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Chinese Drama: 7 Best Chinese Dramas To Watch Right Now

Chinese dramas can be addictive, to say the least. But how do you know which ones are worth watching?

Chinese dramas can be addictive, to say the least. But how do you know which ones are worth watching? We’ve sorted through hundreds of the best Chinese dramas and found 7 that we think are definitely worth watching right now. If you’re curious about the world of Chinese dramas but don’t know where to begin, check out these 7 best Chinese dramas to watch right now. We’ve got everything. So if you’re ready to explore the world of Chinese drama, get yourself some dumplings, dim the lights, and get ready for some binge-watching!

Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now

7) The Eternal Love – Chinese Drama

The Eternal Love – Chinese Drama

The Eternal Love has been called the best Chinese drama of all time and we can see why. The plot focuses on a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship between a girl from an aristocratic family who falls in love with her maid’s son. It is one of the most beautiful Chinese drama romantic to watch.

6) All Is Well

All is well

This rare example of Chinese drama entertainment is actually enjoyable and has excellent acting. The fact that it addresses certain real social issues and presents an unvarnished accurate picture of middle-class living in a major Chinese metropolis is another factor contributing to its success.

5) The Love Equations – Chinese Drama

The Love Equations – Chinese Drama

Zhou Xiao is popular among her peers because she is adorable and cheerful. She spends her days immersed in the pages of her favorite mysteries as a university student studying literature with a fondness for detective stories. It is not surprising that she falls for one of the university’s forensic science majors given her fervent appreciation of such tales. Zhao Fan Zhou is a forensic science student who is exceptionally committed to his studies. He hardly has time for anyone or anything but his studies. He is the last person anyone would ever expect to fall in love with since he is cold and disconnected. Definitely watch this best Chinese drama.

4) Go Go Squid! – Best Chinese Drama

Go Go Squid! – Best Chinese Drama

You will be able to relate to the main characters throughout the entire series if you have ever experienced true love anywhere in the world at any time in your life. Additionally, the supporting cast members do a fantastic job acting, giving it an air of authenticity. If you can relate to every character, you’ve got a winner on your hands, and this program succeeds in doing so with lots of charming moments. If you’ve ever wanted to understand what it’s like to be in love, watch this Chinese drama romantic now.

3) Legend Of Nine Tails Fox – Chinese Drama

Legend Of Nine Tails Fox – Chinese Drama

Legend Of Nine Tails Fox is one of those Chinese dramas where the minor characters are so well-developed that you overlook the tale of the main characters. This drama has a good storyline that, although rather common and frequently appears in other dramas and films, manages to keep you engaged.

2) Well Intended Love

Well Intended Love

You must watch Well Intended Love with an open mind if you want to enjoy it. You shouldn’t think too much about the plot and should just enjoy the honey that the pair is dishing out. I’m aware that many viewers would find it difficult to stick with the weird plot twist. The drama’s pivotal turning point occurs in episode 10 about halfway through. So be aware that by the time the storyline twist slaps you in the face, you will have watched half of this drama.

1) I Hear You – Chinese Drama

I Hear You – Chinese Drama

A story that checks the cliche boxes but stands out by being very grounded, relatable, and even sensible in comparison to many of its peers. It’s tempting to include it in your typical romcoms and, at times, rather frivolous plots of youthful romantic C dramas. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the characters were written. And it focuses on the sinfulness of a relationship despite cohabitation, contract agreements, and hijinks.

If you’re looking for the best Chinese drama to watch right now, these are some great dramas to consider. Remember that most of these dramas are only available in Chinese so be prepared for subtitles. But it’s worth it as they’re some of the best Chinese dramas out there.

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