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How To Be Your Own Valentine & Absolutely Love It

How To Be Your Own Valentine & Absolutely Love It

The month of February is known for two things, having less than 30 days and having a whole day dedicated to love. While Valentine’s Day celebrates couples, it shames singles. Single people are reminded of their singularity more than ever on February 14th and sometimes it can get really depressing. Seeing cheesy couples on dates, heart shaped decor in every public space, romantic comedies on every television channel and having your social media feed flooded with “One year down and infinity to go” captioned photos can make singles feel lonely (and also annoyingly disgusted). So, to fight the Valentine’s Day blues, all you have to do is be your own Valentine! If Sue Sylvester could marry herself on Glee!, you can be your own date for a day.

How To Be Your Own Valentine & Absolutely Love It

1. Give Yourself An Ego-Boost

Let’s be honest, no one brings you down like you do. We tend to be our biggest critic and sometimes it can be terrible. On the 14th, tell your inner critic to take the day-off. Flood your day with self-affirmations and keep telling yourself, “I love you”. Give yourself the biggest ego-boost you can! Put yourself on a pedestal and embrace your inner Poo to the maximum. You are P.H.A.T and it’s time you celebrated it.

2. Splurge, Splurge & Splurge Some More

Why spend obscene amounts of money on someone else when you can just spoil yourself? You are your own Valentine after all! Nothing cures the “singles blues” than a shiny plastic card. No need to swipe on a dating app, just swipe your card instead (it will give you more satisfaction, we guarantee that). Buy yourself that dress you thought was too revealing, those pair of stilettos that are sure to give you a sprained ankle and that diamond ring you’ve had your eye on for months. Buy whatever makes you happy because guess what, you deserve it! The past year has been hard enough as it is and you’ve dealt with it all on your own. If that isn’t cause for celebration, what is?

3. Have The Ultimate Cheat Day

Repeat after us, “On Valentine’s Day, calories do not count”. The best way to be your own Valentine is to eat your singularity away. Nothing will make you feel better than a plate full of your favourite foods. Go crazy with the sugar and the carbs! Cook, Eat out or order-in or all. After all, the way to your heart is through your stomach.

4. Pamper Yourself

Have a spa-day, throw on some sheet masks, exfoliate your skin, scrub away the negativity and pamper yourself to the ultimate level. Truly be your own Valentine! Draw a bath, fill it with salts and crystals, sip some wine and read a book too! Make yourself feel comfortable, relaxed and incredibly calm. Take this time to connect with yourself and you are guaranteed to come out of it feeling happier! (There was a pun intended in multiple words in the previous line and we sincerely hope you got the hint.)

5. Watch An Empowering Female-Led Movie

Amanda Bynes Tweet | (Source: www.astrologymemes.com)

Watching powerful women be independent on screen makes us feel powerful and independent. Put on Erin Brokovich, Queen, Joy, Mamma Mia or even She’s The Man! Curl up in bed with a bottomless bowl of popcorn and a bottomless bottle of wine and you are good to go! Not only will you be entertained, but also end up feeling great.

6. Write A Love Letter To Your Future Self

Pour your heart in a letter addressed to your future self. Uplift your spirits and express what an incredibly amazing person you are because chances are, a week down the line you will forget it. Writing a love letter to yourself may sound strange but it will come in handy when you need a pick-me-up. You are your biggest and best cheerleader and you need to embrace that. Plus, writing, like actually putting pen to paper is such a thrill in this digital world we live in.

Be your own Valentine this year and raise the bar for every single Valentine’s Day to follow. What do you do on Valentine’s Day as a single woman? Share it with us in the comments below!

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