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Viral: Desi girl running on the road suddenly did amazing stunts, Deekhte Rah Gaye Log

The special thing is that not only this, but every single video of Sakshi has got amazing reaction on social media and Instagram pages

Nowadays, the youth have started enjoying doing various body stunts. That's why the number of people doing this is now increasing. 

These people also got support from social media and their hard work is now reaching the people easily. That is why now such content has become a plethora of social media.

There are also many videos that everyone is surprised to see. One such video is now going viral. In the video, a girl suddenly hits the back flip while running on the road. People around them are suddenly shocked to see this. 


In the video that is going viral, you can see a girl wearing a yellow top and blue track paint coming running on the road. Suddenly this girl jumps into the air and flips and stands up straight again. People passing by are surprised to see it. The name of the girl seen in this video is Sakshi and she often shares the videos of her stunts on social media.

Sakshi has also shared this video on Instagram from her page. The video has been viewed by a large number of people. About five million people have liked the video. A large number of people have also commented on the video and praised Sakshi. 

The special thing is that not only this, but every single video of Sakshi has amazing stunts. If you also want to watch this video, then you can click on the Instagram link below.

Watch the video here:

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