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Good news: 18 to 59 age groups to get booster doses free of cost, govt to spend Rs 1314 crore

There is very good news for the people of Bihar. Amid fears of the fourth wave of Corona, the government has taken a big decision.

BIHAR: There is very good news for the people of Bihar. Amid fears of the fourth wave of Corona, the government has taken a big decision. The Nitish government has decided that people between the age group of 18 to 59 years will be given booster doses free of cost. It will cost 1314 crore 15 lakh rupees from the government fund. Out of this amount, Rs.5.83 crore 43 lakhs are to be spent from Bihar Contingency Fund. 

This decision of the Nitish cabinet will benefit 6 crore people. At present, the government is vaccinating the booster doses of people above the age of 60 free of cost. A total of 9 lakh 88 thousand people have been given the booster dose. According to the Cowin portal, so far 12 crores 72 lakh 83 thousand 708 people have been vaccinated against corona in the province. Out of these, 6 crores 94 lakh 95 thousand 622 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine. While 5 crore 68 lakh 30 thousand people have been given the second dose of the vaccine.


Ration cardholders can get treatment up to 5 lakh

Now, ration cardholder families of the state will get free treatment of up to five lakh rupees. Additional Chief Secretary of the Cabinet Sanjay Kumar said that 84 per cent of the households in Bihar are in the list under the National Food Security Act. In this, 55 per cent of the people of the Central Government's Ayushman Scheme are benefited. 

Under the Ayushman scheme, they have a free treatment of up to five lakh. At the same time, the remaining 29 per cent people, who do not get the benefit of the Ayushman scheme, will now get free treatment of up to Rs 5 lakh with their own money on the same lines. The scheme will benefit 80 lakh families.

Govt to give money in April to 40,000 homeless to build houses

The Bihar government will now give money to the homeless people to build houses. 40,000 people of the province will get the benefit of this. At present, 1734 people from Darbhanga have been identified. In this regard, Urban Development and Housing Department Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad said that a big function will be held and these homeless will be given money to build houses. 

He said that the applicants will be given funds under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in April. It also informed that the landless will be settled on it once 30 acres of land is available in Sitamarhi. In fact, nitish mishra's questions were being answered by tarkishore prasad during the assembly session.

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