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Get Ready with the Traditional Navratri Look, See Amazing Fashion Tips

Traditional Navratri Look: The nine days of auspiciousness, fun, and excitement arrive here. The days of Navratri have a certain atmosphere in the air, loud and energetic music, a Garba dance with a high festive spirit, people dressed in beautiful outfits, and colorful lights hanging all around.

The days of Navratri mostly mark the days of fasting and worship, but they also mark the days of competition to dress in the best possible way. Every girl has the desire to dress in the best traditional but elegant way during Garba nights.

The Garba dress for ladies can be altered a bit to bring out a unique and captivating look. Many ladies choose to buy online Navratri outfits, but the real tedious task is to find the perfect dress.

Whether shopping is online or offline, all girls will agree that it is difficult to find a Navratri dress that meets their desire.

Your style statement should be eye-catching and dazzling so that you can stand out in the crowd of female dolls.

Traditional Navratri Look: Navratri dress The fusion of glamour and tradition

To get the desired look, you need to update your wardrobe and put a great fusion of ethnic and fashionable Navratri clothes. Here are some ways to improve your special Navratri dress to make it more festive and stylish.

Gotta Designs – डिजाइन होना चाहिए

Get Ready with the Traditional Navratri Look, See Amazing Fashion Tips

The most commonly used decorative piece on the Garba dresses the work of the mirror, the Kundan, pearls, embroidery and shells.

Since Garba dresses rarely have a Gotta Patti job, you can buy a stylish colorful fabric and bring it to the tailor for Gotta Patti work of silver and gold.

You can also ask to put beads and mirrors on the sleeves and edges for a distinct look. There are several other effects you can try for your Garba dress like tie-dye chaniya choli saree, lahariya, bandhani, etc.

The Gotta Patti dress with bare shoulders may be the first of its kind on the floor of Garba.

Classy Makeup

Among the dresses, do not forget to wear Garba girl makeup. Choose basic face makeup and keep waterproof products as you might sweat while dancing.

Basic makeup should be less as adding more products can make your face look pasty. Eye makeup should be waterproof and smoky.

Avoid putting a thick lipstick on the lips; keep it light pink or peach. Keeping your hair open can lead to extreme frizz. Tie your hair in a perfect hairstyle.

You can try bun, curls, fishtail braid, French braid, etc. Highlighting a small part of the hair will also do magic for the hairstyle.

Indo Western Gowns for Traditional Navratri Look

Indo Western Gowns for Traditional Navratri Look, Mordenfab Women's Georgette Mirror Work Semi Stitched Gown

If you want to get an ethnic touch and be elegant, then Indo-Western dresses are for you.

Anarkali dresses and mermaid-style dresses, which are full-length with ruffles at the bottom, are among them.

There are many varieties of Indo-Western dresses, and you can choose anyone who looks good on your body and shape. The colors you can choose for the Indo-Western dress are pastel tones like pink, gold, and red.

Try to take the one who has a Kundan job on the edges of the neck or bottom. It can match perfectly with any jewel.

Vibrant Look

Since this is Navratri, this does not mean that you have to wear the typical ghagra choli. You can wear other things but with a creative touch of ethnicity.

You can wear the sari lehenga, easy to drape on the body and comfortable for Garba’s movements. To give it a dynamic look, try different colors.

The neon orange, neon pink or bright green color makes you more adorable and beautiful than the others.

For a more accentuated look, you can wear a belt on your sari. It would be a perfect mix of modern and Indian look.

Myriad Shades

Myriad Shades

The purchase of Navratri dresses should be done with the utmost care for the color of the outfit.

The color Navratri saree can say a lot about the overall appearance of the person. You need to choose bright colors like emerald green, bright hues like orange, electric green, pink, etc.

The crowd is too dense on Garba night, and the bright colors can mark your presence differently. The trendy style is to wear a thick top and a plain bottom.

