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20 Instagrammer featured, See How bohag bihu is celebrated in Assam Photos, Images

20 Instagrammer featured, See How bohag bihu is celebrated in Assam Photos, Images bohag bihu free hd images download

Assam Instagrammer featured on Bgs Raw Magazine Exclusively on Bhohag Bihu

Here 20 Instagrammer featured the special edition of Cultural topic on Bgs Raw. View of the Bohag Bihu photo, images also you will watch how Bohag Bihu is celebrated in Assam. All the images are been taken from the respective account 


bohag bihu photo

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In the pics, you can see two models Diganggana Bora(R) and Debashree Gogoi(L) wearing the traditional Makela Chador with having the craft called Jhapi


bohag bihu images

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Diganggana Bora is a model and an actor in the regional posing with the craft Jhapi.


beautiful pictures of rongali bihu

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Priya Boruah wearing an Assamese traditional saree Mekhela Chador and with Jhapi on the head


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Debasish Debu is a Guwahati based photographer who captured this beautiful pic of the model smiling behind the bark she is Ananya Das


assam bihu festival picture

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This pic was uploaded using the Bihu topic by the shout-out page know as Reels Assam Officials, however, the model name was unknown. In this picture, you can see that the model is looking so cute, she is wearing a Mekhela chador with a red blouse o her top and the Gamosha having in front of her.


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The model in the picture can be seen with a traditional charkha and she is Dhritimoni Dutta.


bihu photos hd

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The model in this pic is known to be Aman Kumar who is having dhol covered with the gamusha. He is wearing dhoti, goggles, and gamusha on his forehead. 


images of bihu festival of assam

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Ashapurna Bora is the model in this picture, the overall dress is the same as other models, but she added the flower to decorate her hair which is know as kopou phool. And most probably this is used by girls member during the Bihu dance. She also holds the craft jhapi on the other hand.


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Raktim Ranjan Nath and Dikshita Laskar are the two models featured in the frame, this is a couple concepts of the Bihu, they may be partners(unconfirmed). The male model is wearing a dhoti, kurta, gamusha in his hand as well as tied in his forehead. The female model is wearing a Mekhela chador and holding a musical instrument called dhol.


bihu instruments image

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The northeast is full of greenery because of its agricultural land each and everywhere and in this picture, you can see it. The model is known to be Ronny Shanu wearing dhoti, kurta, a flute in this hand, and the dhol. The background is mixed up of paddy fields and some unuseful plants.


bihu image free download

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Nilakshi Dutta is the model featured in the picture above, she is wearing Mekhela Chador and a gamusha in her hand.


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Bitu Rajbonshi is posing in front of the bamboo fencing, he is wearing a dhoti, Assamese kurta, and a gamusha tied to his forehead.


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The model Bitu Rajbonshi is sitting under the tree with a dhol in his right side and he is holding the stick by which the dhol is played.


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Here in these pics, you can see three models, the first one from the left is Neel Barman holding a flute in his hand and he is wearing dhoti, kurta, gamusha tied in his forehead, and on the right Nayan B Baishya with the same outfit only he has kept the gamusha in his shoulder, the female member's name is unknown but she is pepping from the side of her male member.


essay on bihu 200 words

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This is an Assamese gamusha which is very popular among the peoples of Assam. This has also importance to thanks or to regards any guest visiting any functions, events, or even to the home.


is bohag bihu and rongali bihu same?

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She is Sukanya Boruah, posing along with jhapi and the dhol if you noticed she has decorated her hair with the fower called kopou phool. As the another models she has been wearing the Mekhla Chador.


bohag bihu is celebrated in assam

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In this picture, you can watch some more new items, such as pepa, dhol, gaga. The model can be seen dancing behind however the name was not known.


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Here the male model can be seen blooming his pepa and the female model is dancing on the melody. The name of these models was not mentioned.


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This is a very beautiful image of Kopo phool in Assamese, the English name is Orchids flower. Most probably this is blooms in the spring season in the month of April and when the bohag Bihu is also celebrated. So the dancer decorates their hair with this flower before stepping out for the Bihu dance.


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She is Nitz Sukanya who is holding the kopo phol in her hand wearing the traditional Mekhela Chador, and sitting in the garden.

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If you have checked this photo gallery of the Bohag Bihu celebration then do write about your opinion in the comment below. Also if you found any misinformation related please helo us to correct those errors.

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