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Godrej Refrigerator Double Door: 10 Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators in India 2021 (Updated 18 July)

Whirlpool, lg, samsung refrigerator double door price in india 2021. Godrej Refrigerator Double Door Shop now at best price.

Godrej Refrigerator Double Door: 10 Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators in India 2021

It is summertime in India and a refrigerator is truly our best friend now. Top brands like Samsung, LG, Haier, etc. provide excellent options of side by side refrigerators in India. Browse through this comprehensive guide to have a look at the best side-by-side refrigerators, their price, features, design, energy efficiency, pros and cons, and much more.


Our Top Picks

Best Overall - Panasonic 584 L with Inverter side-by-side Refrigerator - NR-BS60VKX1

Looking at the worth of INR 58,990, the Panasonic 580 4L with inverter side by side refrigerator features a lot of unique features like light vacation mode, quick cooling and freeze mode, touch instrument panel , and far more. it's a highly spacious product that helps you to arrange your items conveniently. For a family of quite six people, it becomes an ideal choice because it is energy-efficient, durable, strong, and fancy-looking

Best Budget - Haier 565 L Inverter side-by-side Door Refrigerator - HRF-619SS

Coming at a reduced price of INR 56,990, Haier 565 L is that the best side-by-side door refrigerator in India budget-wise. This refrigerator has the simplest freezer to fridge ratio and comes with certain unique functions like auto temperature adjustment, auto defrost, holiday function, and far more. Not only this, it's highly energy-efficient and comes with a trendy design providing a totally luxurious feel.

Best Temperature Control - Whirlpool 570 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator - WB SBS 570

This product comes with intelligent temperature control technology that helps to take care of a particular temperature all around the clock with 20% less energy consumption. the worth of the merchandise is additionally not too costly (INR 57,990 only) making it an ideal choice. the merchandise also houses a feather touch display board which may be wont to operate different moods and features of the refrigerator.

Best Energy Efficiency - LG 687 L Inverter Frost-Free side-by-side Refrigerator

This refrigerator uses a singular inverter linear compressor which comes with a linear piston drive rather than a standard reciprocating drive, helping it to get less internal friction and consume up to 51% lower energy. Alongside, it's also highly spacious and comes with highly innovative features like smart diagnosis, Smart ThinQ, express freezing, multi-airflow, and far more.

Find out the 10 best selling side-by-side refrigerators in India

Hygiene is of prime importance in today's world, then buying a refrigerator becomes an important decision. It not only allows you to stock your grocery for the whole week but also ensures that your food remains fresh and hygienic over an extended time. The market provides a good array of options to satisfy the wants of all kinds of consumers. during this article, we've kept our specialise in providing a comprehensive buying guide for people with large families or premium purchasing habits, searching for side-by-side refrigerators.

A side-by-side refrigerator is formed from two compartments, each with its own door a bit like a door wardrobe Refrigerator. These refrigerators provide customers with a far better organization of food, simple access, an outsized freezing room, and a more stylish design. 

Here we are bringing you the ten best side by side refrigerators currently available within the Indian market. Please note that the costs could seem varying because there are many other factors taken into consideration like features, design, customer needs, and reviews, etc. while handpicking the simplest options available.

Summary of the 10 best selling side by side refrigerators in India

For an easy glance, here is the list of our top 10 products in this category.

A complete description of the 10 best selling side-by-side refrigerators in India

Without any further ado, let us have a look at the details that will help you choose a side-by-side refrigerator for your family.

1. Haier 565 L Inverter side by side Door Refrigerator - HRF-619SS - Click here for Amazon deal

Haier 565 L is that the best side-by-side refrigerator under 60,000 INR available in India. it's extremely user-friendly and maybe a perfect buy for an enormous family or for that matter small restaurants. the merchandise is pretty spacious with a cooling segment of 347 liters capacity and a freezer with 218 liters capacity, which is that the best freezer to fridge ratio amongst all other products. Inside, you'll find flexible trays, separate fruit boxes, egg trays, and foldable shelves, making it very easy to compartmentalize your food. It consumes only 0.98 units of energy per day and features a tough glass shelf that will not only withstand huge weights but also makes the merchandise far more durable and fancy. This product is out there across well-known e-commerce platforms at a no-cost EMI option also as physical stores.

