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7 Reasons Why You Should Really Try Blindfold Sex

Trying blindfold sex shouldn’t be out of “50 Shades of Grey”. A blindfold can be, in fact, anything, from a scarf to an eyemask or an actual one bough

7 Reasons Why You Should Really Try Blindfold Sex

For a couple who hasn’t yet tried anything kinky in the bedroom (or something out of the ordinary), going blindfolded during sex can really be frightening. In reality, things should not be like this because this is an experience that might do wonders for your relationship. Trying blindfold sex shouldn’t be out of “50 Shades of Grey”. A blindfold can be, in fact, anything, from a scarf to an eyemask or an actual one bought at a sex shop. The sensations it offers are the real deal here.

So, it’s important to put the idea forward to your lover if you find it interesting and talk about it. Once you both agree, because it definitely has to be consensual, you can start playing around. Watch some po*rn, read some magazines and do your research into what blindfold sex is and how it can help you. In this article, we will also be revealing some reasons why you should so very try this kind of experience with your partner. Trust us, once you go black, you might never go back!

1. It spices up your sex life

It may really sound self-explanatory, but a blindfold can definitely spice up your sex life and help both of you reach new heights when it comes to your relationship. It is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest accessories that you can have in your bedroom. Also, it’s worth noting that if you are not really into kinky stuff, a blindfold can certainly become that baby step into adding a little bit of heat in the bedroom. It doesn’t mean that you will then straight up become an S&M lover because that’s a long way down. And you don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to but this small piece of clothing can quickly become your new best friend when it comes to playing dirty between the sheets.

2. All the other senses intensify

You don’t need to be an expert to realize that when one sense disappears, all the others intensify, and this is precisely the rule that blindfold sex is based on. When you are not able to see, you are able to sense, smell, hear, and touch a lot more intensely and therefore, everything you feel during sex is much better and becomes unforgettable. The simple touch of a finger becomes an explosion of senses.

So, put on that blindfold and focus on the many things that you feel and smell around you. Your partner’s scent will drive you crazy and their touch will be like an electric shock. In fact, this is the best time to experience some other tools like feathers, for example. That soft touch will be much more intense when you cannot see it’s coming. You can even experience with taste and bring some sexy flavors into your bedroom. Try bananas, cream, chocolate, strawberries or honey and have fun.

3. It reduces your inhibitions

Let’s face it! We all have some inhibitions that we may or may not be a little too conscious about in the bedroom. Want a solution? Try blindfold sex and you will “see” how they will suddenly go away and out of your mind completely. Because you cannot actually see anything, you won’t bother about your O faces, those few extra pounds or anything that has to do with how you or the other looks during sex.

The most amazing thing about this is that with those worries out of your mind, you can really focus on what matters and your pleasure. This often leads to much stronger sensations and unforgettable orgasms for both of you. Just give it a try!

4. It increases trust between partners

Even if, at a first glance, not seeing your partner during sex might not seem like the best bonding solution, it actually is a very strong one. Experiencing this can seriously strengthen your connection and make you feel closer than ever before. And you know why? It’s because you definitely need to wholeheartedly trust the other one to blindfold you and let them have the initiative and lead the way. And when you manage to do that even normal sex becomes much better because there’s a lot of trust between the two of you. So, another reason why you should definitely try this at one point with your loved one.

5. Puts one of you in control of the other

We have already mentioned the trust part that comes with blindfolded sex, but there is another great thing that comes with it. Doing this puts either you or your partner in full control of the other. You have them to play with and they put their complete and utter trust in you to do a good job in bed. Beyond that, there is also the feeling of power that comes with this control and which can be a huge turn-on for many people. If you or your partner are more into the submissive side of things, just imagine the change of perspective and the plethora of things that you can experience like this. The whole dynamic changes and you might just discover that you sometimes like to play bossy, even in bed.

6. It increases the element of surprise

Maybe the most interesting and fascinating part of blindfold sex is the increased element of surprise that comes with it. Everything feels so much better and more intense when you have no idea it’s coming to you. Moreover, because of this, you or your partner can bring in some new elements like oil, feather or even ice, to increase that feeling even more and experience everything stronger. Have fun, play games and keep your significant other guessing at all times! This will drive them crazy with desire and sex will become a lot more intense and satisfying. See? Blindfolds bring only good things into your intimate life, so why not try this soon?

7. It’s an overall cool experience!

Need we say more? Blindfold sex is truly a one of a kind experience in bed and a very cool one indeed! Remember that it’s not about doing it because you feel pressured to try something new. It should come natural and as a way to spice up things in your intimate relationship with your lover.


With those being said, it should be clear as day that blindfold sex can definitely prove to be a very intense and magical experience. Regardless if you are a more submissive or old fashioned person or if you are adventurous and kinky, you should at least give it a chance. Not being able to see during sex is not something to be afraid of (unless you are doing it with a complete stranger and we strongly advise you to avoid this), but something that you should experience. Having one sense removed from you makes all the others more intense and heightened. So, you might not be able to see, but you will feel, taste, and hear a lot better. This is the part when imagination comes into play. You can use various toys in the bedroom that can stimulate both of you. These things can increase your sensations up to a point where sex becomes extraordinarily good without even trying too much.

Moreover, blindfold (or anything you have around, like a scarf, eye mask or even a “professional” blindfold from a sex shop) provide more trust between partners, a stronger connection, and amazing intimacy overall. All in all, as we have previously discussed, there are a lot of reasons why you should so very try blindfold sex, at least once in your lifetime. If you don’t feel safe or secure, you are free to not adopt it, but we have a feeling that you might like it very much.

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