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Suhana Khan (Suhuu); Crazy fans have the hots for her belly dancer, know about her lifestyle

Suhana Khan (suhuuu) aka Suhana Khan TikTok is an Indian dancer, YouTuber and a Tik-Toker(now ban in India) hailed from Mumbai, India. She has gained huge popularity on Instagram and on Tik–Tok, after her Tik-Tok dance videos got reposted by famous singers like Mika Singh, Harrdy Sandu, B-Praak, and many more actors including Parth Samthaan from StarPlus, hit show Kasuati Zindagi Ki’s Lead actor.

Suhana Khan is a social media influencer as she has a huge fan following on her Instagram and other social media accounts. After the Tik-Tok ban, Suhana makes videos on Instagram Reels. She also uploads vlogs videos on her YouTube channel.

Suhana is a famous social media celebrity and lakhs of people are huge fans of her. Now let’s take a look at Suhana Khan’s (Suhuu) biography.

Suhana Khan Wiki / Bio

Suhana Khan (Suhuu) sexy and hot cleavage

As per the source(internet), it was known that Suhana Khan is her full name and it was considered Suhuu is her nickname. Suhana (Suhuu) is a dancer by profession and also a student. However she came in limelight for her tik tok videos in 2019-2020, later on, Govt. banned the platform in India considering it a threat to the privacy of Indian citizens(lost of controversy were going through the internet).

Suhana (Suhuu) was active on social media from 2017 to the present, now she is also available on many other short videos and other media platforms.

Suhana Khan TikTok Personal Life & Family:

Suhana Khan (Suhuu) belly dancer looks so hot showing cleavage

Suhana khan was born and brought up in Agra, Delhi. Then her family got shifted to Mumbai near Andheri and is currently lives there with her family.

There is not much information about Suhana’s parents and their profession. But in spite of being from a Muslim family, Suhana’s parents were really supportive of her dance and career Suhana Khan TikTok Suhana Khan Tik Tok Muslim family, Suhana s parents were really supportive of her dance and career. Suhana was not allowed to ink Tattoos because of her religion but got pierced her navel after getting a far request from her fans that belly piercing will look good on her body if she’s doing Belly dancing.

It is also known that she was born in the year 2001 in the month of June 29th and so the current age would be 20 in the year 2021. Her family background is of father, mother, three sisters, one of her sister’s name is Sana Khan, Sana and Suhana are more like friends than sisters. Her height is known to be 5.2ft, and her weight to be 59 kilograms, here the body figure measures to be 34-30-34. She had a black eye and also have black hair, it is also known that here hometown is in Agra. The information regarding her boyfriend remains the purpose of the question, soon we will try to interact with her for an interview, so we appreciate your questions in the comment below we can ask her.

Suhana Khan’s Education

Suhana Khan (Suhuu) belly dancer looks so hot in black

Suhana is not at all interested in studies, all she wants is to get into TV dancing shows and Bollywood. But she’s doing Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai. She is currently in the second year of her B.Com (from 2019-2021) from Mumbai Suhana Khan TikTok Belly Dancing & Social Media Career.

Suhana has learned all the dance by herself from watching videos of her favorite dancers and the choreography and tutorial videos from YouTube and Instagram. To date, she never joined any classes for dance. She even learned belly dance by herself only from watching tutorials on Youtube.

She wanted to be recognized as a dancer in the future by participating in TV reality shows and serials. Suhana even told her mom that she marries only when she appears on TV shows. Suhana Khan’s TikTok contents were very much dedicated to dance and making videos tutorials.

Suhana’s Future Plans for dancing

Suhana Khan (Suhuu) belly dancer looks so hot in the black top

Suhana wants to be recognised as a dancer or a choreographer in the future. And for that she first wanted to participate in any reality TV shows or any medium. Her dream was to appear on Television dance reality show. She started her dancing career by making Dubsmash videos and then on Instagram in 2017 then moved to Musically (later Tik-Tok), and after Tik Tok ban she is once again back on Instagram Reels, IGTV and also started Youtube vlogs, Behind the scenes of her dance and tutorials for her fans

Favorites, Hobbies & Interests

Suhana Khan Suhuu hot and sexy images and pics in white

Hobbies: Eating, Watching Pakistani & Turkish dramas with her mother and siblings.

Favorite Food: Chicken Chilli with Butter Naan Roti (she can literally eat at any time of the day) Frankie South Indian Idli, Dosa, Vada

Dream destination: Istanbul, Turkey

Crush: Burak Deniz, Turkish Drama actor

Favorite Actor: Affan Waheed, Pakistani TV actor (she wants to marry him she told it in one of the live sessions)

Lesser Known Facts About Suhana Khan TikTok

Suhana Khan (Suhuu) sexy and hot images, cleavages pics
  • She (Suhana Khan TikTok) wanted to do something related to dance in her future career.
  • Her mother had a strong belief in Suhana, that she will do something in the future and make her family proud.
  • Suhana wanted to get inked but because of the religion, she was not allowed to get a tattoo.
  • Instead of a tattoo, she recently got pierced on her belly after getting requests from her fans.
  • Suhana, her mother & her sibling sister loves Pakistani and Turkish drama a lot and watches it every day.
  • She doesn’t like wearing heels and prefers shoes over heels.
  • Suhana only works out for her belly and her legs.

How to reach out

  • Instagram: @suhuuu [1.2M+]
  • Youtube: DoitwithSuhana [15.7K+]
  • Suhana Khan TikTok: @suhanakhan44 [8m+ likes & 670K+ followers]

She was recently featured in RJ Production’s new music video with an album titled Sath Tere which was released on 28th June on their youtube channel.

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