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INTERVIEW: Believe in making content that's purpose to my viewers - Pavel Deb

Believe in making content which will, purpose to my viewers - Pavel Deb. Inviting bloggers and influencer for bgs raw interviews 2021.
Believe in making content which will, purpose to my viewers - Pavel Deb interview Images

The passion can be a win in front of the camera said Pavel Deb who is a digital content creator and also a fitness blogger, he is very active on Youtube and Instagram for content creations. In the recent chat interview with Bgs Raw, he explores his influencing journey with us. He belongs to West Bengal and most of the youtube contents are made in regional language. The journey was started in the year 2019 when he started creating on Instagram. He also told Bgs Raw that, "he always believes in making content which will have a meaning or even any type of purpose to his viewers." Mr. Dev is also very active on social media to raise a voice on social issues basically for women such as body shaming, clothes shaming, etc.

Let you read the conversation below:

Q. Tell us something about you?

Pavel Dev is a blogger and influencer from kolkata west, bengal, check exclusive images

Myself Pavel Deb, I am a Bba graduate student. My hobby and passion are making any type of content in front of camera lenses preferably acting or Modelling.

I have been doing these when I was in class 9. My father bought me a camera and from that time only I used to make content whether for Facebook, youtube, and now or Instagram. It has always been my hobby to make content for people and make them entertained as much as possible. Whatever numbers I have but still every time I try to get better and better so that the little number of people of following my work don’t regret their decision. 😄

Q. When did your journey start as a content creator and influencer?

Like I said, I always wanted to make content for people whenever possible. So when I was in class 9 that’s probably 2014-2015 my father bought me a camera as good camera phones were very much expensive back then.

So from then, I start to make content for Facebook and YouTube.

And in 2019 I started to make content for Instagram which is now one of the most trending places for all content creators.

Q. What is the hardship do you face and what makes you different from the other digital creator?

Hardship, honestly I haven’t faced that much as I make my content on my own but just that lack of resources arises a lot. As people always want the quality of the content to be better and better. And back then I couldn’t able to afford any type of expensive technological stuff other than my camera. So I used to go to my friend's place to edit my videos as well as use their network connection to upload the content as well.

As written in Instagram bio- HARDWORK > TALENT, I always believe in making content that will have a meaning or even any type of purpose to my viewers. I never ever push myself and make unnecessary content just to be in the game ( for gaining numbers). If it’s not happening with me, I literally get out of from social media for a while unless and until I can make the content for my viewers which I like and I want. Numbers have never been a thing for me. It’s always the love and respect I receive from that little bit of viewers who actually love my work.

Q. While scrolling to your profile we find some interesting quotes like you are very active on social media to raise a voice on social issues like for women, let us know about your camping on body shaming, etc. How all this started?

Yeah, I have always been an active voice for our society, especially for women. I faced a lot of hate for making such content but it really didn’t matter that much to me as I said I always want to do what makes me happy and this all makes me as happy as ever. Because of this, I faced a lot of hate, abuse, threats, losing lots of followers but it really didn’t matter to me at all. In past and still, now I raised my voice against Women empowerment, Women Period Shaming, How to fight against depression and anxiety, many more.

No one has told me to do these instead everyone said not to get into trouble because of these, but I am what I am! 

I did, I am and I will still do it for myself and the people no matter what consequence I face doesn't even matter.

Q. We also learn that you are a fitness enthusiast, so tell us what do you think about bodybuilding, do you think fitness relies upon the gym only and nothing other.

Pavel Dev has been featured for best fitness influencer of kolkata

Haha, after acting, fitness comes second in my life. See bodybuilding and staying fit is absolutely 2 different pathways. Both have their own knowledge. Bodybuilding is basically the extreme level of fitness that people turn into their career options and that’s a great thing. Nowadays people are actually getting degrees and learning about bodybuilding thoroughly and in the end becoming trainers of the gym and making the common people like us as fit as possible.

No, I don’t think fitness only relies upon the gym as more than the gym, diet is also the most important key for a fitness athlete or enthusiast! Probably diet plays 70% and gym exercises play 30% role on a human body. If a person only works out in the gym and eating junk at home. That’s literally making his health worst than ever. So yeah, diet is always on top of gym and exercise!

Q. You also own a channel on Youtube, tell our readers about your content you make and upload to it.

Yeah, YouTube is probably the first place I start making content for, and still now,

So back then I used to make Hindi comedy sketches and my first ever YouTube video went viral it probably got more than 3lakh views back then which was about. So I did that for a while then I took a break over it as I was unable to get the proper resource and support member for the videos so I totally changed the genre of my channel and from 2020 I have started to make Bengali VLOGS! As I said I believe in content for quantity so yeah still now I have been making vlogs for YouTube.

Q. What are your goals and is there any upcoming project you wanna give some idea to us?

My goal is very much plain and simple that is to keep on making content for the people as much as possible not worrying about the numbers. Numbers will automatically come to me if my work is presentable and genuine.

And talking about future goals social media-wise I will be making content on and on, no such surprises in that but on a bigger level wise I have been giving auditions for some mega serials and movies. So yeah if everything gets fine and something big can come in the future very soon. Who knows! ☺️

Q. One of the most commonly asked questions to most digital creators is that What is your identity as an influencer or digital creator in society today?

Umm, my identity as an influencer in society will be like the guy who makes people laugh, entertains, and as well as speaks out the voice of what’s right and wrong for the people and the society! NO MATTER WHAT!

Q. How do your parent's and friends' reactions to your works?

Touchwood at this point in time and back then also, I have been very much lucky to get such supportive parents as well as friends. They are being the most ruthless critics of my works more than my actual haters. 

So yeah I have been quite lucky in that state.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audience and upcoming creators?

Pavel Dev raising voice on body shaming, social activist

No such inspirational or motivational quotes just that if you have a dream don’t think it will automatically come to you! 

You have to work for it and earn it! Simple as that.

Just as my bio 


Be consistent and please never ever chase for numbers it will always ruin you in the long run. Just keep on going! 

Rest you will get more than what you deserve! 

Peace ✌🏻

Q. How people can reach out to you?

If you guys feel like, you can follow me on Instagram at- the_pavista

If any Bengali viewers are here!

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel at- Pavel Deb

Thank you ♥️

From the author: Thank you very much, Pavel, for being with me, it was a great time interacting with you and getting those reactions, hope we will interact again with another series.

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