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Sonu Sood isn't thrilled about fraudsters duping people in his name but is willing to help them get work: 'Come to me. I will give you a respectable job' | Hindi Movie News - Bollywood

Sonu Sood is quite perturbed and so horribly hurt that a cybercriminal misused his name and duped people in the name of charity. While he is doing everything in his power to help as many people as possible with his initiatives, schemes and philanthropic work, such fraudsters with malicious intent put a dent in his plans. And Sonu wants such activities to stop. He said, 'It is really sad when they try to dupe poor people. Needy people in desperate need of financial assistance get duped by unscrupulous elements. Where is your conscience when you do something so evil? Such malpractices must stop.' Recently, Sonu left a very stern warning for such people as he informed about how one such fraudster had been caught. Sharing a picture of the miscreant with his eyes covered, Sonu wrote, 'Warning Fraudsters. Don't cheat and fool the needy. We are after you. The first fraudster has been caught! The next one will be you.' The man was arrested after a complainant from Telangana approached the police and filed a complaint to save others from the trap. He reportedly duped the victim of Rs 60,000. The actor says such people will not be spared. 'This chap Ashish has been caught. He will be punished. This is a warning to anyone who tries to cheat innocent people. Please don’t do it. You will get caught', Sonu added. While the actor is very clear about how such miscreants will be treated, he is not averse to showing mercy. He says, 'Come to me. I will give you a respectable job. Please don’t try to earn money by cheating people. It will never do you any good. Kissika dil dukhake aap khush nahin ho sakte (you can’t be happy when you hurt someone).' As for the fraudster who was recently caught, Sonu feels more than punishment, he needs counselling. Sonu said, 'His family should guide him. Restrain him from such wrongdoing. We should look within ourselves to see where we are going wrong in the upbringing of our young generations.'
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