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Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Rural Area in India 2023

After the Government of India launched Atamanirbhar Bharat Scheme to support small entrepreneurs and their businesses across the country. With this Scheme, new business owners are able to take action for the growth of their business without giving much attention to risk. So in this post, I will tell you about such Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Rural Area in India, which you can plan to start.

Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Rural Area in India 2023

Do you know that government is not only focusing on big cities, and towns but also giving importance to the Villages Level Entrepreneurs which is also an example of New India?

With more than seventy percent of the Indian population living in Villages or small towns and therefore starting a new business in these areas can be very profitable. For now, most of the businesses in the villages are directly dependent n agriculture. But this agriculture is not profitable to the people who have enough land for agriculture. So such people can start some alternate businesses and startups in their village.

Some of the Most Profitable Business Ideas for Rural Area are:

Retail Store

As I mentioned that the majority population lives and resided in villages or small towns so there is a shortage of well-planned retail outlets in the local market. And this outlet can be of different categories of the populations. And one of the best and all-time profitable businesses is opening Kiraa Store.

During the pandemic, this business owner has also learned to adapt and learn new things to make the business more profitable by extending its products and services. Also to let you know that Kirana Shops were one of the top stores to be able to sell or support the nation, public, etc during the pandemic crisis.

Along with Kirana Store, you can also open some of the related stores that can be operated by your family or friends too:

  • Mithai Ki Dukan
  • Darjee Ka Dukan
  • Shop for Electronics
  • Cosmetic Items Dukan
  • Repair of two/three wheeler
  • Fruits Dukan
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Plumber Shop

To open the above-mentioned shop you must have some expertise or have to learn some more ideas and skills too. The best thing you must know is that starting a retail business needs less investment and can earn from day one.

Flour mill

In small towns or villages, there are requirements for flour and people do not buy this item directly from the shop. As the raw material is easily available in villages at a low rate, people prefer buying these items from the farmers directly and going to the flour mill.

So starting this flour mill in the village is very profitable to grind items such as wheat, oats, barley, sorghum, and spices like turmeric, chili, etc.

And if you have a flour mill and if you can supply in nearby cities and towns then you can also earn much more profits. It is a good business and required limited money. To start this business you will need a good electrical connection to start the business.

Small Manufacturing Units

To set up small manufacturing units the small towns and villages are the best marketplace and also has the demand too because it becomes possible to supply the products to the nearby towns and cities.

Some of the best Manufacturing Units can be set up in rural areas:

  • Paper Cup
  • Paper Plate
  • Disposable Carry Bags
  • Gift Packing items
  • Incense stick making(agarbatti)
  • Matchbox
  • Diya making
  • Bamboo items
  • Toys items

These manufacturing unit is not so popular in the town and cities because they need a lot of space and it is not easily available in these big city. So most of the Business Owners come from Towns and Cities to set up such manufacturing in rural areas.

But I suggest you start this business independently so that you can earn huge money without paying any commission to anybody. Because the mentioned Business Units has high profitable returns, however, you will no need to invest big amount, the raw material is easily available in the remote areas now.

Clothing store

When I visit my village I often see that some of the group of women coming out of their houses to go shopping in the nearby market or shops to buy clothes. In village, the gifting of clothes to relatives during the puja or any special function is very common. And I have seen that they even invest more than the people living in the town. Because they have to gift it to someone and the people living in two gifts only to themselves or one or many be two.

So keeping this thing in mind I find that Starting Clothing Business in Village or Small area is also very profitable. Because villagers shop only for comfortable brand clothing, they don't prefer only for branded or say brand marketing.

And that are why this become a more comfortable business and also the most profitable in a small markets.

Poultry or livestock farming

Poultry farming is the Best Business Ideas of 2023. Many people do not like this business because of the religious aspects. As they don't like selling livestock or animals except for chickens.

But believe me this is the best Business Idea if you want to make money in a very short time start Poultry Farming, Animal Rearing, such as goat, pig(some states do not allow it), chicken, etc.

And if you do not have money to invest in this business then you can easily apply for Government Loan, because many states of India also supports 90% Sunsidy the small owners and farmers to start their own poultry farming or animal rearing.

You can also rear some of the allowed Birds, Ducks, Local Cock & Hen, Fish, etc. Some of the animal and Local Birds give Eggs which has also big a demand in the market and you can get good prices for that.

Fertilizer/pesticide store

As Human need some meat fish for nen-veg and paneer, fresh vegetables for veg. Just similarly the farmer needs the buy the fertilizers for the healthy agriculture. This business is the backbone of Rural area's economies.

So if you want to start the fertilizer and pesticide Business then you must need to get a proper license from the panchayat or from the traded registration authority. Because this business has some of the sensitive chemicals which can be poisonous too. Therefore licensing is required. You can also sell vegetables, paddy, maize, chana, and flowers seed.

Tutor services

So if you are actively keeping eye on our site then you may have noticed that the tutoring service is listed in all of our Top 10s. Because this is all time money-making business which can be started in towns, cities, and villages too.

In this business, there are different types of learners too. Some one can be small kids, high school students, college-going girls boys, etc. But on the other hand there is also required for tutors for music classes, drawing classes, or may are skills to be learned.

Milk and Dairy center

This is also not a brand new Business Idea because you can see it in every village that one of the vehicles will go to each house and collect milk in a container and they supply all the collected milk to the big distributor or the factory. To start this Dairy Farming/ Dairy Centers business you can obtain loans from the banks and NBFC too.

Organic vegetables/fruits

When we got to the market, we often ask to the vendors Are these a fresh fruits or vegetables? What does it mean? Of course is it organic fruits and vegetables. And I won't tell you that no farmers are growing their vegetables and fruits organically many of them used the fast-growing pesticides.

So you can sell some of the organically used fertilizers and not so hazardous chemicals to grow your item and sell it separately. This will not only have demand but also you can try this to a brand later.

Conclusion: So if you are looking for  Top 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Rural Area in India 2023 then this are the best business. Just plan and start. Scince we have started a Business Series for our site so you can also ask for any queries etateld to business we will very happy to assist.

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