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These Are The Top 8 Hottest Instagrammers In India At Present.

Social media has become a powerhouse of talents and creativity. Among all, Instagram emerged more glorious of all. The basic application for uploading pictures became a virtual platform for showcasing talents.

There are many people who are using Instagram to spread a cause, explore inner skills and even building careers out of it. 2018 saw many such talents emerging through their insta accounts.

They are hot, they are popular, they have thousands of followers and thankfully is not slowing down a bit also to fulfill their glamorous agenda ahead.

So, check out these hot instagrammers from India.

1.Anuj Singh Duhan. (38.3k followers)


2.Gauri Mehta.(246k followers)


3.Gaurav Rana. (11.4k followers)


4.Neha Malik. (1.6m followers)


5.Rhea Gupte. (39.1k followers)

6.Saad Chaudhury. (55.9k followers)


7.Santoshi Shetty. (583k followers)


8.Aditi Budhathoki (599k followers)

So, is your favorite on the list?

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