The heavy top could be velvet blouses, jackets, the latest chaniya choli fashion, etc. You can also wear a thick blouse on a brightly colored plain sari.

Boho Chic Unveiled

It’s a daunting task to get your hands on a unique Navratri dress for women. There are so many models and designs of Navratri dresses. Even then, we fail to look iconic.

What we can try new and exciting is the new boho-chic look. You can turn any of your silk or cotton saris into perfect Navratri sare.

Use a wide belt on your waist and lock it on your sari. Long shrugs or jackets can be worn over it. This way, you can avoid getting your head into the clutter of chaniya cholis and get an elegant look from your usual saris.

Plain Black Lehenga

Plain Black Lehenga, Drashti Villa Women's Net Semi-stitched Lehenga Choli (Dillagi Black_Black_Free Size)

Quelques basiques sont à conserver dans la garde-robe pour tenter différentes expériences créatives. Un lehenga noir uni très basique peut être élégant avec des choli lourds et dupatta.

Vous pouvez acheter en ligne un Navratri lehenga sobre à utiliser pendant l’un des neuf jours. Au lieu du look lehenga choli, vous pouvez porter le lehenga noir avec n’importe quel haut noir.

Une dupatta multicolore sera fabuleuse avec l’ensemble. N’oubliez pas de porter des bijoux en métal lourd pour compléter le look de diva Navratri.

Parmi toutes les filles très habillées, votre look festif élégant mais simple peut vous faire paraître très différent.

Trendy jewelry

Jewelry is essential to complete the festive look. You should invest a reasonable amount of time to find the jewelry that suits you and make sure that it matches the color of the Navratri dress.

Grapevine earrings, multi-loop jhumkas, pearl necklaces, stone rings, bracelets, etc. should be purchased with a Navratri dress online.

If you’re wearing a Chaniya choli from Rajasthan, get a head covering or head chain, which gives you a Rajasthan look.

You can buy different types of jewelry and try different looks with a combination of these jewelry sets during the nine days.

Embroidered-Mirrored Jackets

Embroidered-Mirrored Jackets, Devorium Women's Soft Cotton Dandiya Raas Collection Navratri Lehenga Choli With Dupatta

For girls who want to avoid the typical girl look of dandiya dress or chaniya choli for Navratri, you may prefer to wear a jacket. Navratri jackets can be easily found from where you buy Navratri lehenga choli online.

You can pair the embroidered or mirror jacket with a Gujarati ghagra choli. It can also be worn perfectly on a choli halter or bare back. You can remove the jacket when you sweat after touching the ground.

Short and long jackets are available in different models and jobs. You can choose to wear it with a plain skirt, designer saris, a palazzo, and you can also associate it with a short top.

High-Low Kurta

High-Low Kurta

Wearing the same design of chaniya choli can be dull. For a different and innovative look, you should try a high-low kurta, which has an irregular hem.

Pair it with a contrasting colored skirt and a dupatta. The high-bass kurta can also be perfectly matched with a trouser bottom or a churidar.

Wearing jhumkas with this Navratri dress gives it a stunning look. You can include a high-bass kurta in the shopping cart when you shop online for Navratri dress.

This dress is perfect when you want to dance with all its vigor on the floor.

Cape-Style Tops

When most girls would wear a new chaniya choli design, you can take a step forward and choose a different style of outfit.

You can choose to layer clothes like capes, ethnic shrugs and embroidered jackets. Cape tops can be worn on Navratri lehenga choli.

You can also wear a cape top without choli, as getting too much dressing can make you sweat. They can also be associated with a palazzo or dress.

To get the right Navratri look, cover your wrists with colorful bracelets and wear a nose ring.

Navratri can be fun and exciting if you try on different dresses and looks every day. Instead of spending hours and money finding the right Navratri dress, you can create one for yourself with a little creativity.

Many of these outfits may already be present in your wardrobe. The fusion of ethnic and modern is both affordable and trendy.

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