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International Yoga Day 2021 - Achive good health with walnuts; know its benefits

Walnuts contain good fats (13g/28g polyunsaturated fat and 2.5g/28g monounsaturated fat) that are an important part of a healthy diet. Although walnut
International Yoga Day 2021 - Achive good health with walnuts; know its benefits

With the planet trying its hands at yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day, it's only natural that you simply are motivated to travel for a session (or two) of this ancient sort of exercise. Or maybe, you're already into your nth session of yoga.

No matter which group you fit into here's some crucial information that you simply got to know: exercise and a nutritious diet go hand in hand for a healthy body. When and what you eat plays a task in how you are feeling once you exercise, whether it's yoga or the other sort of exercise. And you cannot just practice one among the 2 and think you will be ready to achieve your health goals.

Food provides energy for understanding, and hence, making small but impactful changes - basically, nutrient-rich foods - in your daily diet is vital for overall health. Rich in essential nutrients, walnuts are an honest thanks to starting, says Naaznin Husein, renowned Nutritionist, Yoga Consultant, and founding father of Freedom Wellness Management, as she stresses the necessity to form informed food choices.

Benefits of Walnuts for good health

"Walnuts are an efficient superfood that boasts several beneficial nutrients to support heart, brain, and gut health. it's advised to consume a minimum of seven walnuts (12-14 halves/28g) which equals to a couple. a couple of walnuts contain 4g protein, 2g fiber, and 2.5g plant-based omega-3 ALA," adds the expert.

Walnuts contain good fats (13g/28g fat and a couple of .5g/28g monounsaturated fat) that are a crucial a part of a healthy diet. Although walnuts contain dietary fat, they will not necessarily cause you to gain body fat. "There is not any negative effect of walnuts on weight and body composition. On the contrary, walnuts may play a crucial role in achieving ideal weight when consumed as a part of a healthy diet. The omega-3 and other essential nutrients present in walnuts help suppress hunger and cause you to feel satiated for an extended period, and these appetite-control powers help promote weight management," Husein informs us.

These wonder nuts help maintain optimal immune function and healthiness, which is vital amid the COVID-19 pandemic that we're facing. And hence, even the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)'s Eating Right During COVID-19 guidelines has listed walnuts for his or her immunity-boosting benefits.1

Weight management and immunity aside, eating nutritious foods like walnuts amid regular exercise also can boost your energy levels and should help an individual feel far better mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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So, this International Yoga Day onwards, fuel your health goals with this enriching combination of walnuts and yoga.

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