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Rebuilding and Focusing on all the Positives, Skyee Nicole, USA Influencer's

Interview: Skyee Nicole is a full time creator with a lot of driven passion to pursue further her influencing journey. She is known to be eccentric and authentic. She quote, "I want to make a difference, and I want to get known for having a higher female following VS male on most platforms.

Rebuilding and Focusing on all the Positives, Skyee Nicole, USA Influencer's

USA Influencer Skyee Nicole Interview, Exclusively

Q. What led you to start a Spiritual empath?

Well, technically I think that might have been taken out of context, especially for this interview. My bio on my forums such as tik tok can only contain very little amount of words. In light of that, I can be the annoying one always correcting grammar but even myself uses shorthand. I change my bio frequently. Spiritual empath. It’s an identification of myself. I have strong intuition and I absorb emotions and my ability to empathize and feel for others, along with detecting something is wrong due to heightened awareness of people's emotions. I notice energy shifts upon walking into a different room. Detecting the energetic climate. Analyzing. Empaths are nothing compared to a physic etc. Intuition. My intuition is absolutely everything! There is so much about being an empath and being spiritual is something I think would be healing for anyone to try. I own many crystals. ZenMeGifts sends me a box every month! I highly recommend it for a fun subscription box!

Q. As I went through your social profile it was quite interesting, How would you distinguish the term content creator from an influencer?

Skyee Nicole interview

I’m not entirely sure how to explain that to a full extent considering they do in fact overlap each other.. I built a platform among all socials of over 100K followers and of course it could have been many more but in fact.. I still have a very consistent online presence and I spend much time connecting with my audience/followers. I plan to continue growing as both an influencer and a content creator though. It isn’t gender or platform. Content creators are more focused on 2 creating content (I myself have several ring lights/backdrops and all kinds of other video improvement gear for higher quality and often spend hours editing videos)... Influencers focus more on creating content to influence the purchases that their audience makes... I chose to intertwine the two. Most influencers can categorize as creators though. The lines truly blur together but if someone has a platform in which they are known for product reviews and very niche specific then they’d be defined as an influencer” but I truly think “influencer” can be influenced more than the product. Influencing to be your best self.

USA lifestyle influencer SKyee Nicole

Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) legitimately has the answers to all things influencer/content creator-wise.

Q. Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer these days and how do you generate your revenue?

It’s very financially sustainable. Everyone has a different system of generating revenue. It usually will take a pretty good amount of time to build up to getting a steady flow of income. I was a bartender for over 10 years. Only recently sometime after covid I was able to become a full time creator/influencer.

I spent an insane amount of time on my computer or phone. Consistency is key. I’m finally generating a regular revenue along with learning myself. I currently do several “campaigns” through apps such as Insense, influenster, weSponsored, Insense, activate are just a few.. also as a brand ambassador I have inconsistent revenue in which comes from affiliate marketing.

Q. What do you think about influencers' and YouTubers consumer behavior today?

Their behavior? It depends on their niche. I think that more people are becoming self aware. Not hiding behind being 3 completely fake lives and expressing how okay it is.. “to not be okay”

Q. You have a youtube channel, what are the content audience can see there?

My YouTube channel is mainly ‘shorts’ I initially always planned to make a YouTube. When tik tok came along. I built more on that along with Insta and doing UGC (user generated content) rather than YouTube.

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Q. What is your success quote in life?

I have a lot.. honestly. Today one sticks out more then usual. “If you don’t build your dream then someone else will hire you to build theirs”

Q. Let us know your goals and future plans?

Oh my goodness. This question. It enlightens me. The “future plans” are so close. I’m planning on relocating, once again. Somewhere with more opportunity. I’ve been putting in many hours, long nights of no sleep building more and more. I hope to win #TheSearch which is a competition coming up in which I’m making a video for. Then followers ect vote for their favorite creator. Micro influencers. My chances seem slim but it comes with the prize of money in which to invest into content creating and influencing. I would like to travel and do travel vlogs.. I have pretty high expectations for the direction I am headed. I want to make my family proud, such as my parents and my grandmother in heaven. Im going to prove to everyone what I’ve been saying since I could use a video camera. Im going to make an impact. A positive impact. That is what I strive to do everyday. I also hope to partner with some brands long term

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Q. Do you face any hardship while backing contents?

More than you can imagine. I always enjoyed theatre and wanted to be an actress and content creating and influencing isn’t much different when it comes to dealing with rejection. I think about giving up. 

Q. Tell us about your struggles.

One of my biggest struggles has been rebuilding upon losing my account I had for several years. A petty situation happened because of a public relationship. In turn.. my account which had then been souring past 100k and had a great audience along with years of content suddenly was hacked & then banned.. me not being at fault yet I could not get my account back and then the platforms became more popular. As discouraged as I felt…even upon wanting to give up.. I have some of the most dedicated followers whome found me again.

I’m still rebuilding and I spend most of my time listening to Gary vee on repeat telling me “not to give up”

USA Influencer Interview in our magazine

Q. Since you're also a content creator, what do you do in your spare time?

As a content creator in my spare time? Well. Honestly? Unless it’s some sort of event then most of my time is spent lately creating content or editing or emailing or writing pitch’s. Livestreaming. Honestly I’m pretty open and authentic about daily life so..

I am also a lifeguard, bartender, and professional mermaid though. Again all revolves around work and entrepreneurship. I’m looking into relocating currently. Somewhere with more opportunity. Maybe be able to collab with other creators.

Q. I think you've collaborated with many brands. Let us know your experience and with which brands have you collaborated till now.

The coldest water was one of the first brands I collaborated with. I’ve now gone onto working towards sponsorships etc.

Hemp and friends, mystic labs are two companies I worked with that are delta 8-9 CBD brands. Melo air is a 0% nicotine vape... Mushroom Design is an amazing vitamin I highly recommend. Shein is my favorite online store. Influenster sends me different products. Makeup such as urban decay. I collaborated to color my hair vibrant with lorreal colorista.

Java momma is a great coffee brand in which I work with and “vibingwithskyee” is a discount code. My domain includes many discounts actually. I’m hopeful to be recognized by bang energy or red bull someday or dunkin/Starbucks. I’m not big leagues yet but optimistic.

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Q. As you can see so many new aspirants are giving their presence as vloggers or Youtuber or maybe content creators.

And most of them are coming to earn. Since long you've been active on social media, we hope you'll have a perfect answer to guide those aspirants.

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine?

I will put it on my domain my LinkMe when it is a link in the bio & sharing app. I plan to share with marketers on Linkedin.

Q. Any messages you want to convey to our readers?

I just hope my answers make any sense. Lately, I’ve felt slightly discouraged but I think I hit a creative block. I’d like the readers to come to join my journey with me on my socials. #skyeenicole on any platform to find me. Also never give up your dream. No matter who thinks it’s crazy. You can’t share your dreams with everybody. Everybody isn’t going to understand. Even the people you thought would. I’m a trainwreck but I think that’s something endearing about me because I’m authentic. Unapologetically myself always just as you should be.

Thanks for answering the ques & giving your valuable time. I hope you enjoyed it. Want to engage with Skyee Nicole on Social Media then join here community here: Instagram ͕ Twitter TikTok

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