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How to Apply for CSC Bal Vidyalaya Registration, 2023 Complete Process

CSC Bal Vidyalaya Registration: After the Pandemic and due to the lockdown India's Education system was affected very badly. However, schools and institutions are trying to take care to teach students online. But the main impact was on the minor students. The reason is that they cannot learn online, as they need to understand it physically the human teacher and this was not possible to do via online classes. And that is why CSC Bal Vidyalaya was created.

How to Register for CSC Bal Vidyalaya Academy? Know Commission, earnings

There was also another problem for these kids was that their parents were not able to afford the gadgets too. And to solve this problem CSC Bal Vidyalaya was created on 16th July 2022 on the occasion od CSCdiwas.. With this Academy there so many unreached kids were able to access these resources like laptops, smartphones, etc through CSC Academy(Common Service Center).

Also, you must know that CSC ICT (Information and Communication Technology has enabled these Bal Academy by CSC SPV is called CSC Bal Vidyalaya.

What is CSC Bal Vidyalaya?

With the help of Information and Technology, students from Rural areas or Unreached education for kids (ages 3 years to 5 years) got access to their education through CSC Center also known as CSC Bal Vidyalaya. In this academy, they used to conduct only two classes in the initial days. CSC Bals Vidyalaya can also be known for its Highly Enabled Technology for Primary Schools.

How to Apply for CSC Bal Vidyalaya?

If you have an existing CSC Center then you can easily apply for CSC Bal Vidyalaya in your Villages. So, new applications are open and you can apply from your Digital Seva Portal itself, just search for CSC Bal Vidyalaya.

What is the Eligibility to Open CSC Bal Vidyalaya?

So if you are interested to apply for a CSC Bal Vidyalaya then you must also check the eligibility criteria set by CSC SPV. To open a CSC Bal Vidyalaya CSC VLE must have some link with existing Primary Schools in the locality. Because CSC SPV designed the requirements in such a way that you have to fulfill them. See the list below:

Requirements for CSC Bal Vidyalaya

  • The existing VLEs must be associated with School Activities
  • VLEs should have their own school or be associated with primary school, or maybe the part of any bigger schools
  • The school must have all documentation normal institutions are required from the local authority
  • Required space and classroom infrastructure, have been mentioned below
  • At least two classrooms i.e.; for nursery and LKG(must have furnished)
  • Have to install wall LED or LCD with 32/43 inch Screen in each class
  • The classroom must have there own internet or wifi
  • Full-time teacher and helpers for each class
  • And the CSC Bal Vidyalaya will run under the banner of the existing School

Teacher Qualification For CSC Bal Vidyalaya

  • They must be Graduate/Nursery Teacher Training(Diploma Course ) D.EL.ED/B.E.D
  • Must have Basic knowledge of Computer
  • Must have good English Communications
  • CSC Prefer for Female Teachers

Space and Infructure for CSC Bal Vidyalaya

  • As per CSC SPV, the built area show 1500 sq.ft. 
  • The open-to-sky should be around 800 sq.ft. And the semi-built area must be 200 sq. ft. 
  • For fresh air and light to enter the Classrooms, must also have the windows
  • There should be separate toilets for kids, teachers, physically handicapped children 

CSC Bal Vidyalaya Registration 2023

You have to to the official site of http://onboard.cscacademy.org/cscbalvidyalaya

Now you can see on the Hompage above Apply VLE, click here

Fill out the valid information for the CSC Bal Vidyalaya Registration

After filling out this Bal Vidyalaya School Registration form. You can wait for the mail or contact to the State Team.

Benefits of CSC Bal Vidyalaya

  • CSC Bal Vidyalaya Branding
  • Tools for Teaching, Activity Plan,  Curriculum, Child Development Ideas, Pedagogy, & Teaching Material
  • Teaching and Tools Enabled Technology for Learning content
  • Illustrative designs and print Materials
  • Experts Instruction for Infrastructure requirements, m furniture, Layout Plan, painting, In Door Setup 
  • Support for Sourcing computers, Furniture, Tablets, etc.
  • Teachers will also get Training for best quality teaching

CSC VLE Commission

VLE must also know their earnings before applying, so right now CSC Bal Vidyalaya's main source of income is by collecting fees from the students. However, during the lunch of the CSC Bal Vidyalaya Dinesh Tyagi CEO SVP told that CSC Bal Vidyalaya will be enabled the Poor and economically weak students in the villages and other rural areas. And VLE will be paid by the CSC, ass the CSC Bal Vidyalaya will be getting support from the government with the Project called CRS.


So let me know that will you apply for this CSC Bal Vidyalaya. If you have any link with the locally established school then you can talk to the school principal to collaborate with Bal Vidyalaya School. And the VLEs who do not have any primary school near them must work on the other services available in the portals.

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