  • Price -  INR 54,980
  • Brand - Haier
  • Special Features - Holiday function, Auto temperature adjustment, Auto defrost, Twin inverter technology, PUF insulation, R600a refrigerant gas, and a Reciprocatory compressor to maintain an optimum temperature at all the times, Super Cool & Super Freeze, Noise Control Technology, One-Touch Digital Display
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor and fan motor: 10 years
  • Door Type - 90-degree contour side-by-side door
  • Capacity - 565 Litres
  • Energy Rating - 3 stars, consumes 0.98 units per day
  • Shelf Type - Spill-proof tough glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 68% 5-star rating followed by a 21% 4-star rating



Noise Control Technology

Poor quality ice trays

Comes with a water and ice dispenser

The freezer section cannot be converted into a fridge

Energy-efficient, stylish design, and good storage capacity


Easy to operate with features with its one-touch LED panel


2. Samsung 700 L Inverter Frost-Free side-by-side Refrigerator - Click here for Amazon deal

With an innovative wine rack to digital inverter technology, the new Samsung 700 L Inverter Frost-Free side by side Refrigerator has elevated the industry standards. it's not only thin and classy but also highly spacious because it comes with an area max technology that permits you to utilize the space within the most effective manner. aside from this, it's equipped with a deodorizer and multiple air vents that ensure uniform airflow altogether areas. Speaking about the cooling capability, the facility cool mode ensures that the cooling of the fridge and freezer happens 31% faster. The built-in compressor makes it highly energy-efficient and less susceptible to wear and tear. At an equivalent time, the merchandise is stylish and slim and comes with a classic door design to feature glamour to your kitchen. We are totally impressed with this refrigerator then consider it to be the foremost preferred product for the users.

  • Price -  INR 69,990
  • Brand - Samsung
  • Special Features - SpaceMax Technology that enables walls to be much thinner to use the minimum amount of high-efficiency insulation, Digital inverter technology, Stabilizer free operations, Power freeze technology with auto temperature adjustment
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - Double side-by-side door
  • Capacity - 700 L
  • Energy Rating - 3 star
  • Shelf Type - Glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 70% 5-star rating followed by an 18% 4-star rating 



Sleek and elegant counter-depth design with several racks and shelves

No adjustable temperature control system

AI dual rear camera captures fair picture quality

No water and ice dispenser

Deodorizing filter that preserves the natural flavor of the food

No door alarm

Multiple air vents with all-round power cooling

Low freezer capacity of 269 L only

3. AmazonBasics 564 L side-by-side Door Refrigerator - Click here for Amazon deal

A specially designed product to supply better performance and consume less energy, the Amazon basics 564 L is that the best side-by-side refrigerator under 50,000 INR. the merchandise comes with a multi-airflow system which ensures a smooth airflow into the storage compartments for uniform cooling. The inbuilt LED display board allows you to regulate your refrigerator in a convenient and straightforward-to-use manner. The fresh sense technology ensures that your food stays fresh for an extended time and therefore the no frost mechanism reduces the humidity and defrosts perfectly. In short, it's a good-looking product with absolutely the worth of the cash you shall never regret.

  • Price -  INR 47,499
  • Brand - Amazon Basics
  • Special Features - Sensor-based compressor, Auto Defrost technology, Quick freeze feature to turn water into ice instantly, Quick cool feature, Fresh sense technology
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 5 years
  • Door Type - side-by-side
  • Capacity - 564 L
  • Shelf Type - Tough Glass
  • Defrost Type - Auto Defrost technology
  • Ratings and Reviews - 62% 5-star rating followed by a 20% 4-star rating



German engineering

Average customer support

Multiple cooling system and space-efficient design

Compressor only has a 5-year warranty

Can function in the home UPS system also

No energy star ratings

Attractive design and a sturdy build quality


One of the only few side by side refrigerators under 50,000 INR


4. LG 687 L Inverter Frost-Free side-by-side Refrigerator - Click here for Amazon deal

The most loved brand in India, LG 680 7L inverter frost-free refrigerator comes with an inverter linear compressor to stay your food fresher for long and saves up to 32% energy, thereby making less noise. This refrigerator is tall and majestic with multiple digital sensors which maintain the temperature consistency. Using the Smart ThinQ app, you'll completely control the refrigerator using your mobile and therefore the smart diagnosis helps the device to directly communicate with the service agent as soon because it detects a drag. it's a 4-door basket, 4-tempered glass shelf, 1 fresh zone, 2 vegetable boxes with moist balance crisper, 2 drawers, 1 dairy corner, 1 deodorizer, and an egg bank. No doubt, with numerous features in hand, this refrigerator becomes one of the simplest choices available within the market.

