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EXCLUSIVE: The Secrets behind a National Record Holder Kuldeep Sharma for Best Book on IELTS

Who is Kuldeep Sharma author? Which books did he write and famous for. kuldeep sharma books author interviews.
Kuldeep Sharma National Record Holder for Best Book on IELTS

Kuldeep Sharma is a well know author for his best-selling books online. He has been honored with Kalam Book Of World Record, the Best Writer of the year, etc. Kuldeep hails from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Before you scroll we would let you know that Google search has also included the Kuldeep Sharma keyword in their specific book searches.

Bgs Raw has a detailed interview with Kuldeep, you may read it below, this interview was done by Bikram Kr Singh(editor bgsraw)

Kuldeep Sharma. Personal interview. 30 April 2021.

Q. Let's start from scratch. Tell us something about you.

Very first, it is a great honour to be here on this great platform. I belong to a small city named ‘Gwalior’ in the state of Madhya Pradesh. I come from a family of business background. I hold graduation in Bachelor of Technology then gained Post graduation in Master of Technology. I always had a fascination towards English subjects but like many, I have always disliked Mathematics. I have also worked in the corporate world as a Research & Development Engineer for a year and then I followed my passion.

There was also a time where I was finding a kind of halt in my life but as someone said after every night, dawn comes the same happened to me. My life seems like a roller coaster ride where I confronted many ups and downs from time to time. However, every time I got a lesson that helped me in understanding things in a much better way. I am a very practical person and always believe in the power of hard work and dedication. My passion landed me on the board as Best Selling Author of 3 Books, World & National Record Holder, Digital Media Writer, IELTS & PTE Trainer, Blogger, and Advisor. I like to guide and motivate people through my real-life experiences. Life has made me very realistic and optimistic owing to which I believe that no matter what, but one should have to remain positive.

I always believe in the power of these words, which I have framed, “Some get everything in their legacy while some work hard to build their legacy.”

Who is Kuldeep Sharma Book Author? How much he earns, Kuldeep Sharma Biography, wekipedia

Q. As we don't ask about their education, because Bgs Raw believes in talent more than education. But today we would like to know about your qualification and additional diplomas or courses too.

I have done my graduation with a Bachelor of Technology, holding post-graduation in Master of Technology. Besides this, I have done many courses ranging from personal Brand Mastery to coding.

Q. I am not so familiar with the term IELTS/ PTE, is this a course or exam. Let our readers know.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and PTE (Pearson Test Of English) are the exams that are primarily conducted to assess someone’s English proficiency. These exams are utterly based on Advanced English. One who wants to pursue his or her further studies abroad take these tests. Furthermore, one needs to qualify for these exams to be eligible for a study visa.

Q. Who can actually enroll in this exam what is the process?

One who has a valid passport as well as after 12th class, people are eligible for this exam. It is a simple exam and it is conducted twice or thrice a month.

Q. How many books have you written? Which one of them was the best-selling book?

I have published three books so far. Out of these, 2 books have become a Best-seller. All my books are based on IELTS, and available on all online platforms. Now, my 4th non-fiction book will be published soon.


Best books by Kuldeep Sharma


Best books by Kuldeep Sharma


Best books by Kuldeep Sharma


To buy those books you can click on the images links redirect to Amazon India.

Q. What are those projects currently you working on?

Although, I don’t reveal my projects. At a glance, I want to start my own publishing company as well as a Digital media company. Furthermore, I am planning to launch my own Brand. I hope, it will happen soon.

Q. Do you write an only educational book or something different topics available for the readers?

I prefer to write books in different genres. Since, my previous three books based on Academics but my 4th book will be a non-fiction book, which elucidates my versatility in writing. Furthermore, readers will find out a different flavour in my upcoming book, which is completely a motivational book.

Q. While researching about you we got to know that you are fascinated about English, How? Also, what if anyone wants to improve their English or communication skills? Which books will you recommend them?

Yes, it is true. English is my passion. Whenever I speak in English, I feel energetic and get a sense of confidence. I always emphasize the command on the basics of English because it is a language and one cannot become competent in it without having a hold on the Grammatical portion. Besides this, I will suggest to all the people that if you are willing to have a stronghold on English then kill your hesitation and nervousness. No one is perfect in a nascent stage. When it comes to books then I don’t recommend any book because nowadays huge material is available on the internet and people can easily acquire such valuable content with resort to it.

Q. Who are your favorite poets in India and if any from abroad?

Although, I admire all the poets but my favourite one is the respected Kumar Vishwas Sir.

Q. If I am not wrong you'll surely agree that there are only petty poets and authors who exist and take much interest to be a writer? What would be your comment on upbringing poets and authors?

Very first, Writing is a challenging profession, and it takes huge patience and dedication. Many people want to become Writer and Poets but they are not successful in it. Because writing is not their passion. Therefore, I opine that It happens owing to a lack of passion and zeal.

Q. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

To be honest, I do not know exactly. But, yes I wanted to do something exceptional in my life.

Q. What do you like if you are not writing?

First of all, writing is everything for me because I believe in writing my emotions & feelings through words. If I would not be writing then definitely I would be a great Speaker.

Q. What are your friend's and parent's reactions towards your writing?

Absolutely overwhelming. Everyone who is associated with me feels proud of me because of my passion i.e. writing. When it comes to my parents then they are everything for me, and the dream of becoming an Author or Writer would not have been possible without their support.

Q. How the books are published and how much profit can be generated?

During initial times, I found many problems in publishing my books but later my books published very smoothly. Yes, many people often ask me about profit then here I will say it depends on the selling of your books. You can earn even in billions.

Q. Is it profitable for the authors to survive or what they do besides writing?

It depends from person to person. I often do not suggest people enter this profession because it is very hectic and time-consuming. But, if someone is passionate about it then yes it is profitable because writing opens various gateways of opportunities. One can become Screenwriter, Content Writer and many other alternatives for the income.

Q. As we noticed you have been honoured with so many awards, let us know all about the events.

Yes, I have been awarded by many prestigious awards. It became possible due to my passion i.e. Writing. I have been awarded by Kalam Book Of World Record, Credence Book Of World Record, Achiever Of The Year Award, Best Writer Of The Year, and many other awards.

Q. What is your lifestyle currently in the pandemic of covid?

Everyone knows that Covid has utterly changed the course of life. Since I am an Author so currently, I am just working on the draft of my upcoming 4th Book.

Q. What message do you want to convey to the audience?

Don’t underestimate yourself and your potential. You are more capable than you think, all you need to just work hard. If you want to become an author or writer then work on your skills and develop thoughts that can be entirely possible by reading. If you want to write then read, you must read, read as much as you can, consequently, you will not only learn various ways of writing but also get many new thoughts. In the process of creating your own book, trust yourself, support yourself and go for it, it’s important that you focus on giving your hundred per cent and lastly, try whatever you want, explore different genres, you don’t have to think about publishing your work and to make it big instantly! It doesn’t work that way for many people thus, Just sit down and start writing, learning, and begin to explore.

At last, I would like to share my mantra to all for Success, which I always say to people, “Isolate yourself, Have patience, love your parents and work hard.”

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