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A Jailed drunkard Sang such a song, Got a chance Directly in Bollywood

Bihar: One of the benefits of social media is the potential for individuals to gain fame and success through viral content, even if they are not actively seeking it. This can lead to significant opportunities and advancements in their lives.

A Jailed drunkard Sang such a song, Got a chance Directly in Bollywood

A very popular Music Director Ankit Tiwari has given chance to a drunkard who sang such a song while in the lock-up in the police station of Buxan district in Bihar, the video got viral on social media.

Similar to Himesh Reshamiya discovering and launching the career of Ranu Mondal, Ankit Tiwari has recently offered to support and promote the singing talents of a prisoner.

What is Bihar's Viral Video of the drunken

A viral video of a man from Buxar, Bihar, singing a Bhojpuri song while drunk inside a jail has recently surfaced.

The man in the viral video, named Kanhaiya Kumar, is currently incarcerated in a jail in the dry state of Bihar. Though his face is not visible in the video, he can be heard singing a Bhojpuri song with a captivating melody. As a result of the video going viral, he has received offers from the music industry.

Why the Kanhaiya the Viral Singer was Arrested at Police Station

Kumar was reportedly nabbed by officials as he entered Bihar after consuming hooch on a trip to UP for work. As per Bihar’s law, people aren’t allowed to even enter the state in a drunken state. Interestingly, his song was not just another song but a melody that wept the ordeal of migration that rural Bihar is highly impacted by.

What are the lyrics Sang by Kanhaiya in the Jail?

He sang, ‘Shahar me khojni, bajariya bajariya, kata hi balam ji na, aawe le najariya… arey unke khatir rowe chotka, khana nahi khata… daroga ji ho chaar din se piyawa baa na pata.. Likhi na report raua.. Sochi bicharin.. Aapna balamua ke kaisin bisaarin.. Laagata ki saiyan haamaar gaele kalkata… daroga ji ho…”

Translated as ‘Looked for him in the city, in all markets.. My beloved is nowhere seen.. In his absence, his little kid is not eating food.. Hey policeman.. There’s been no lookout from my husband for four days.. Please file a report, sir.. Give it a thought.. How do I forget about my husband.. I think he has flown to Kolkata. Hey policeman, please see…”

Did Ankit Tiwari give chance to sing for him?

After the video of Kanhaiya Kumar singing went viral, Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari shared it on his social media and offered to have him sing a song for his music label.

Ankit reacting to this wrote, “Addiction is a social evil and only art has the power to defeat this evil. @shalabhmani, I give this person a chance to sing a song on behalf of my music company @MistMusic_ .” Here’s his tweet:-

The video of Kanhaiya Kumar singing in jail was originally shared by MLA Dr Shalabh Mani Tripathi on social media. The caption in Hindi, read "After contacting a former TV colleague @cmohan_pat came to know that this is Kanhaiya, a poor youth of Kaimur, Bihar. Police sent him to jail after getting drunk. After his legal help, efforts will be made to reform him, along with an opportunity to sing at the famous UP's Trinetra Studio will also be provided."

Conclusion: What do you think about this Viral Video of Buxar in Bihar do let us know your opinion in the comment.

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