  • Price -  INR 83,990
  • Brand - LG
  • Special Features - Smart diagnosis, Smart ThinQ App, Inverter linear compressor, Inbuilt stabilizer, Door Alarm, Child Lock, LED lamp in the freezer
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - side-by-side
  • Capacity - 687 L
  • Energy Rating - 4 star
  • Shelf Type - Glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost Free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 64% 5-star rating followed by a 21% 4-star rating



Multiple vents and smart diagnosis mechanism

Occupies a lot of space

Can be controlled by a mobile phone 

No water and ice dispenser

Highly energy efficient with a mega capacity

No cooling retention during power cuts

Glamorous and sleek looking

Little expensive

5. Whirlpool 570 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator - WB SBS 570 - Click here for Amazon deal

With a powerful make and innovative features like retention moisture technology, superior cooling technology, intelligent temperature controls, and far more, this refrigerator is one among the simplest selling side by side refrigerators under 60,000 INR in India. The ergonomic design with a steel exterior makes it look aesthetic and classy. This product is scientifically designed with an air tower that circulates cold air uniformly in a circular manner without hitting the food directly. Not only this, there are multiple microprocessors equipped within the merchandise with multiple modes of usage making it user-friendly and straightforward to use. The inbuilt AI technology helps the merchandise to take care of an optimum cooling temperature contributing towards up to twenty energy savings, low noise, and long-lasting performance.

  • Price -  INR 58,990
  • Brand - Whirlpool
  • Special Features - Intellisense inverter technology, Adaptive intelligence technology, Feather-touch display panel, Holiday mode, 3D Airflow Cooling, Humidity Control
  • Warranty - Product: 1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - side-by-side
  • Capacity - 570 L
  • Energy Rating - 2 star
  • Shelf Type - Glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 59% 5-star rating and 19% 4-star rating



Energy-saving, less noise, and exceptional durability 

No water and ice dispenser or cooled

Precise temperature and humidity control

No deodorizer to keep the food odor free

4 useful pre functions like eco, super, holiday, and lock modes


Superior cooling technology can cool down the freezer as cold as -30C


Retains cooling for up to 10 hours after power cuts


6. Panasonic 584 L with Inverter side-by-side Refrigerator - NR-BS60VKX1 - Click here for Amazon deal

With an outsized capacity of 584 L divided into 210 L for freezer capacity and remaining for refrigerator fresh foods capacity, Panasonic 584 L with inverter is a perfect side-by-side refrigerator under 60,000 for giant families. it's compact in terms of design and comes with a mess of features making it a sensible pick for consumers. The intelligent inverter compressor of the merchandise makes it energy-efficient, less noisy, and more durable. the merchandise comes with a double vegetable box and a triple twist ice tray making it extremely spacious and convenient for storage. The LED display and touch instrument panel on the refrigerator door makes it easy to vary the temperature and freeze settings without opening the refrigerator. Therefore, for a family size of quite six people, this refrigerator is often your ideal choice with no hesitation.

  • Price -  INR 59,990
  • Brand - Panasonic
  • Special Features - Quick Cooling and Freeze Mode, Vacation Mode, Intelligent Inverter Compressor,  Intelligent Inverter Control, Touch Control Panel and LED Display
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - side-by-side
  • Capacity - 584 L
  • Energy Rating - 3 star
  • Shelf Type - Toughened Glass
  • Defrost Type - Auto-Defrost Function
  • Ratings and Reviews - 51% 5-star rating followed by a 26% 4-star rating



Extremely spacious with double vegetable box and triple twist ice tray

No in-built water dispenser

Different operating modes for better controls

Compared to the competitor products, it is less energy efficient

Stainless steel finish with a premium look and easy to clean


7. LG 687L Wi-Fi Inverter Frost-Free side-by-side Refrigerator - GC-B247SVZV - Click here for Amazon deal

LG products are famous for his or her unique features and out-of-the-box design. an equivalent is our product, LG 687 L Wi-Fi inverter refrigerator, which is special and large in every sense. it's food drawers and eight shelves, build up 422 L of refrigerator capacity and 265 L of freezer capacity. The Door Cooling+ feature and therefore the multi-airflow build-up allows a circular transmission of cold air throughout, keeping your food fresher. Also, this refrigerator is definitely operable from your mobile and therefore the LG's Smart Diagnosis provides a quick and straightforward thanks to troubleshooting issues. We assure you of not regretting your decision if a family with quite eight members (ideally) goes for selecting this innovative and smart product for his or her house.

