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Today Social Media Influencers Can Choose this as a Full-Time Profession; Exclusive chat with Mr. Sajan

Mr. Sajan is an Indian influencer belongs to a middle class family from small town Sangrur in Punjab, din't know the topic influencer at that time.
Today Social Media Influencers Can Choose this as a Full-Time Profession; Exclusive chat with Mr. Sajan

Today social media is dominated by creators like bloggers and influencers who are getting paid exorbitant amounts to promote brands. The adoption of this trend is been seen in each new rising digital creators. And recently Bikram has spoken to Mr. Sajan, who is also a digital creator and influencer who have stepped into the journey of social media for fun but later it has become a major responsibility to stay active and create content for brands. While in the interview he also told that, earlier all the big brands were rejecting him, but now they are working and paying a good amount too.

Q. 'Sajan' please let us know something about you?

Actually, I belong to a middle-class family from a very small town called Sangrur in Punjab. Since I am a social media influencer now and there was no one in this field from my family earlier. Currently, I am pursuing Btech from sliet university.

Q. Ok so let get started by knowing, How did you step into the journey of blogging and influencing?

Basically, I was very fond of getting my image captured in new locations and places at that time, however, I was unknown to the topic influencer and even I don't know how the social media influencer works.

Then I started checking out some creators like how they create such content. Somehow I started pitching some new brands since they were too looking for new creators and after creating content I got some good responses and then the journey begins.

Q. What made more confidence for being a creator? And How the people or friends in the circle judge you?

First of all, any brands give us the work to create, then we have to work on the same assignment so many times since we don't reach up to the brand's needs. 

But we should not give up and refuse the brands for this. Because all know that you won't get that perfect shot in the first take.

As a creator, we should never give up and we should try again and again.

My confidence builds when I post any content and get a good amount of reach and comments and when brands also repost it on their handles makes me motivated to keep creating more content.

Please also tell us some time that "photo hi toh dalni hai", sometimes people also show hatred in the comment. But I don't mind it much because I take it as feedback so that I can improve the future content.

Q. While going through your page we found your course package "How to become Social media influencer" please let us know something about it?

Yes, I was doing a live session on the topic of how to become a social media influencer on the unacademy platform with ghpy app only at Rs. 99/-. And the thing all I explained about was like creating a normal page on Instagram. And how you can grow as a social media influencer like me what are those steps. What are the apps to be used?

Q. Till now you've collaborated with huge brands, so tell me how was your experience?

As I told you earlier that the start I didn't have so much knowledge in this field. Like how to contact big brands, Since I haven't worked with a big brand so I didn't have any idea to pitch, I sent emails and messages to the brand but each time they were rejecting me. Then I started pitching startup brands because I knew they will easily work with new creators because they also want some new faces for them and they also do not have big budgets to invest in big established creators. So after pitching a startup brand then slowly I started collaborating with big brands too. After that, I started getting good responses.

Q. Today social media creators have been created an economical industry, so what is your view on financial sustainability?

Yes, we can grow better in financial stability if anyone thinks of becoming a full-time creator he/she also has an opportunity in this industry. Like how you keep your work creative and in the same way, brands collaborate with you and you keep growing. And no doubt today influencers can also choose this profession as a full-time job but make sure you are at your peak.

Q.This may be an embracing question for you but users want to know: Give any idea how creators collaborate and get payments and how the mechanism works.

First of all, we should not look out for big collaboration, but take baby steps with barter collaborations with the apps, there are so many apps where you find so many things to promote, share, review and earn it's not a good option for earning, but you can make a handsome amount for you.

There are some apps free skout, kofluence, etc

Q. What are the upcoming projects you are currently working on?

Currently, I have been working with asics shoe brands

Q. Despite this what are your future plans?

Currently, I am pursuing chemical engineering, and working as a social media influencer part-time. 

Randon ques

Q. Your first paid collaboration and how much it was?

My first paid collaboration was with amazon and at that time I have 100k followers and they paid me 5k for two post

Q. What do your family members things about you?

Before they were unknow of all of the social media things and later they got see ads about me on Instagram and later while making some shots they were helping me out in this way

Q. The positive things happen in 2021?

2021 helped me in knowing things more closely so that I can improve my content in a better way. Also, I started some fitness stuff this year.

Q. If you were not a creator what would you be?

If I would not be a creator I would be a common many who also post some random posts daily

Q. The best things people tell about you?

People are crazy to know how a middle-class boy became a social media influencer today because no one knows me earlier, and now they know me.

Interview by: Bikram Kr Singh

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