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Always wanted to be in the fashion industry, Reshma's interview

Who is Reshma? Recently published interview of the instagram Fashion influencer. Best fashion bloggers

Introducing another guest, Reshma, who is a fashion blogger as well as an influencer. It was a very awesome chat with her. In the interview, she shared her works, journey, and so many interesting talks. Currently, she holds 12k+ followers on Instagram. Let you read the full conversation below;
Always wanted to be in the fashion industry - Reshma's interview

Always wanted to be in the fashion industry, Reshma's interview

Exclusive interview with Reshma

Q. First of all tell us about yourself
I’m Reshma, founder of The Wise Wear blog. I’m a digital creator who influences people through my blog/Instagram about fashion. I have been blogging for close to 2 years now.

Q. Let us know your way to the fashion world
Fashion was always something behind my head since my college days I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. But back then having a decent job was more of a priority than blogging. So I was doing my 9-5 job and still couldn’t get over fashion one day I decided to write about it on Instagram with my pictures slowly it led me to create a blog which I finally did. The Wise Wear, which let me pour my heart out for the love of my fashion, and here I’m today with 10k plus followers. Wise Wear was definitely the best decision I ever made.

Q. Do your parents support you in this journey?
Absolutely, I’m grateful to have my parents support my passion. They always made sure I’m independent and choose what I want and make my own decision.

Q. What's your most embarrassing memory of childhood?
Umm, I had prepared for the history exam but the paper turned out to be English lol yet somehow managed to get through it.

Q. What is the most memorable moment of your blogging journey?
Well, this just happened last evening. I was invited to attend BFW( Bangalore Fashion Week) where I had VIP access to interact and Greet with a lot of fashion designers/bloggers and so many more talented people. It was a platform for me to talk about fashion trends and share ideas with many fashion bloggers.

Q. Let us know what things you do besides blogging.
I’m working for an MNC besides blogging. Planning to get into full-time soon, hopefully:) Also, I enjoy working out in my free time.

Q. What are your goals and future plans
Mainly to get into blogging full time as I mentioned before. Working with brands like Puma, Louis Vuitton, etc. Attending Paris fashion week and showcasing my talent. I want to reach people through my journey and inspire them.
Q. When Reshma unwinds, what does she indulge in?
Shopping is very therapeutic for me. Besides I enjoy binge-watching Netflix. Music calms me down from all the chaos around :)

Q. You have already collaborated with many brands, so tell me how was the experience
Honestly, I have enjoyed collaborating with all the brands. Some brands give me the liberty and bring out the creativity in me while I post/shoot for them. I thoroughly enjoy the process. I have also collaborated with a few of the brands I had only dreamt of, which makes me grateful and also believe in my dreams.

Q. Tell us about your first collaboration, when did you receive and your reaction:)
My 1st ever collaboration was with a brand called seer secrets for a lip scrub product. When I received the mail about a collaboration I was so excited to receive the product. Once I did I couldn’t sleep the whole night lol. I made sure I gave my best shot for it. Got my 1st ever flat lay picture right. It was a lot of emotions together. But, I'm glad in the end it came out well. The brand was extremely happy and reposted it :):)

Q. What do you think about Bgs Raw the online magazine and how will you recommend us for featuring
I think this is the 1st ever online magazine I have come across and I absolutely love the fact that you guys recognize people from the digital platform and share their journey.
I really don't know to recommend which is good or perfect to share my story/journey. I will be more than happy to see my work/journey shared on your platform and that the message is delivered to the right audience and inspire everyone out there.

Q. What projects you're currently working on?
I’m currently working with multiple brands. Bioderma, Aura - energy drink, neemli, etc

Q.  Any message or tips for upcoming aspirants to become fashion bloggers?
Yes, it’s never too late to do something you love. Always find the time and do it and trust me that will be the best decision.
Tips - Try and be unique, put in your creativity and bring out the best in your work which will make brands approach you.

Rapid Fire:

Q. What is your style mantra
Basic crop and denim on any given day.

Q. How someone can get your special attention?
By Sending me flowers maybe. Or maybe writing letters :)

Q. Best food you like from the footpath or street shops.
Gol gappa and bhel puri!

Q. What do you believe in yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else
Fashion blogger to be apt.

Q. What is the weirdest questing you've been asked ever?
A lot of people think being a blogger is just reviewing products and getting products for free. I have always been asked this!
It's weird to explain to everyone it’s not what they think.

Q. What is the first thing you notice in a man?
Beard 😅

Q. What would your outfit for a romantic date be?
A plunge neck long dresses with a slit.

Q. Define Bgs Raw in one word or sentence?
A platform for Digital creators to share their journey.

Q. This is my final question for you. As today is international women's day. So any message for women or girls
Happy Women’s Day to all the Wonderful Women out there. More power to you for being YOU! Keep killing it like a badass! You’ll be worth it! Women should celebrate every day, not just one day.

Check out some pics of Reshma:

Reshma is a fashion influencer on Instagram

Reshma gave interview to Bgs Raw, a free magazine of india

Reshma fashion blogger banglore

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