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Anupamaa BIG UPDATE: Gaurav Khanna really quitting the show because of Rupali Ganguly? Here’s the truth - Bgs Raw

TV show Anupamaa is ruling hearts and charts. The relatable relationship dynamics of various characters in the show is one of the aspects that makes the show such a huge hit. But while the characters are at logger-heads with each other, they share an enviable offscreen bond. One such is that of Anu aka Rupali Ganguly and Anuj Kapadia aka Gaurav Khanna. The two went live to interact with fans on Monday and the video is going viral and how. At one point in the live, Gaurav says that he will quit the show as Anuj. The news is making fans wonder and worried. However, if you see the full video, you will know that the two stars are only pulling each other’s leg and this was said as a jibe. Anuj is a crucial part of the show and he is not going anywhere, at least for now. Check the video for amazing MaAn moments.

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