandi nahi hoti hai. Woh requirment par depend karta hai. Clients ke Pocket Base pe hi Quotation jata hai.

Clients ka need aur demand ko dekhte hue hi budget banayi jati hai, jaise kuch clients ko badi hall is requirements hoti, celebrity ko bulana hota hai aur bhi wagera wagera.

Hum kam karch mei aacha kam karne hi pasand karte hai, jisse agla ko budget ke under hi usske requirements full fill ho sake. If you want to talk about your budget, start with Rs 3 lakh and work your way up to Rs 1 crore.

Q. So Punit ji, you must be getting the events done in Bihar only, and from which cities do you take Bookings?

Yes, we are available from pan India, last year we organized the event in Uttarakhand's Haldwani city, in Delhi, Banaras, and others from Bihar itself such as Darbhanga, Madhubani, Patna, etc.

Q. By the way, many event organizers have been established even in small towns or villages too, so how do clients select the event partner, it is not only that they look out for budget.

There is no talk only about the budget, there is talk about the name, and how big the app is. And your work is also seen, the previous work, how much work has been done earlier, what was the result, what was the output.

It is not that he took money from the client and scuttled his work. By the way, all these things happen in events. The amount of work that was promised could not be done. Suppose we talk to you about something less like a photo shoot, and raise five thousand from you but cannot do the work that we talk to before reducing you.

And all these things are seen by the clients. And it is not just the budget, it is also seen in the behavior, how good you are, the conversation, or your previous work, and only part of the reviews of their previous clients come to the clients.

Q. Aacha, Iss industry mei kafi human help ki jarurat padati hogi, hai na, toh kitne logon ko rozgar mil jata hai. Ek events se!

Yes, it seems a lot of people. An event is needed for all kinds of workers. From the tent owner to the cook. 50 to 100 people get employment in one Event.

Q. Toh Punit ji, humne sunna hai ki, ghumna khub pasand hai aapko, hai na, apne bachpan ke baare mei aur school se Jude kuch kisse bataiye na.

I have studied at a small school, and I have been an average student in academics. Since childhood, I have been very fond of traveling. I went to Banaras for the first time outside Bihar, I was very excited and very happy, its memory is still in my mind. Till now I have visited 15 states of India. In the coming time, I will visit the rest also. All the teachers and classmates at the school used to respect me a lot.

Q. Before ending this live video, two more questions, tell your plan of being Bihari.

The plan is that the page of Being Bihari should be a little grow bigger. So that people should know that there is a page that represents Bihar well. And the image of Bihar should be shown in the same way as it is.

My motto is that if anyone knows Bihar, he or she should not know in a bad way, but go in a good way. I would say that don't just listen to Bihar, see Bihar. There are many big pages in Bihar which also represent the good path.

Q. Abhi jo Hume LIVE dekh rahe, unnme se kafi log, strugglers honge, jaise koi business ke liye soch rha hoga, koi rozgar, Koi Job ke liye soch rahe hein, matlab apne apne field mei, Unko kya kuch message hogi aapke traf se? 

Mein bas yehi kehna chaunga ki jo sangarsh kar rahe hai, wo apne kam ko lagan se karte rahiye aur mehnat se kiya hua kam aapko aacha result degi. koi bhi business kare consistent rahe. tabhi aap aage badh sakte hein.

Host: Toh Punit ji, Bgs Raw Dot Com ke Exclusive Live mei Judne ke liye bahut bahut dhanyawad, Aur humare sabhi audience ko bhi thank you, mujhe umid hai, ki kuch na kuch aapko iss live mei sikhne aur shamjne ko jaroor mili hi hogi.

The conversation was done via Instagram Live, want to watch the live video go and check it out on our official page of bgsraw.


Q. Who is Punit Aryan?

Punit Aryan is a Bihar Based Entrepreneur and Content Creator. He is also a founder of the page called Being Bihari.

Q. Who is the founder of Being Bihari?

Punit Aryan

Q. What is Being Bihari?

Being Bihari is a page where the team shares content focused on the positive side of Bihar.

Q. Famous quotes by Being Bihari?

Aaye na Humra Bihar Mein.

Q. How to contact Being Bihari's owner?

You can contact them via the official Instagram page (being.bihari).

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