  • Price -  INR 80,990
  • Brand - LG
  • Special Features - Door Cooling+, LED Display, LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi), Control Express Freeze, Smart Diagnosis, Moist ’n’ Fresh, Child Lock, Deodorizers and Sensors, Door - Twist Ice Maker, Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - French Door 
  • Capacity - 687 L
  • Energy Rating - 4 star
  • Shelf Type - Trimless tempered glass
  • Defrost Type - Auto defrost function
  • Ratings and Reviews - 67% 5-star rating followed by an 18% 4-star rating



Inverter linear compressor which consumes lower energy

Costly to afford

Huge capacity with stylish ergonomic design 

Suitable only for large families with more than 8 members (ideally)

Multiple digital sensors to maintain the temperature consistency


Can be operated using a mobile phone


The advanced deodorizers keep the food moisture and odor-free


8. Bosch 655 L Frost Free side-by-side Refrigerator - Click here for Amazon deal

Another amazing product on our list is that the German-engineered, scientifically designed grid-based, Bosch 655L Frost Free side by side Refrigerator. This refrigerator with its stylish and sleek design truly adds charm to your kitchen and may be a perfect buy for giant families. it's a Sensor-Based Vario Compressor which saves 10% more energy and doesn’t make any noise while running. The 2-independent cooling systems ensure an all-around circulation of cold air within the fridge eliminating odor and filtering the bacteria inside the fridge. the merchandise is extremely easy to wash because it is meant during a way where all the inside parts are often dismantled and therefore the LED light is strategically placed to brightly illuminate the interiors. the sole drawback of this refrigerator is that the price bringing it to number 8 on our list.

  • Price -  INR 1,27,500
  • Brand - Bosch
  • Special Features - Inverter, Coolpad, Stabilizer Free Operation, Vario Inverter Compressor, Vitafresh plus, Vitafresh Pro, Air fresh filter, Multi airflow-system with two cooling systems, Holiday Mode
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - Side-by-side
  • Capacity - 655 L
  • Energy Rating - A++, Annual energy consumption: 655 per year
  • Shelf Type - Toughened Spill-proof Safety Glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 72% 5-star rating followed by a 13% 4-star rating



VitaFresh Plus Drawers keeps food 2x times fresh

The rubber of the door tends to get loose 

Extremely spacious - 404 L refrigerator capacity and 251 L freezer capacity

No digital display to touch control panel

VitaFresh German Technology maintains the original flavor, texture, and appearance of the products

Very costly

Highly energy efficient with sensor-based Vario inverter compressor


Easy to clean


9. Panasonic Econavi 551 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator - NR-CY550GKXZ - Click here for Amazon deal

Inspired by Japan’s technology, this elegant refrigerator features advanced technologies for precise temperature and uniform freezing. The Econavi system equips 12 different sensors for various functions and comes with a sensible cooling technology that adjusts the rotation frequency of the motor automatically to optimize cooling performance. Features like Prime Fresh or AG Clean Technology help to retain the freshness of food for an extended time by deactivating 99.9% of mold and bacteria. the merchandise is extremely thoughtfully designed to supply ample space and permit unobstructed movement of the refrigerator. A 551 L capacity divided into three separate compartments, this refrigerator is sleek and powerful and is suitable for families with five or more members.

  • Price -  INR 88,580
  • Brand - Panasonic
  • Special Features - Intelligent Inverter Compressor, AG Clean, Prime Fresh, Intelligent sensors,  gentle surround cooling, Touch control panel, Humidity care controller
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - Multi door side-by-side (3 compartments)
  • Capacity - 551 L
  • Energy Rating - 2 star
  • Shelf Type - Tough Glass
  • Defrost Type - Auto defrost function
  • Ratings and Reviews - 79% 5-star rating followed by a 21% 4-star rating



Allows easy organization of items within the product

Some unique features as available with the competitor products are missing

An intelligent sensor that recognizes the pattern of your usage

Expensive as compared to the offering

Powerful cooling, less noisy, and energy-efficient


Controls humidity to keep items fresh

10. LG 594 L Inverter Frost-Free side by side Refrigerator - GC-B22FTQPL - Click here for Amazon deal

Suitable for families with 5 or more members, the new LG 594 L Inverter Frost-Free Refrigerator comes with a freezer capacity of 250L and the capacity of fresh food of 344L. the merchandise is provided with an Inverter linear compressor which generates less internal friction, leading to up to 51% lower energy consumption. Other features just like the Door Cooling+ and Multi Airflow Cooling distribute and circulates cooler at every corner of the refrigerator. a bit like the other LG refrigerators, this refrigerator also can be controlled by your mobile using the LG Smart ThinQ app and comes with Smart Diagnosis technology. The Hygiene Fresh+, Moist Balancer, and Fresh Balancer options together remove 99.9% bacteria to attenuate bad odor within the refrigerator and maintain an optimal level of moisture to stay the food fresh. If you're willing to spend a touch extra, you should not be confused to settle on this product because it surpasses all competition.

