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Covid-19 situation in India is quite grim, but cricket can bring a lot of joy to people: Ricky Ponting

Covid-19 situation in India is quite grim, but cricket can bring a lot of joy to people: Ricky Ponting

alt-titleRicky Ponting. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

India is experiencing an unprecedented surge of Covid-19 cases. In fact, on 25th April 2021, India recorded more than 3 lakh cases in a single day. And, amidst this raging pandemic, the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going on.

And, former Australian cricketing legend and current Head Coach of the Delhi Capitals (DC) side, Ricky Ponting has offered his thoughts on the IPL taking place amidst the corona crisis that the country finds itself in.

Ponting stated that the cricketers and the support staff are probably the safest in the country right now as they are now placed in the bio bubble. Ponting also added that he is enquiring with all the players on an everyday basis regarding their wellbeing and whether their family is safe and happy.

“This IPL, probably more than any other, has become more about what’s happening outside than what’s happening here. We right now are probably the safest people in the country being in the bubbles that we are in. Continually I’m asking the boys at breakfast every day how’s everything going on the outside, how’s family, (is) family safe, (is) family happy,” said Ponting in a video released by the Delhi Capitals on Twitter.

“It’s important that we think about the extended family,” says Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting further added that it is important for everyone to think about other people and their extended families as well. Ponting added that cricket can bring a lot of joy to the people of India in this situation. He also stated that the cricketers should put up their best performance possible and give the people what they want to see.

“It is really important, we are thinking about the extended family, not just us, but we’ve got to be talking about what’s happening outside because it is quite grim. Even with the country being in a situation that it is, I think cricket can still bring a lot of joy to people. So it is important for us to be doing what we can as cricketers and as coaches and as a franchise to putting on the best show as possible to give the people something that they’d like to see,” said Ponting.

Ponting further stated that it will be difficult for the players to be away from their families. He also added that the people should speak to the locals, and enquire about what they are going through as well. The cricketing great concluded by stating that he hopes that everyone is safe.

“It is hard for the players to be away from their families. I can’t imagine… Even if I put myself in this situation, guys that live in Chennai are actually home now, but can’t see their families. It must be incredibly difficult. So, the more we can share these experiences, the better off we are. The people that aren’t from India, the more that we can be talking to the locals about what they are going through the better off we are all going to be.

We will just keep our fingers crossed. And hope people remain safe. That’s a big thing for me: the players are taking the best care of their families where they can from the outside,” concluded Ponting.

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