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Women Reveal 11 Real But Overlooked Turn-Offs In Men

Women Reveal 11 Real But Overlooked Turn-Offs In Men, things to know about relationship and sexlife.

When it comes to the opposite sex, it is no secret that women are picky. Women get attracted fast, but get turned off even faster. A guy can be an 11/10 in every single way, but if he does even one little thing that irks a woman, he immediately goes down to a solid 2/10. This is not to male-bash or say women are perfect, but rather reveal what men do that can be extremely unattractive. We had an interesting conversation on Girl Tribe by MissMalini that revealed the real and often ignored things that are turn-offs in men, and the responses are incredible (and also very eye-opening). If any men are reading this, we suggest that you sincerely pray that none of the below apply to you.

11 Real But Overlooked Turn-Offs In Men

1. Crotch Scratching

It’s hard to get lost in his loving eyes when his crotch-scratching grabs our attention. We know that it is only human to feel uncomfortable and sometimes men need to make adjustments. However, making them blatantly in public, right in front of a woman is not the way to do it. It’s awkward, disrespectful and frankly rather disturbing. In times like these, is it asking for too much for a man to excuse himself and go to the bathroom?

2. Poor Hand Hygiene

Pandemic or not, poor hand hygiene is one of the biggest turn-offs in anyone, not just men. Not washing their hands, especially after using the bathroom, having sweaty palms, and worst of all, having dirty nails. We use our hands for a large part of our day and they need to be taken care of. This doesn’t mean one needs a manicure (not that we’re against the idea), but just some soap, a handkerchief and a nail-cutter.

3. Loud Chewing

We can hear this as we read it. Loud chewers are the worst. Hearing that chomping noise is far from ideal and cringe-worthy. In the infamous teen-movie, She’s The Man lies the dialogue, “Chew like you have a secret”, and if you’re a loud chewer, it definitely applies to you.

4. Bad Breath

One of the major turn-offs in a man is bad breath. Brushing post a smelly meal is essential. If that isn’t an option, gargling with mouthwash, breath spray and minty gum are your top choices. It is basic courtesy really. Us women should be wearing masks to save herself from COVID-19, not stinky breath.

5. Body Odour

Supplementary to bad breath is body odour. When women are with men they are attracted to, it’s extremely disappointing when they stink. Literally. Body odour can occur because of hectic traveling, hot Indian weather or even a hormonal issue. It can be easily resolved with medication or some deodorant!

6. Lack Of Eye-Contact

Nothing is more infuriating than lack of eye-contact. Women like it when men look them straight in the eye. It’s reassuring, comforting and sexy as well. When men avoid eye-contact and look everywhere but women’s eyes, it’s weird. We’re not saying have a full-blown stare down (that’s creepy), but maintain eye-contact most of the time. After all, eyes are the window to the soul.

7. Toxic Masculinity

Times are changing and gone are the days that people cared about “manly men”. Men who turn their masculinity into an egoistic societal norm are the biggest turn-offs, especially when they shame other men who don’t fit into this norm. Men, if you are tall and muscular, that’s great! Just please don’t show it off a “being a real man”. If you want to cry, wear pink or even stay at home to watch Queer Eye, go for it! Don’t brush it off as being “feminine”. Supporting toxic masculinity in the time when men like Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet exist is just all levels of wrong.

8. Self-Obsession

Me, Myself & I is a great song but a terrible personality trait. Women hate it when men are self-obsessed, overly narcissistic and full of themselves. While it is alright for a man to be metrosexual or be proud of your achievements, it’s annoying when it’s all they talk about.


Chauvinism In Any Form

This is the ultimate turn-off of all the turn-offs. We’re in 2021! Women don’t need men (or anyone) to protect, pamper or patronise them, and they certainly don’t need a man to show them their place. Being patriarchal and having a disrespectful attitude towards women is disgusting. Women will not go near a chauvinistic man even if you paid them with endless Prateek Kuhad concert tickets.

10. Being Rude To Staff

Men calling waitstaff by whistling or making crass mouth noises is a giant turn-off for women. It’s extremely unappealing. If a man is disrespectful to his staff or anyone who is serving him, it is a sure-shot sign of bad manners and terrible character.

11. Shameless Burping

Just… no. No. We don’t even need to explain this. All we will say is- if you are a man who has been openly burping in front of a woman without excusing yourself or asking her if she’s okay with it, you need to seriously introspect your behaviour.

What is your biggest turn-off in a man? Share it with us in the comments below!

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