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Interview: My parents always give me honest feedback to improve my content - Sudheshna aka Dimpyscorner

Sudheshna aka Dimpyscorner an open chat interview with Bgs Raw, Quote: My parents always give me honest feedback and suggestion to improve my content.
Interview: Sudheshna aka Dimpyscorner a fashion creator

Fashion blogger and Youtuber Sudheshna popularly knows as dimpyscorner. She is belonging to Chennai and created two hundred sixty-five videos on the fashion, lifestyle, reviews, and haul niche for her Youtube channel and on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Currently, she has active subscribers of 19k+ on Youtube and 20l+ followers on Instagram.

She had overall 3,101,752 views on her channel as this article was published. I had personally chat with her and discovered so many new things about the digital media industry, so sit tight and let you read the conversation below:


Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, so I’m a blogger/YouTuber from Chennai. I’ve always had an interest in fashion and I knew wanted to do something related to that. I worked in advertising for a bit before taking this up full time.

Thank you for your intro. Let us know how did you get into blogging?

I used to follow a couple of bloggers on Fb and I was really fascinated that there was this other side of fashion where I didn't really have to be a designer or something to pursue my passion. I could just write about all the things I love and share them on social media platforms and someone out there would actually read it. I was still hesitant. I have never been very social media-oriented so I didn't know where to begin but my parents and friends were really supportive. I used to go out and shoot with my friends and that's how it all began.

What are the best things you might love about blogging?

Firstly this has definitely brought me out of my shell. I used to be an extreme introvert but having an online presence where anyone can judge you have worked for the better for me. I can pursue my passion without actually having a formal degree in regards to it. I have a job that I love doing.

What are the projects currently you are working on?

I started my clothing brand - plan Di clothing two months back which is extremely exciting! The support has been amazing. It’s a new venture so there’s a lot to learn. Currently gearing up to drop my second collection soon. Apart from that just the usual I have been working with a couple of brands which has just been a blessing.

Let us know about your fashion line or the brand.  when did you started and lunched your first product?

I launched my brand on May 5th! And came out with my first collection called “in the summer” with 8 summer pieces.

From Dimpyscorner Youtube video:

What is your future plan, for your business be like?

Haha no, just going with the flow. I like to live in the moment.

Is it financially sustainable to be a Blogger today? Is there any secret about influencing?

Oh yes as long as you can establish yourself as a blogger. If you’re still a beginner then it's better to keep this as a side hustle that’ll still earn you some money but not enough to sustain a living.

And there’s no secret. Just keep doing your thing and always keep yourself up to date with the trends.

Beautiful faashion blogger of chennai dimpyscorner by Sudeshna

We have talked to so many creators in the past and most of them have talked about challenges in their field. So let us know yours.

Challenges are constant changes. There’s always something new. A new skill, a new social media platform, new trends. You need to always be too aware to stay ahead and relevant.

What are your friend's and families' reactions towards you?

They’ve always been supportive since day one my parents always give me honest feedback and help me improve and keep giving me suggestions. My friends have been especially helpful when I had just started because they’d help me shoot and everything.

Collaboration plays a vital role for bloggers or content creators right. So, how was your experience with the brands?

They’ve been good so far. The only issue we face is the payment. It never comes on time😅 but other than that I’ve had full creative freedom with most of the brands I’ve worked with and it’s always been pleasant.

With how many brands have you collaborated till now? Which one was your best or favorite collaboration?

Don’t know the exact number because it’s been years of working with brands and it’s so hard to choose a favorite but any collab with a clothing brand is a fave.

Any message you would like to convey to the readers and your good-wishers?

Thank you for supporting my passion. I hope to bring out more fun and exciting things for you guys. Stay tuned :)

What is your identity as a Blogger?

Fashion blogger but with relatable fashion.

Cheap comment on your post of the year by the user?

Haha, they aren't that bad tbh. But someone said that I buy everything from my dad’s money and not from my own.

That one friend who hit like to all of your posts and you noticed it frequently?

Ah yes! Not one I have a good number of those :)

Pick up line used by you regularly.

I don't use pick-up lines.

Connect her on:

From Dimpyscorner Youtube video:

I appreciate your answering my questions, Sudheshna. Thank you for connecting with me today it was a great time. Soon we will interact again.

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