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Download JOSH App Now: The Only Home Made Application for Content Creators, TikTok Alternate

If you are looking for made in india tiktok app then you must Download JOSH App Now: Content Creators Made in india. josh app download apk
Download JOSH App Now: The Only Home Made Application for Content Creators, TikTok Alternate

Are you still finding a better app for funny and short video content creation then you must know about JOSH APP. This is a homemade app, which is Made in India and if you are looking for TikTok alternate then you will find it better.


What is Josh App?

Josh may be a made in India short video app that aims to be the new popular video-sharing app in India. Ever since the highly popular video-sharing app TikTok was banned, there has been an enormous gap left within the marketplace for an honest video sharing app. Many apps have emerged since then within the place of TikTok and Josh is that the most prominent of them. Josh app already has quite 3 million downloads on Google Playstore. The app provides tons of exciting features options to edit and shoot videos and photos. 

Josh App Download 

You can download the Josh app from Google Playstore on Android and therefore the App Store on iOS. Here's the download link for the PlayStore version of the Josh app. Here's the download link for the Josh app for the iOS version of the app. The app has rapidly become popular ever since its release and lots of celebrities have joined the app content creators. 

Josh App is from which country?

Josh may be a completely homegrown application. The app has been made and developed in India by the corporate Ver Se innovation private limited. The app is owned by Dailyhunt, an Indian content curation platform. Viren Gupta and Umang Bedi of Dailyhunt are spearheading the Josh app project.

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