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8 Best Desi Meme Pages On Instagram That Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off

Best Desi Meme Pages On Instagram in India you must follow, because this page will make you laugh you hard to your head off. Best memes of india 2021
Best Desi Meme Pages On Instagram in India

When there's no-where to go and nothing to do, and we are looking through our 'Grams, we go over these carefully put hilarious words that make us snicker. In the tough situations of a pandemic, images fill in as a glucose-support. The most uncommon yet important component that ought to be available in images is relatability. Thus we present to you a rundown of some kickass Indian image pages on Instagram that are relatable AF.

1. @trolls_official | Trolls Official

About Trolls Official Memes Page

A meme-page with 6.2 M followers, Trolls Official takes you on a rib-tickling journey. They usually combine puns with pictures and develop memes which surely stifle a chuckle. Go and follow this immensely trendy meme page on Instagram and laugh your heart out. 

Followers | 6.5 M  
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/trolls_official/

2. @idiotic_sperm| Idiotic Sperm

About Idotic Sperm Memes Page

Full of sarcasm, memes and trolls, Idiotic Sperm should be your go-to destination when you are feeling a little gloomy. Creative and funny video memes as well as animated posts, they have everything! Sustaining a streak of cheekiness with entertainment, this meme page is kickass. 

Followers | 4.7 M 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/idiotic_sperm/

3. @_dekhbhai_ | Dekh Bhai 

article image

Dekh Bhai will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt. It is 100% relatable and to-the-point. The content is super-cool and ultra-appealing. The memes are posted several times a day, which assures you a good time as well as some crazy laughs. Follow their meme page and tickle your bones to the fullest. 

Followers | 3.3 M 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/_dekhbhai_/

4. @tedthestoner | Ted The Stoner

article image

The guy behind this amazingly- trendy meme page is Jitendra Sharma. One of the most successful meme pages in the country, Ted The Stoner is here to bring a change in the mindsets of people. His ability to create some jaw-bolting memes that are apt to the current scenarios is astonishing. He is an animal lover and assists in the adoption of animals too. 

Followers | 1.6 M 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/tedthestoner/

5. @aksharpathak | Akshar Pathak 

article image

Have a look at Akshar’s page and you will just fall in love with his sense-of-humour. This guy develops memes out of the tiniest of things. He has created some rocking stuff about the lockdown that surely guarantees a hearty laugh. He never fails to amaze us!

Followers | 572 K 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/aksharpathak/

6. @theironicalbaba | The Ironical Baba

article image

The name says it all. The best source of amusement that will fill your feeds with awesome memes and viral video content. Winning over a lot of hearts, The Ironical Baba is a splendid Indian meme page. Their posts are relatable and describe the daily blues of millennials. 

Followers | 509 K
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/theironicalbaba/

7. @viralIndianofficial | Viral Indian Official       

article image

Viral India Official helps you to get out of your boredom and have some laughs. Popular amongst the youngsters, they produce images, videos and pieces of text that are typically humorous in nature. Follow them for a fun time and check out their incredible content. 

Followers | 199 K 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/viralndianofficial/

8. @theindianmemes | The Indian Memes

article image

The Indian Meme posts some amazing meme representations that we admire and also love to repost. Some super scandilicious memes about friend groups will make you smile and will make you want to tag all your friends and laugh together. Go and check out their hilarious page. 

Followers | 146 K 
Follow Them On Insta Here | https://www.instagram.com/theindianmemes/

There you go with your ah-mazing desi meme pages list. Some of the pages might have a private account since there is always a risk of accounts getting hacked. Follow them and you’ll know what we’re talking about! BTW Which pages do y’all follow, let us know too?

Please note: None of them are sponsored all are based on public response and Bgs Raw analysis only

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