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About: Vaishali Se Hai

Vaishali Se Hai’ is the best portal in the district of  Bihar, where we cover the local event of our district in a very different way. We try to deliver local news and articles that experience to our audience. From Vaishali Local News to foods and recipes to our views and opinions, we have for you in one place without distracting your thoughts.

About: Vaishali Se Hai

Please note Vaishali Se hai is a Hindi version of Bgs Raw, where you'll get the latest content on Daily District Updates, Virals, Fashion, Entertainment, and local & national news updates, check the website

The Name ‘Vaishali Se Hai’

The name of this news portal is ‘Vaishali Se Hai‘and was inspired by our native land, which is known for;

One of the largest cities in the 5th century BC, Vaishali is credited with being the first republic in the world to have properly elected representatives and effective administration. This place is found in the great history of Ramayana. Buddha spent the last days of his life near the town of Vaishali and King Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, was born here.

Some of the major attractions around Vaishali are Ashoka PillarBawanPokhar Temple, and three Buddha Stupas.

So you might thought why we have chosen this name. Each individual of the district is proudly from Vaishali Se Hai.

Who we are?

'Vaishali Se Hai' stands as a voice of the people, where we like to promote our culture, and traditions around India and also globally.

When we were called Bihari in some states we get regret but let's change our minds not to react over it and be proud of being Bihari.

Start of Vaishali Se Hai

Inspired by the existing media on the internet, during the pandemic lockdown in 2023 we thought to get closer to our native people and so Bikram Kr the owner of Bgs Raw started this portal.

We hope for a good start together with all of our families of 'Vaishali Se Hai' and request you to follow us on our official social media handles (vaishalisehai).


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