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Top 5 Best Romance Movies on Netflix (August)

Are you looking for some good romance movies? Your search came to an end! From emotional dramas to romantic and exciting love stories. We’re sure you’re going to love it. We’ve put together the best top 5 romance movies on Netflix in August.

Top 5 Best Romance Movies on Netflix – (Updated August)

Over the years, Netflix came out with the best romance movies because some people love spending their weekends watching some good movies. After doing some research, we have found the best Top 5 romance movies on Netflix in August.

1. The Kissing Booth 3

Elle is determined to make the most out of her final summer before going to college. She is struggling to complete the bucket list with her best friend Lee while paying attention to her relationship with Noah. The Kissing Booth ranks at #1 in the top 5 romance movies on Netflix

2. The Kissing Booth 2

Noah and Elle spent a romantic summer together, but Noah got accepted to Harvard and he is leaving. They try to maintain a long-distance relationship until a supermodel friend of Noah appears and creates tensions between the two of them. This movie is funny, romantic, and entertaining for all the teen romance lovers out there. It stands at #2 in the top 5 romance movies on Netflix

3. To All The Boys: Always And Forever 

Part 3 it’s here and Lara is in her senior year of high school. As Lara returns from a family trip to Korea she is making college plans including and excluding her boyfriend Peter.

4. Holidate

Fed up with being single on every holiday, two strangers make a deal to be each other’s “holidate”. Christmas, and ones all year long. They might even catch real feelings in the end, check it out to find out!

5. Focus

This movie has been released in 2015, but it’s a good movie to binge-watch. Three years after breaking up with his “protege”, con-man Nicky aka Will Smith finds her again during his new scam. #5 in top 5 romance movies on Netflix in August.

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