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How Your Story Earns Money, Know everything about companies Success Stories

Today I will tell you about India's leading Startup Magazine that shares Success Stories about Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Your Story com claims to be a Pioneer to tell stories about the Business owner. And in this article will know How YourStory Earn Money through their company.

Success Stories: How to YourStory Earns Money, Know everything about the company

YourStory Media has grabbed such a huge number of readers that as of today the global ranking of their domain is 26014 and its ranking according to the country is 2714 in India. The Domain Ranking category is Finance(Finance India). YourStory Domain has a monthly viewership of 3.4 million people all over the world.

Let us know How Your Story Earns money?

So many website owners and Small Entrepreneurs wonder about How YourStory Earns Money, and for that, I have researched and found some very interesting things that will wow you.

Know about YourStory's Revenue Models

The company YourStory has designed some interesting revenue models by which the company makes profits and earns money. Here is the list goes:

  • Display Banner Advertising
  • Sponsored Contents
  • Partnership for Events
  • Customized solutions(Helping Brands)

Let me tell you how this works.

1. Display Banner Advertising

So if you have also visited the YourStory website then you might notice that they feature a Banner Under the Header, and in the footer overlay. Including above and below content as well as in the sidebar.

Display ads are one of the primary sources of revenue for YourStory. And not only for this company but also for most for all Content publishers.

2. Sponsored Content

Get a massive reach for featuring your Business, Brands, and Startups try YourStory for Brand building. As YourStory is an e-magazine-focused company and therefore brands pay money to get features on their websites. Sponsored content is paid by the sponsor controller brands or it can be the company.

3. Partnership with the events organizer

YourStory also partners with the event organizers to promote their event on their websites and generate some amount as a fee during the registration.

4. Customized solutions

The company offers customized solutions such as conducting Brands awareness, surveys, Sale Campings, etc.

YourStory Company's Business Details

Company Full NameYourStory Media Pvt. Ltd
Founded DateOct 1, 2008
FoundersShradha Sharma
Operating StatusActive
Known AsYourStory Media Private Limited, YourStory.com
Company TypeFor Profit
Registered AddressBangalore, Karnataka, India
Contact Emailinfo@yourstory.com

How YourStory Started?

YourStory was formed by Sharadha Sharma(Owner and Founder of YourStory), who was fond of writing about the young entrepreneur working for another media company as a Journalist. Later she decided to start herself and formed YourStory as a Branded company in 2008.

While working as a Journalist she believed that people around the world were doing so many great things but these people were hardly noticed by the traditional media. However, there in 2004-2007 there were not many digital platforms where this great thing would be noticed. Then she started writing her own blog and later she turned this blog into a website and got a massive response too. 

Earlier Shradha didn't have any business model, but with good content, she eventually grows attention. She has also mentioned it in another media report as we get it, she told me there were times when she was asked to leave the pre-scheduled interviews just because Your website was not so popular at that time.

YourStory Founder Shradha Sharma's Personal Life:

The Founder of YourStory Shradha was born in Bihar, India. And brought up in Patna. Her father was in the Indian Merchant Navy and her mother was a housewife. She got married to Gaurav who is also an Entrepreneur. Currently, she lives in Bengaluru, India.

Conclusion: I hope Now you have learned everything about How YourStory Earns Money? And to let you know that Bgs Raw Media is also a News Based eMagazine website where you get Success Stories of Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Local Craft Businesses, etc for free.

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