  • Brand - LG
  • Price -  INR 94,990
  • Special Features - Door Cooling+, Smart ThinQ (Wi-Fi), Hygiene Fresh+, Express Freezing, Child Lock, Deodorizer, Smart Diagnosis, Moist Balance Crisper, Fresh Balancer
  • Warranty - Product:1 year; Compressor: 10 years
  • Door Type - French door side-by-side
  • Capacity - 594 L
  • Energy Rating - 3 star
  • Shelf Type - Trimless tempered glass
  • Defrost Type - Frost-free
  • Ratings and Reviews - 64% 5-star rating followed by a 22% 4-star rating



Energy-efficient, less noisy, and more durable

Expensive to afford

Lattice covered box for more freshness

No side racks in the freezer

Advance and modern features to keep the food fresh and hygienic

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How to choose the best side-by-side refrigerator for yourself?

The market is filled with different options and it becomes vital to be crystal clear about the various offerings as per your requirement. Having an entire understanding of a product helps you get the simplest deal and avoid overspending on models with features that's of no use. during this section, we are getting to mention some important factors that we considered while handpicking the above-mentioned products.

1. Size of the Refrigerator

The main requirement to think about while purchasing a side-by-side refrigerator is that the size and therefore the capacity of an equivalent. you ought to not only be trying to find the space that the merchandise offers but also consider factors like ventilation space, door opening space, cleaning space, etc. Measure the whole route from your door to the kitchen area to make sure purchasing an ideal size and avoid installation problems.

2. Cooling Mechanism

The two major features that you simply should search for are the inverter compressor and therefore the air dispersion system. The inverter compressor controls and manages the temperature consistent with the load and also minimizes energy consumption. The dispersion system is vital because it affects the air circulation within the refrigerator. Another things that you simply can look out for are a dual fan feature, a moisture retention feature, or a special temperature regulator.

3. Family size

A refrigerator may be a long-term investment and it becomes vital to settle on a product that's suitable as per the dimensions of your family. Ideally, for a family of 5 to six members, you'll choose a 600 L to 650 L capacity refrigerator. you ought to even be considering the freezer to fridge ratio as per your needs. Nowadays, you'll also get refrigerators with a convertible option.

4. Defrost Mechanism

This feature plays an important role in determining the efficiency and performance of a refrigerator. Nowadays most units are equipped with automatic frost mechanisms but still, there are some old models that have a manual defrost mechanism. So check this feature before making any decision.

5. Energy Efficiency

Go for refrigerators that have a five-star or four-star rating as they're the foremost energy-efficient models available within the market. within the end of the day, this factor is a crucial consideration to avoid overspending on electricity bills.

6. Storage organization

Make sure that the merchandise which you're purchasing has multiple compartments, shelves, and boxes to style your interiors strategically. This helps you to store objects of various sizes more conveniently. Check whether the unit has specially designed areas to store fruits, meat, vegetables, and other food items.

7. Warranty

A side-by-side refrigerator is an upscale investment and thus it becomes vital to seem at the warranty of the merchandise. Most companies provide a warranty of 1 year on their products. The warranty period for the compressor differs.

8. Additional features

Some other features which you'll look out for are the kid lock, holiday function, LED light and an impact panel, smart screen, or the other unique feature offered by the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing a new side by side refrigerator

Do you still have queries in your mind? Well, here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing a new side-by-side refrigerator in India.

1. What is the average life of a side-by-side refrigerator?

On average, the average lifespan of a side-by-side refrigerator is estimated to be ~8-12 years, for most major reliable brands with regular maintenance.

2. What can damage a refrigerator?

The most common reasons for failures of a refrigerator are the wear & tear of a mechanically locked compressor, failure of the fan motor, and dirty condenser coils. However, some other reasons can also be overstocking, lack of cleaning, keeping the temperature too low, or leaving the refrigerator door opened.

3. How long does a side-by-side refrigerator last?

Common refrigerators such as freezer-top and side-by-side refrigerators typically last about 14 - 17 years.

Transparency Disclaimer: Some of the products include a retail link on this page since we are partnered for the affiliate. That means if you make a purchase without affecting your price we will generate a bit of commission.

Updates monthly, visit us back for the very latest refrigerator!

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