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In a recent conversation with Bgs Raw 'Aniket Prasad Rajak' tells, Give time to yourself and focus on your work

Aniket Prasad Rajak a passionated fashion model who had recently interviewed by Bgs Raw Dot In, he reveled so many new things in the session.
In a recent conversaation with Bgs Raw 'Aniket Prasad Rajak' tells, Give time to yourself and focus on your work

Hey folks, here we are presenting a digital content creator Aniket, who is passionate about modeling and influencing. He belongs to Rourkela in Odisha. He has collaborated with thirty-plus brands till now and had a good experience. In a recent chat, he revealed so many new things which may really be helpful to the news creators.

Q. Tell me something about you and where you were born?

I am Aniket who was born in Odisha Rourkela now I am pursuing Journalism and media mass communication and side by side living my passion for modeling and influencing.

Q. When did you come into the way of fashion influence? And how did you inspire?

I was in college when my friends and colleagues appreciate me for my fashion hacks and tips then I started and come into fashion influence and I was inspired by Alex Costa from my teenage. 

Q. What do you most love about fashion?

I love to do creative things and explore more about fashion.

Q. I notice something unique in your page was, each post you upload was with some collaboration or influencing any products. What are the values you are conveying through your page and do it worth it for your followers?

Yaaa there are my fashion pictures also and I do a collaboration with well effective brands and firstly I used all products and then I convey with my followers and it’s useful for them.

Q. Since you are pursuing mass media too, let us know what are goals and future plans are.

I am also looking forward it how much I can explore in it I think of the present I live in the present. 

Q. How do your parents react to you for being a digital creator?

Not that much but happy while seeing my packages and earning.

Q. You’ve collaborated with so many brands, how was the experience?

It was a nice and fabulous experience I had never thought I will do those things in my life. 

Q. We ask our guests a very important question on financial sustainability; Do modeling and influence sustain? What's your opinion?

Ya it is, it totally depends upon your hard work patience, and content strategies.

In a recent conversaation with Bgs Raw 'Aniket Prasad Rajak' tells, Give time to yourself and focus on your work

Q. When was your first collaboration? Take us to the moment, how did you react to it?

That was I think blue nector they had to mail me on my email.

Q. What are the projects you are working on currently?

I am working on a brand ambassador project hopefully everything will go well and I also thinking to start a youtube channel.

Q. What would be your messages for the aspiring models you wanna convey?

Just one thing believe in yourself work hard give time to yourself and focus on your work.

Random ques:

Q. What is your fashion mantra?


Q. If you were not a fashion influencer what would you be?


Q. The best things you learned in 2021?

Fitness is important 

Q. The bad habits you’ll leave before the start of 2022.

I was not going gym now I will sure

Q. Describe Aniket Prasad Rajak in one word.


Interviewed by: Bikram

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