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Franchise: Partner with Amul to Earn 10 Lakh Per Month, Small Investment required

So if you are looking to start a Business of your own then here I have big news for you. Yes, you hear right, Amul is offering Franchises for entrepreneurs to Partner and start their own businesses. You can earn up to ten lakh per month whit a little investment. Anyone who is ready to invest in this business can do a partnership with Amul.

Franchise: Partner with Amul to Earn Repees 10 Lakh Per Month, Small Investment required

The franchise will be given to the Entrepreneurs without profit and royalty sharing

That means when you will get the Amul Franchise, you can choose without profit sharing. And if you are thing about How much will be the Amul franchise cost? And this also not much. And it is not that low. The minimum investment for Amul Franchise is two lakh up to six lakh. But don't only the investment, you should also side the returns too. Because Amul is such a Dairy Product maker in India which is very popular and from street shops to retail, customers' choice is Amul.

How much amount needs to be invested?

Amul has three types of Franchise models. They are Amul Outlet, Amul Kiosk, and Amul Railway Parlor, then you will have to invest around Rupees two lakh. In this model Rupees, Twenty-five thousand will be spent as non-refundable, Rupees one lakh for renovation or for making the outlet and seventy-five thousand will be used for equipment. For more information, you can also refer to the franchise page of Amul's official site.

Six lakh investment in the second model of Amul Franchise

So if you want to start the second model of the Amul Franchise then you have to invest up to five to six lakh. In this second mode, they have mentioned Ice-Cream Scooping Parlour and Plan for its franchise. The investment will be like this, Rupees fifty thousand will be for Brand security which will be non-refundable Rupees four lakh for renovation, and one lakh fifty thousand will be for equipment.

How much you can Earn from Amul Franchise?

The Brand Amul claims the franchise can sell about five to ten lakh per month. And also obviously it depends on places like how huge the market is in your town or city. Amul pays a commission on the maximum selling price i.e., the Maximum Retail Price of the Products in the Amul outlets. On Milk Pouch, you will get a 2.5 percentage of commission and ten percent on milk products including twenty percent on ice cream.

Earning on Amul's Ice Cream Parlour

This model has fifty percent of the commission they provide on recipe-based ice creams, shakes, pizzas, sandwiches, and hot chocolate drinks. At the same time, the company pay twenty percent of the commission for pre-packed ice cream and of course, Amul products had a 10 percent of the commission share.

Know the Amul Franchise Model Conditions

So if you are interested in Amul Otlet they urge their partners to have a minimum space of 150 sq. feet. If you can get this much space in your town or city then you are eligible to get Amul Franchise.

And if you are interested in an ice cream parlor then you must have a minimum space of 300 sq. feet. Make sure if you have less space than the given sq. feet then Amul will not offer you their franchise.

Future support from Amul

Amul will help by providing you there LED signage with company branding. Subsidies on equipment will also be provided. They will help you out with the integrations and discounts will be offered. Time to time discount will also be given to you for more purchases. To boost your business they also provide special offers for consumers.

Training will be provided for  Parlour Boy and the owner. The company will be responsible for the delivery of the products to you. Amul will invite wholesale dealers in every city and district. And this dealer will deliver the product to the franchise owner's outlet.

The process to Apply for Amul Franchise

So now you can decide if you want to invest that know the process to apply for Amul Franchise. Then there is the email (retail@amul.coop) You can also use this mentioned link to know the process http://amul.com/m/amul-scooping-parlours

Conclusion: So I hope this article on Amul Franchise will help you understand all about the New Business Idea. And if you are interested to Invest in Amul Parlour then do let us also know in the comment below. If anything I left in the articles then I appreciate your feedback in the comments.

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