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Top 10 Web Series Actress in India (July 2022)

Ever since the OTT Platforms craze has increased in India, new web series is coming every week. In all these web series, new actresses are cast. Many platforms in India like ullu app, kooku app, primeshots app, cineprime app, etc. Casting beautiful and talented actresses in his web series. In the list given below, we have given the list of best actresses of top ott platforms of India.

1. Aliya Naaz

aliya naaz black suit

Aliya naaz is a famous actress in the Bhojpuri film industry. She has worked in many Bhojpuri films. Nowadays Aliya is seen in web series. Aliya has done most of the work with the primeshots app. Her latest web series is “bahu Jaan” which is released on the primeshots app. Aliya’s most famous web series is “Mrs teacher”. In which she has become a tuition teacher. Click here to know the details of all the web series of Aliya naaz.

2. Ayesha Kapoor

Ayesha Kapoor ott
Ayesha Kapoor

Ayesha Kapoor is one of the famous and top actresses on the primeshots app. You will see Ayesha Kapoor in most of the web series of the Primeshots app. Her acting and pretty face are very much liked by the audience. Ayesha Kapoor’s famous web series “Dil do”, “Jhol”, and “Seal 2” have been released on the Primeshots app. Click here to know the details of all web series of Ayesha Kapoor.

3. Sneha Paul

sneha paul
sneha paul

In recent times, you must have heard the name Sneha Paul a lot. Sneha Paul is a very popular actress. She has worked in only 3 web series till now but still, her fan following is Huge. Sneh Paul’s famous web series are “charmsukh chawl house”, “laal lihaaf”, and “charmsukh chawl house 2”. You can watch all these web series directly on the ullu app. Click here to know about all the web series of Sneha Paul.

4. Jinnie Jaaz

jinnie jaaz
jinnie jaaz

Jinnie Jaaz is the actress of ullu’s famous web series “charmsukh jane anjane mein”. The biggest reason for the Ullu app to be successful is this web series. When the Ullu app came on the market, it was this web series that brought people like the ullu app. People liked the work of Jinnie Jaaz very much in this web series. People wanted to see jinnie jaaz in every web series of the ullu app. So far 4 seasons of “Charmsukh jane anjane mein” have come. Apart from this, jinnie jaaz was also seen in charmsukh aate ki chaki. Click here for details of all web series of Jinnie Jaaz.

5. Rajsi Verma

Rajsi Verma Biography wiki

If you have not heard the name Rajasi Verma, then it means that you are new in the ott world. Rajsi Verma is seen in every web series released on ott in recent times. Rajsi has worked with all ott platforms. She has mostly worked with ullu and the kooku app. The famous web series of Rajsi Verma is “who teacher”, “palang tod double dhamaka”. Click here for information about all web series of rajsi Verma.

6. Ankita Dave

ankita dave biography wiki

The famous model and star of Instagram are showing her flair in the web series these days. Ankita Dave started her web series career with the web series “singardhan” of the ullu app. Since then she has worked with many ott platforms. Her famous web series is “Matakni ke matke” which was released on the rabbit app. Click here to know about all web series of Ankita Dave.

7. Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu boyfriend
Mishti Basu

Mishti basu is the actress who won the hearts of most people who watches the Ott web series. In the web series in which Mishti takes place, the views of that web series touch the sky. Mishti has worked with every ott platform. Her latest web series is “Rangili Ragini” which has been released on the voovi app. Click here for the details of all the web series of Mishti basu.

8. Simran Khan

simran khan in white top
simran khan

Simran Khan is included in the list of top actresses on the Ullu app. Simran’s web series “palangtod caretaker” was very much liked by the people. Since this web series, the number of her fans has increased a lot. Click here to know all about Simran Khan’s web series.

9. Mahi Kaur

mahi kaur
mahi kaur

Mahi Kaur is the actress of Ullu app’s top web series “palangtod gaon ki garmi”. The biggest reason for the success of this web series was Mahi. Mahi Kaur played the role of Mami in this web series. everyone liked this role very much. Click here for information on all web series of Mahi Kaur.

10. Muskan Agrawal

Muskan Agrawal
Muskan Agrawal

Muskan Agrawal is the top actress on the ullu app. She started her career with the ullu web series “palang tod bekaboo dil”. Since then, she has worked with many ott apps. Click here for information about all web series of muskan Agrawal.

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